Where’s fall?

Living in the intermountain west means a lot of variability in temperatures and weather this time of year. We are transitioning out of a ridge-dominated summer (meaning we were under the influence of high pressure most of the time: hot and dry!). We just had a cold front pass through that made it feel more like winter than fall. I even woke up this morning to snow on the benches! Temperatures earlier this week were in the mid-upper 70s, and they are expected to reach that again early next week. Fall is nice, but this temperature/weather variability drives me crazy! I go from wearing a summer outfit to a winter outfit within a couple of days. It would be nice to actually wear a fall outfit sometime! Such is life.

Anyway, to mourn the end of summer, here’s an outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago. It’s my first official style post–woohoo!


Shirt: H&M | Karaoke Songstress Shorts, Unisexy Sunglasses, There’s a Map for That Necklace: ModCloth | Earrings: Forever 21

ModCloth is my guilty pleasure. I will talk about that website a lot, so be prepared! The shorts are my favorite; they are my first pair of high-waisted shorts. I love how they have buttons down the front. They are very flattering and super comfortable. They’re short but not so short that my tush hangs out (I really don’t like that aspect about high-waisted shorts usually). I’ve been considering wearing the shorts with tights underneath for fall. Thoughts on that?

Don’t get me wrong–I LOVE fall! I am so excited for scarves and leaves changing and warm drinks and wrapping up in blankets. I had caramel cider at a local coffee shop recently, and it was amazing. I cannot wait to drink that again! Also, my boyfriend makes glorious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. YUM! Now I must go eat one… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Where’s fall?

  1. Denim shorts, especially high-waisted shorts, look amazing with sheer tights(although that wouldn’t be good for fall). Usually colored shorts like deep reds or royal blues look good with dark black tights. But I would suggest trying out different types of tights with different shorts.You never know what looks best on your body until you experiment.

    P.S. I have an addiction to ModCloth as well. Especially their shoes!

    • I am definitely feeling like I need to try this out! 🙂 It sounds fun! Hopefully it won’t look too silly with sweater tights. It’s going to get cold here soon.

      Oh my gosh, there’s a pair of grey booties on ModCloth right now that I am totally lusting. I can’t wait until they come back in stock!

  2. Thanks so much for the comment on blog! I love to hear from my readers. mod cloth is one of my favorite sites ever, and most of my ideas come from them. I love the shorts your wearing in this post. So cute! I’ve been looking for some just like them.

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