Stylishly surprised by ModCloth

About every six months (at the end of winter and again at the end of summer), ModCloth (my favorite online retailer!) hosts what is known as the Stylish Surprise event. Basically, you pay a set amount of money ($15 per apparel item or shoes and $5 per accessory or apartment item), pick the size you want (for clothing/shoes), and ModCloth sends you something. It is completely random. The value of the piece varies; some people get tops that originally were $40 while others might get fancy dresses or coats that were listed for upwards of $200. Waiting for the package of stylish surprises to arrive is both terrifying and exciting, because you might struck gold or you might get something completely unlike anything you’d ever think about wearing. Opening the box feels like opening a present on Christmas morning from that one quirky relative who never really has any idea what you might want or use but occasionally might pick something spot on.

ANYWAY. Sorry for that horrendously long explanation of the ModCloth Stylish Surprise event! This is my third time participating; I got one apparel each of the other two times and lucked out with two dresses, so I decided to go for it again. This time, I got one of everything, since it was all still available! (Stylish surprises sell out very fast, especially the accessories and apartment items!)

Melody inspected my box for me. It weighed about five pounds, so I was holding out for boots.


And here’s what was inside!


I ended up with a third dress as my apparel item! It’s the Try a Little Trendy-ness Dress, which originally retailed for $47.99. I love how the colors are very fall-y, though the top is a little baggy for me.


My shoes turned out to be sandals. I wasn’t at all surprised since these were mostly going to be summery items. They are the Wearing is Be-weaving Sandal, and they originally retailed for $34.99.


My accessory turned out to be a laptop bag! My laptop actually fits perfectly inside, which is exciting. I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of it since I don’t really use laptop bags, but maybe I’ll travel with it. It’s the Poised Lady Laptop Sleeve and retailed for $49.99 (score!).


The message inside the bag is darling!


My final surprise was this ADORABLE pillow. I thought it was a cushion at first (“cush” was typed on a tag attached to the bag), and I thought it was funny that ModCloth sent me a cushion because I have no real use for one cushion. My boyfriend and I decided it would be perfect on a rocking chair sitting on a New England porch. WELL, turns out, after my Google Image sleuthing, this is actually a pillow. It’s the Tree’s Company Pillow and retailed for $47.99. I think I lucked out with this surprise because ModCloth carries some really bizarre apartment things!


The back is even cute!


If you read all of that, you’re awesome! I’m already looking forward to the next Stylish Surprise event, which should be around next March. Maybe next time I’ll get a nice pair of boots or a coat!


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