Sybil meets Rosie and Melody

Two weeks ago (either October 2nd or 4th, we can’t remember), my boyfriend came home early and let Sybil out of the office, where she had been living against her will since September 22nd. We site swapped three times prior to the release without major problems (Rosie protested loudly during site swaps), and since they all basically knew the others existed, we figured they would probably be fine if we skipped the slightly-cracked-door introductions strongly suggested by Jackson Galaxy, the cat whisperer and star of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell.



For the first few days, Sybil meowed every time she was near Rosie or Melody. It was sort of like a warning meow, but then she’d flop onto her side and act like she wanted to play. She’d walk right up to one of them, only to meow loudly at them and do nothing else. I wasn’t sure how to read it, but Rosie and Melody tended to avoid her as much as possible. Sybil also chased them a few times around the apartment. Rosie was the least interested in being chased/playing, not surprisingly.


Eventually, the weird meowing stopped, and they have been peacefully coexisting ever since! Sybil likes to sleep alone upstairs sometimes, which I wasn’t expecting. She is quite playful and a little bit on the derpy side. She runs sideways when she’s really excited, and my boyfriend claims he saw her do Parkour on the spare bed. Sybil and Melody play sometimes, but Rosie doesn’t like playing…still. She’s kind of a grumpy old woman at times. I’m just glad they’re all getting along so far!



I took those last two pictures within seconds of each other. I love having all of my girls with me! (Sorry for the crappy picture quality; I have to take my shots when I can with these girls.)

Now we are on to our next cat challenge–getting rid of Melody and Sybil’s cat acne. Stay tuned?


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