Farewell fall, welcome winter

December 1 is the first day of meteorological winter. According to this post in Tom Niziol’s Winter Weather Blog, meteorological winter is defined as “the three coldest months throughout the winter, or December 1st through March 1st”. Even though astronomical winter begins on or around December 21, it usually starts feeling like winter at the beginning of December. Also, meteorologists like to compute averages, and it’s much easier to compute monthly and seasonal averages when you don’t start a new season in the middle of the month! Happy meteorological winter!

The end of fall weather here is near. We are getting a winter storm tonight through tomorrow and possibly into Wednesday and beyond. I am slightly terrified to see what I am going to wake up to tomorrow morning, but it’s exciting to have some snow on the ground since Christmas is in a little over three weeks! The only crappy part is the fact that our air quality is going to be pretty bad after the storm passes. It’s going to be REALLY cold and with the snow on the ground, our air is going to be sludgy and gross.

Below are three screenshots courtesy of the Plymouth State Weather Center. The first one shows the GFS 500-mb height forecast (white contours) valid Tuesday night. Notice the trough sitting over the Intermountain West and the little closed low over Idaho. The second image shows the GFS precipitation probability for tonight, and the third image shows the GFS precipitation probability for tomorrow night. Looks like things are about to get interesting around here!




Here’s to the end of fall and beginning of winter! While it still felt like fall outside, I thought of this outfit and I was SO excited about it! I just got these new booties, and I absolutely adore them. I ended up walking around a lot the day I wore them, but I was pleasantly surprised at my lack of sore feet.



I love monochrome outfits with pops of color. In this case, I used my scarf as my pop of color. My main outfit wasn’t too black, though–my dress has hummingbirds on it! I pretended that they were mockingjays because I saw Catching Fire the night I wore this!


I learned during this photoshoot to keep the sun completely behind me or else there will be strange shadow effects. Ah, well! You live, you learn.




Look at the studs on the back of my booties! I love how they add a little bit of edge without being over the top. I wish I could wear them, but with the imminent snow, it’s probably best to wait until the sidewalks are clear.

Dress: ASOS | Tights: Hue via Nordstrom Rack | Booties: Wanted via Delia’s | Coat: H&M | Scarf: gift c/o the boyfriend (his Etsy shop) | Earrings (old): Forever 21 (I think) | Unisexy Sunglasses: ModCloth


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