Below freezing

It has been really cold lately. And I mean, REALLY cold. Well below freezing. Frigid. Though not quite below 0. It was just below 20 degrees F when these pictures were taken, and I’m sure you can tell! I’ve just been wanting to wear cable knit sweaters all of the time.


I’ve been super busy lately getting ready for the academic conference I’m attending this week! I am definitely mentally ready for Christmas break. I got my presentation done today, so now I just have a few days to hang out, learn some science, and do a little bit of exploring. I’m a little bit brain dead from talking about my work with people for a few hours. There are a TON of people here, and there is a LOT of science being discussed!



This upcoming weekend is the last weekend my boyfriend and I have together before we part ways for the holidays. We will be doing our Christmas and catching up on holiday movies and treats, I’m sure! We also want to see The Hobbit and Frozen, but I’m not sure if we’ll have the time because he has final exams next week. Hopefully we’ll have time for all of the fun seasonal things! We did end up opening one present each before I left for the conference. I knew he had gotten me the camel coat I wrote about in My November wishlist, and I wanted to bring it with me! I ended up getting him a coat, too, which he didn’t know about. It was sort of like the typical Christmas Eve gift of new pajamas, except with new coats! 🙂


Sugar and Pumpkin Spice Sweater: ModCloth | Skinny jeans: American Eagle Outfitters | Boots: Sorel via Nordstrom Rack | Scarf: gift c/o a Secret Santa (handmade)


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