Another round of stylish surprises

ModCloth had another Stylish Surprise event in November! I posted about the one they had back in October here. I couldn’t believe that they had enough items to offer a second one only a month later. They even had all of the clothing sizes, shoe sizes, plus accessories and apartment items (though the apartment items were gone in about 10 minutes). The element of surprise always gets me, so this last time, I ordered three apparel items and one pair of shoes. Here’s what I got!


The cats, as usual, were quite interested in the new box.


I got three dresses as my apparel items! I’ve always gotten dresses in these events. This one is called the Float Performance Dress, and it originally retailed for $137.99! It’s a gorgeous dress with a floral print and crisscross-back straps. I have no idea when I will wear such a dress, but it’s my favorite item this round!


This next dress is called the Chevron a Whim Dress. The top of the dress doesn’t really match the bottom all that much. I think the chevron pattern is super cute, but I’m not totally fond of the strapless top. It was originally $74.99.


My third dress is the Inclined to Impress Dress. I was most excited about this dress at first, but it doesn’t fit my proportions well. It was definitely designed for a taller person in mind. It sort of reminds me of a dress flight attendants would wear. The diagonal buttons are a neat feature, and it’s made of 97% organic cotton! This one was originally $142.99. I can’t believe how expensive all these dresses were!


The pair of shoes I got were these leather sandals, which ModCloth called the Solo Traveler Sandal. They seem a bit big but are actually really comfortable. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that these were originally $158.99.


Not too shabby this time around! Everything I got totals up to an original retail value of just under $515, which blows my mind! I wish I loved all of the items as much as I do the first dress. I didn’t get any real duds this time around, so I’ll probably keep participating and crossing my fingers! If you’re interested in the Stylish Surprise promotion, make an account on ModCloth’s website and sign up for email notifications! They also send notifications of events through their app, or you can “like” them on Facebook or follow on Twitter and get updates that way!


2 thoughts on “Another round of stylish surprises

  1. I love the chevron!! I totally see it with big black sunglasses and a sock bun hair style, like a technicolor holly golightly. Black shoes and purse to boot.

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