Pattern wonderland

A couple of weeks ago, I mixed plaid and stripes to do some shopping at the outlet mall. At first, I was really excited about it, but looking back at the pictures, it didn’t really work as well as I thought it did. I almost wasn’t going to write about this outfit because I really don’t like it anymore. Life doesn’t always go as perfectly as we hope, and I’m only human, so I’m using this outfit as a learning opportunity!


At first, I thought the problem was the fact that the plaid pattern got distorted when I tied the shirt, but after thinking about it more, there is no black in the shirt to tie the patterns together. The colors don’t mix well! I have light brown and a pinky/red plaid with a black and white striped dress. Dur. I first posted a post on pattern mixing last month, and I think that one was successful because the navy in the top and skirt tied it together.




We ended up stopping by Pier 1 Imports after the outlet mall. I was hoping to find the penguin with his foot smooshed in a cupcake, and I did! He was a lot bigger than I thought he was, and was also sort of expensive, so I settled for his cousin in ornament form instead. Chris also picked one out. Pier 1 has so many adorable ornaments. It was hard to walk away with only one each!


Dress: Delia’s | Shirt: Old Navy | Necklace: ILY Couture | Leggings: Forever 21 | Socks: SmartWool via Nordstrom Rack | Boots: Collection by Carrini via Hautelook


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