Red, black, and white as snow

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas! It makes me sad that it’s over so fast. I still want to listen to Christmas music and stare at the Christmas tree. At least we’re not too quick to take down the decorations and lights, though I’m sure my dad will want to get rid of the tree this weekend.


I only have a week and a half before I head back home and get ready for school. This past semester, I didn’t take any lecture classes; I only had thesis research hours. It was so nice working during the day and then coming home to do whatever I wanted in the evening. (Sometimes I intended to read papers or log in from home, but did that ever happen? Not so much.) Next semester, though, I’m registered for one lecture class, and I’m actually excited about it even though it’s not at all related to what I’m researching. It’s a class I’ve been wanting to take, so hopefully it goes well! I need to buy a textbook for it–something I haven’t had to do for a year!



Above: Christmas tree at my mom’s house; Christmas tree at my dad’s house.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about my new year’s resolutions, especially those pertaining to my personal style evolution. It’s really hard for me to make new year’s resolutions. I always am a little bit too ambitious when it comes to resolutions, so they are rarely completed to the extent that I initially intend. I’m going to try and be realistic this year and actually accomplish what I set out to do!



Top: H&M | Corduroy pants: Gap | Vest: Gap Factory | Necklace: unknown brand via Hautelook | Booties: Wanted via Delia’s


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