Borrowed from the boy



My boyfriend purchased this sweater from American Eagle while he was home for the holidays. I love it on him, but I was so excited at the thought of styling it myself! It’s oversized on me, but it doesn’t feel like it’s too big, and it’s oh-so comfy. He didn’t know I was actually going to wear it, so when I came downstairs with this outfit on he was caught off guard. Luckily, I convinced him that it looked good on me (I think)!



Spring semester started this week! It has been hard for me to get back into the swing of going to class and doing homework, but hopefully by next week I’ll have a schedule all sorted out. We’ve been having quite the snowstorms come through the past couple of days. It’s nice to have clear air but I wish it wouldn’t dump so much at one time! (“So much” meaning about three inches per storm. I know, it’s not a lot, but it sure messes up the roads and sidewalks!) We avoided the “polar vortex” event, though, so I am thankful for that! Sorry to those of you who suffered through negative double digit temperatures. (P.S. That event doesn’t disprove global warming/climate change. Please read this blog post if you’re not convinced.)

I apologize for the dark photos. The bus I wanted to catch ended up being late, so I had to watch the perfect pre-sunset light disappear before my eyes. At least there was still a little bit of light! I prefer daylight savings for this reason! (If you can’t tell, the sweater is navy and the boots are dark brown.)




Sweater: borrowed from the boyfriend | Corduroy pants: Banana Republic | Boots: Delia’s (old) | Beanie: gift c/o the boyfriend


6 thoughts on “Borrowed from the boy

    • It’s the best, isn’t it?! 😉 Chris has recently fallen in love with flannel shirts and has collected quite a few; I keep telling him that I’m styling those next! Men’s flannels seem so much nicer than women’s sometimes! Thank you SO much for stopping by my blog, Tieka! Selective Potential is one of my favorites.

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