A hint of stripes

It took me entirely too long to think of a title for this post. I guess that’s a typical Monday for ya! I had a really good weekend and was not ready to get back to school and work today. I am really enjoying the one class I am taking, though. I feel like I’ve learned so much just in the first week! I love being excited about learning new things!



Navy, white, and red is one of my favorite color combinations ever. I’m big into the nautical theme, so prepare yourselves for lots of nautical-themed looks come spring and summer! I’m also in love with these boots I just got. I’ve been at a bit of a loss as to how to style them because of their height, but I couldn’t bring myself to return them. It ended up snowing quite a bit the day I wore them and they survived the mess!




Sweater, top: Gap | Corduroy pants: Celebrity Pink via Macy’s | Expert Spokesperson Bootie: ModCloth (Chelsea Crew)


10 thoughts on “A hint of stripes

    • Thank you! I didn’t edit these photos very well; I’m still learning Photoshop techniques (and figuring out the right camera settings). I like snow but get sick of it quickly. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

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