Outfit Re-creation: Classy Girls Wear Pearls

One of the best parts of being involved in the blogosphere is how inspired I am by fellow bloggers. I love when bloggers post outfits that I would never think to put together myself. I especially love following the bloggers that have a specific style that I don’t really have but that I enjoy and want to try and emulate.

I’m sure every fashion blogger has heard of and/or follows Classy Girls Wear Pearls. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the blogger behind CGWP is Sarah, a Rhode Island native and a lover of the prep aesthetic. She effortlessly ties together New England prep and southern prep in her outfits. I’m really drawn to how simple and classic her style is, and she always inspires me (mostly in my want to buy more heels, which aren’t really practical for my everyday life!).


Sarah wore this outfit in a post titled Hawk Walk from the beginning of January. I don’t have green Hunter boots, a plaid scarf, or a navy coat, but I have the rest! (I just substituted my Sorel boots since we had a snowstorm the day before. That works, right?) I was really excited when I saw this outfit and realized I could recreate it with my own closet.



I love this sweater, but I’m pretty disappointed in the quality. šŸ˜¦ This day was only the second time I wore it, and it seemed to catch on everything and create loose threads! If anyone sees a cable knit sweater this color but better quality, please let me know!

On a more positive note, January is almost over! I’m pretty excited to have another month of winter behind me. I am so looking forward to spring. It rained here today, but I think we’ll be getting some more snow over the next day or so. I almost wished I lived somewhere that isn’t used to snow so I could have a snow day. šŸ˜‰




What do you think of my re-creation? I love how it’s simple but still looks put together. I’ll be incorporating more collared shirts under my sweaters! Let me know if you check out Classy Girls Wear Pearls!

Sugar and Pumpkin Spice Sweater: ModCloth | Shirt: Old Navy | Skinny jeans: American Eagle Outfitters | Socks: SmartWool via Nordstrom Rack | Boots: Sorel via Nordstrom Rack


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