Shades of blue


Happy last day of January/Chinese New Year! (I’m stoked about the fact that it’s the year of the horse!) I can’t believe it’s already practically February. We made it through 1/12th of 2014, people! Speaking of this new year, how are your resolutions going? I have to say that I haven’t been good about making healthier choices all of the time, though I have been flossing every night for three weeks now! That’s a record for me. I have an Excel spreadsheet where I’m keeping track of my spending, so hopefully after a couple of months I can get a sense of what my budget should look like. Chris and I are doing a no-buy next month (for clothes), so that will be quite a challenge for me. (I need it, though, because we are planning summer adventures and my plane ticket almost doubled in price since last night. Sometimes I hate airlines.)



So, there’s this other (popular) blog I follow, and the blogger published an outfit post today with the exact same title as mine. I couldn’t even believe it! I mean, what are the odds that on the same exact day we have the same post titles? At first, I considered changing mine, but I figured it doesn’t matter because it’s not some revolutionary title (my boyfriend was pushing for “50 shades of blue”, haha). Also, I’ve had this post planned for a couple of weeks. At least we aren’t wearing similar outfits! 😉

I’ve been wanting to winterize this skirt, but I could NOT think of how to wear it. I thought about wearing it with black tights but wasn’t sure if it’d work since the skirt is navy. Well, I think it works! The skirt isn’t as dark as I thought it was, plus the polka dots help it stand out. Operation skirt winterization: Success!


Sweater: J.Crew Factory | A Chance of Showers Skirt (old), Blue Belle Blooms Earrings: ModCloth | Tights: LeGale via Nordstrom Rack | Booties: Wanted via Delia’s


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