Owl or nothing


I hope you’re prepared for awkward outfit photos. This photo session was kind of weird… I mean what am I even doing? I’m still trying to figure out the whole posing thing without looking like a dweeb. Besides the odd poses, during this session, we were stopped by someone walking by us asking if I was some girl she knew (nope) or if I knew who she was (nope). It took her a few minutes to keep walking and stop pestering us. It was very bizarre and, coupled with my awkwardness, a bit of an uncomfortable situation all around.



Also, what is the crotch wrinkle situation going on? Does this happen to anyone else? I read that it’s a cause of pants being too small. (I am guilty of buying pants too small for my hips, but that’s because I can’t stand when pants bag around my legs.) At first I thought this was definitely the case here, but then I remembered that these pants actually stretched out quite a bit this day and they were quite loose everywhere, even around my hips. So, I don’t know what’s going on. Is it extra fabric in the front? Either way, these pants are in pants heaven because a hole formed this day and I was frustrated with them, so the very next day I returned them. And ordered a replacement pair from a different store. Take that, weird, baggy, holey pants.



Top: Anthropologie | Cardigan (old): Alloy | Pants: Banana Republic | Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider via Dillard’s | Shade-y Lady Sunglasses: ModCloth


4 thoughts on “Owl or nothing

    • Haha! Oh man, seriously though…those pants. I only wore them twice! Thanks for the tips! 🙂 I’ll have to keep a eye out. Sometimes I feel like I did alright and other times I go through the pictures and don’t understand what was going through my mind.

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