Lately, all I’ve wanted to do is shop til I drop, but that’s not entirely feasible on a graduate student salary. To help me keep my resolution of budgeting better, I’ve decided to join a group called the Budgeting Bloggers, which is hosted by Franziska of Franish. Every month, we update with what we purchased that month and the price of each item as a way to keep us on track.

I’ve thought about what I want my budget to be (and what it should be considering other life goals I have), and I’ve decided to start with a quarterly budget. We’ll see how that goes. I predict that I’ll have to alter it to a monthly budget, because it’s just too hard for me to do a no-buy if I end up spending it all before the quarter is over, especially considering the fact that I shop sales.

I’m starting with a quarterly budget of $500 per season. My seasons correspond with the meteorological seasons, so my quarterly budget will start tomorrow (March) and go through May. I do sell quite a bit on eBay, and right now I’m not counting that money as part of my budget. It’s a fun extra!

So. That said, I’m hoping this will help me to not impulse buy so much and really consider what I need to add to my wardrobe. I keep a list of pieces I want to add and mull over it. If I think about a certain piece constantly, I know I should seriously consider adding it.


At the end of January, I mentioned that Chris and I were doing a no-buy through February. Well, I wasn’t successful (and neither was he–a 50% off sale got us). I’m ashamed. (Sybil expresses my feelings perfectly.) I bought six things; however, two things were purchased with PayPal funds (and were on sale). Two other things were purchased at 50% off, and the last two items I have not yet received but are from Hautelook. I also grabbed a new makeup product (Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, which I wore in the last two posts), but I’m not counting makeup in my budget for now because I don’t buy it very often. If I get really into it like I am with clothes, then I’ll work it into my budget. If I end up keeping the items I bought, the money I spent this month is being taken out of the March-April-May budget, and I’ll report them in my March budget post.

Wish me luck! xo

Linking up with Franish


10 thoughts on “Budgeting

  1. Good luck with your budget! I’ve been doing mine monthly, but I like the idea of a quarterly budget. I’m afraid I’d spend it all in the first month though! One thing I’ve learned is to think about something for a few days before I buy it. The items you love will still be on your mind, and you’ll forget about the items you don’t. This really helps me to limit spending to things I know I will get a lot of use from.

    • Thank you! It’s only been three days of March and I totally agree with you…I’ll probably switch over to a monthly budget after this quarter! The list I keep of items I want definitely helps me figure out what I really want/need and what I’m on the fence about. πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by! xo

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