Going for gold



I can’t believe the Olympics are over already and have been for 10 days! It always goes by so fast. I miss watching people sliding on snow or ice every night. My favorite events are definitely ice skating and ice dancing even though I always get so nervous right before they jump. I never really was a fan of ice dancing until this year! Meryl and Charlie are awesome! I just loved all of the skaters this year.

I love the Olympics because for two weeks, we’re all watching our teams compete and enjoying ourselves and the world is (somewhat) getting along with one another (at least in one aspect). The Olympics bring us all together and celebrate our innate humanity.



I do realize that I am a bit late in sharing this outfit. I wore this the day after the closing ceremony, which isn’t the best timing in and of itself, but I didn’t think of it until the last weekend of the Olympics! I really wanted to wear my world map necklace in honor of the Olympics, so this outfit was created around it. Can’t really go wrong with a little bit of chambray and stripes, eh? (I do realize this is my third outfit in a row featuring stripes. I am obsessed!)


Shirt: Old Navy (on sale!) | Skirt: ModCloth (last worn here) | Tights: Hue vie Nordstrom Rack | Boots: Wanted via Delia’s (exact) | Necklace: ModCloth | Sunglasses: ModCloth


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