Duck ponds


I hope you all had a wonderful St. Paddy’s Day! I remembered over the weekend to dress in green on Monday, but I completely spaced out when I was actually getting ready, so the only green on me was in the mint earrings I wore. I don’t actually have a ton of green clothing, and most of what I have is best suited for warmer weather. A cold front came through yesterday and brought with it a LOT of wind, so wearing a dress was definitely not my plan.

We are in prospective student season! All the people that applied for grad school over the fall and winter are receiving their acceptance/rejection letters now. It’s fun to be a grad student right now because we get to entertain the prospective students when they come visit! In my department, students (affectionately referred to as “prospies”–unsure of origin) don’t visit until they are accepted, so we basically have to convince them to come here. It’s fun to hang out with them and we also get free lunch out of the deal. Grad students are ALL about the free food.



Anyway, outfit time! I absolutely love this scarf. I picked it up while I was in Italy studying abroad. I should have grabbed more! It’s one of only a couple of souvenirs I have from the trip. It’s super lightweight and perfect for spring. I always want to wear scarves in the summer, but in 80+ degree temperatures, I want NOTHING touching my neck. Unfortunately, that means this pretty thing only gets a few weeks to shine. For this outfit, I decided to keep it super simple so the scarf can stand out.

I love this coat with the scarf, but it almost looks like it’s too big for me. I do have broad shoulders and long arms, but the sleeves go past my wrists. Ah well. It would be nice to have those longer sleeves for when it’s chilly and gloves are required.

Oh, and some words on the title: I went home for a couple of days last week to visit friends and family because we were on spring break and I needed a break! These ponds are normally filled with ducks, and there were some there (just not behind me), but apparently they’re in the process of draining this pond to modify it a bit. It’s a really nice place to sit and relax when the sun is out!



Coat: Black Rivet via Wilsons Leather | T-shirt: Everlane | Jeans: Madewell (similar) | Flats: J.Crew | Scarf: a market in Florence, Italy


6 thoughts on “Duck ponds

    • Thanks! 🙂 I really like it! I’ve been looking for a white t-shirt that isn’t sheer. This one is the least sheer one I’ve found (I don’t feel like I need a cami underneath as long as my bra is nude), and it’s super comfortable. I took a size down from what my measurements tell me because I wanted it somewhat fitted. I haven’t washed it yet but I hope it holds up. I’ve heard things about the seams twisting, but they released new shirts last fall and I got this after that release so I’m hoping I avoided that. I really want to try the silk point or round collared shirt, but I need to save some money first. 🙂

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