Retro spring

My 30-day remix chain has officially kicked off! Mother Nature has really been testing my patience, though–it SNOWED yesterday and today. I was freezing my booty off taking these pictures. I know you East Coasters are so happy to finally feel warmth, but I’m ready to have it back now. 😉 Actually, let’s just all have the warmth! (Come on, summer!)

I didn’t do a very good job explaining in my intro post exactly how I was making my remix chain. I won’t be wearing one item for 30 days straight…haha. It’ll actually go something like this: I’ll wear a pair of pants two days in a row, then the top I wore the second day I wore the pants will be worn two days in a row, then the jeans I wore with the top on the fourth day will be worn twice, etc. The goal is to remix 30 items twice–one day after the other. You’ll see what I mean when I post on Friday. 🙂


I almost didn’t wear this sweatshirt, but after checking the forecast for the 32559th time, I decided to go for something warmer on top. When I was wandering around campus, I walked through rain, snow, and some slushy mixture of the two. It was not a very pleasant day, and I was totally not excited to take off my coat for the photos (but I am glad I did!).



Sweatshirt: J.Crew (last worn here) | Jeans: ModCloth | Boots: Hunter (exact; last worn here) | Scarf: ModCloth | Umbrella: ModCloth


I apologize for the poor lighting and abundance of cat hair on me. I swear I de-haired before I left home, but I think this cardigan and these jeans attract whatever cat hair is floating in the air. Also, the jeans look especially ill fitting today…they are a little tight on my hips, but I feel like sitting all day made it look worse because they don’t normally fit this poorly. At least, I hope they don’t normally fit this poorly. D:



Cardigan: Alloy | Top: ModCloth (black version) | Jeans: ModCloth | Booties: Chelsea Crew via ModCloth (exact in black; last worn here)


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