Caturday: Rosie’s 6th birthday!

Today, according to the humane society, my sweet girl is six years old! I adopted her nearly three years ago (four days after her third birthday), so she’s been with me for half of her life. She’s still just as feisty and loving (when she wants to be, of course)!



I got professional photos of her done a couple of years ago at my veterinarian’s office. It’s not as weird as you may think; for a donation to a local cat rescue, you could get photos done of your kitty at an event my vet was hosting! The photographer was super generous and it was entertaining trying to keep Rosie calm and still. I’ve purchased three prints but I plan to also buy some digital copies. She looked so adorable in her floral collar with the big purple bow!



Rosie’s favorite things include: open windows, fuzzy blankets, rubber wristbands, faucets that she can drink from, wet food, sleeping in sunshine, cardboard scratchers, and cuddling with me in bed. Her least favorite things include: her sisters when they chase/swat at her, plastic bags, when people pet her stomach/lower back, getting her nails clipped, and car rides.

When she drinks out of faucets, she gets most of the water on her head than in her mouth. The water hits the side or top of her head and runs down to her mouth. Sometimes she’ll stick her whole head under the faucet and let the water run off of her neck. It’s amusing until she shakes and gets water EVERYwhere. She is my special girl.



Rosie’s always been a big fan of laying on my homework. I guess I don’t give her enough attention! It’s fun doing homework with her until she thinks my pencil or eraser is a plaything.



Look at that sweet face! I feel very lucky to be able to call her my kitty! 🙂


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