April remix chain recap

Today I just wanted to do a quick recap of my 30-day remix challenge! As described in this post, I remixed 15 different tops and 15 different bottoms twice–one day after the other, alternating between top and bottom. It’s pretty cool seeing how they all link together. I even wore the top from day 1 on day 30 to create an infinite loop thing, haha. It’s also interesting seeing the transitions between warm weather and cool weather (and vice versa) and how that affected the remixes. My favorite looks were day 4, day 6, day 10, day 14, day 26, day 28, and day 29. You can catch up on all of the remix chain posts here! πŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “April remix chain recap

  1. I don’t know how I stumbled on your blog, but I’m so glad I did! I absolutely love your style especially the laid-back ones. They still look so put together and interesting! I love looks #5, 6, 13, 14, 17, 18, 24, 29 and 30. Like you, I love my grays! I work in a research lab where I can dress casual and laid back. I dress in this “dress code” but I want to keep it interesting and not be stuck in a routine of same-ish outfits, which is why I’m so happy I found your blog because it’s so inspiring to me. Add to that that I’m even 3 sizes bigger than you. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration. Please keep it coming! Thank you thank you thank you!!

    • Thank you! It actually wasn’t a 30×30 (too hard for me lol). It was actually really similar to your Take One, Pass It On challenge you did a year ago, which I somehow found out about a couple of days ago through clicking around on Franish, haha. The difference was that I limited my remix pieces to tops and pants/dresses versus whatever I wore. It was way more fun (and less stressful) than a 30×30 in my opinion! Thanks for stopping by! xo

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