Denim squared


I love feeling put together while wearing a super basic outfit like this one–a simple chambray shirt and extremely comfortable legging jeans. I think the scarf was the perfect accessory. I’ve had it for a while but have been stumped at how to style it! I’m not crazy about the fact that the tan in my tote doesn’t match my boots, but I realized it’s not important to match them. (Right?) Our forecast looked (and still looks) really dreary for a few days, but thankfully the sun came out and made my good outfit day that much brighter!


Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: Madewell | Boots: Madewell | Tote: ModCloth | Scarf: ModCloth | Sunglasses: ModCloth


8 thoughts on “Denim squared

  1. I love this entire outfit, and you definitely don’t need to be matchy matchy. I also really like the picture of you walking, really looks like someone just happen to take a picture of you as you are going to class or something.

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