August budget


  1. Ananias Sandals (via Etsy): $48
  2. Madewell Jacket: $48 (originally $98)
  3. Chelsea28 Sweater (via Nordstrom): $63 (originally $88)
  4. Halogen Bag (via Nordstrom; seen here): $84 (originally $118)
  5. BaubleBar Necklace (seen here): $10 (originally $28)
  6. Gap Dress: $51 (originally $80)
  7. Joie Sweater (via TJ Maxx): $56 (originally $278; used $50 gift card on $106)

August Total = $170 (plus $190 in PayPal funds from Ebay sales)

$500 (quarterly budget) – $249 (June) – $216 (July) – $170 (August) = -$135

*cough* I know… I feel gross looking at how much I overspent this month. Thank goodness I was able to sell so much on Ebay or else I would be way more in the hole. I’ll be starting at $365 for my new quarterly budget instead of $500 because of it. I do have a couple of orders I just received and am still deciding about. Next month is going to be a little bit wonky because of my birthday. I’m on a self-imposed “no buy” because I have to pay tuition, and I want to save money for a little trip Chris and I are taking after my defense. However, because of my birthday, I’m allowing myself to buy things if I receive gift cards and only if I spend it on things on my “need” list. I sent Chris my list and told him to keep me accountable!

I’m pretty upset with myself because I shopped during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and both the sweater and the bag are now even more on sale than they were during the Anniversary Sale. What a joke! I’m definitely going to be avoiding that sale next year and just keeping an eye on potential purchases to see if they go even more on sale later.

My other purchases include a little black dress (woo!), my custom sandals from Greece, a super simple necklace (BaubleBar also sent another simple necklace for free as a little gift), a military jacket perfect for fall, and a lovely sweater I found at TJ Maxx. I’m getting excited for fall, you guys! My sweater collection is looking very happy.

Fingers crossed I can get my butt into gear next month!

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Comfy casual


Like I mentioned in my previous post, it’s still summer. However, it has been so mild here lately, and while a break in temps is quite welcome (today was the perfect temperature!), I’m not ready to let go of summer. ATMOSPHERE, STAHP. A couple of days ago, it was chilly, and then outflow winds from distant thunderstorms came a-blowin’ and it was SO cold!

Here’s what I wore for an unseasonably cool day: a super comfy sweatshirt-like striped top, boyfriend jeans, and my Red Tour Keds. I do have to admit, though–my shoes were killing me by the end of the day. They normally don’t, but I did walk around campus more than usual so I’m assuming that contributed. Now I’m rocking a couple of Hello Kitty bandages and giving my heels a well-deserved break!


Madewell top (last seen here) / Gap Factory jeans / Keds sneakers (similar; last seen here) / ModCloth sunglasses

Feeling fall with Madewell

Let’s digress from the current season (which is summer, guys; it’s definitely still summer–at least here in the desert… don’t mind those mild temperatures, the warmth is coming back…). Anyway. FALL! It’s coming. Every single style blogger has mentioned it within the past week, I know. As much as I’m excited for my fall outfits (I’m bringing it, you guys; my archives are going to look very sad), I’m not completely prepared to say goodbye to summer. What I am prepared for, though, is planning out my fall purchases. Madewell has been on their game lately; I’m swooning over sooo many new arrivals! From cozy knits to luscious leather, my wishlist has been growing every week. It doesn’t help that now I have a local store to pick up my goodies at! 😉 Today, I’m sharing with you a few of my favorites.

{Skinny Skinny Sateen Jeans}


I tried on these pants in store today because I’ve been wanting a pair of skinny burgundy pants for fall. I am in love with these! They are the perfect color and are sooo comfortable. I can’t wait to pick them up, put them on, and never take them off. (FYI: I took a size larger than my usual skinny skinny size!)

{Heathered Jersey Dress}


This dress is only available online, but nevertheless–it’s an amazing, simple grey dress. I will be watching for a good sale like a hawk so I can snatch this up. A dress like this has been topping my list for months now! It is simple enough to transition well from season to season.

{Texturework Sweater}


After I decided that the sweater I owned in a similar color was poorer quality than I wanted, I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement. Well, I think I found the replacement! I tried this on in store and fell in love. It’s so soft and cozy. I’m also loving the marled sage and retro navy colorways, so I may just have to own more than one of this sweater!

{High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans in Atlantic}


I wasn’t going to try any jeans on while in store today…that is, until I saw the photo in the dressing room of the models wearing the high riser skinny skinny jeans. I decided to try on the jeans in atlantic, this wonderful dark blue color (they are darker in real life than in the photo). They fit like a dream! I was shocked that the waistband didn’t gape at the back like a lot of waistbands on high-rise jeans do on me. Because of that, they were added to my wishlist. (As with the jeans above, I took a size larger than my regular skinny skinny size!)

{The Transport Tote}


Everyone and their mother has the English saddle colorway of this tote, but I cannot get enough of the dark cabernet! Ah! So, so perfect for fall. While I didn’t see this exact tote in store, I did see the color, and it is so beautiful. This bag has officially made it to my wishlist. Good thing my birthday is coming up soon!

{Lbt-Lbt Noise Short-sleeve Sweatshirt in Stripe}


This short-sleeve sweatshirt by Lbt-Lbt (“Libertine Libertine”) is what dreams are made of: perfect stripes and a comfortable fit for cooler months. While I would pay full price for it if I could, I’ve been anxiously awaiting a sale for quite a while now. I’m hoping a sale happens soon (and that the sweatshirt lives up to my dreams, since I wasn’t able to find it in store).

Bonus! Here’s a crappy photo of me in the fitting room wearing the skinny skinny sateen jeans and the texturework sweater! I love how they look together. 🙂


Outfit Re-creation: Crystalin Marie

Today’s outfit re-creation was inspired by a look worn by Crystalin Marie a couple of months ago. I’ve only been reading her blog for a few months, but her style totally resonates with me. It’s classic, simple, and a little bit masculine. You’ll find her in either stripes, denim, or a combination of both–and always put together!

This look is one I’ve been wanting to try myself, but with the summer heat, wearing layers (especially a long-sleeved layer) was the last thing I wanted to do. We had quite the dip in temperatures recently, so I took that as an opportunity to put together this look! I’m a huge fan of the light monochrome (or any monochrome, really, haha). Now if only I had a pair of white jeans to wear–after Labor Day, of course. 😉

(Click on the photo below to go directly to the post; while you’re there, please peruse her other posts!)


I was super stoked to recreate this outfit since I had most of the pieces already (except for a cognac bag, which she also features in the post, and a pair of espadrilles). I was trying to decide between wearing my gold sparkly Sperry Top-Siders (for the slip-on, relaxed vibe) or my new leopard d’Orsay flats (for the print), and with help from Chris, I decided to go with the leopard flats. Even with my flats instead of the Sperrys, this outfit still feels relaxed and perfect for a day of running errands! How do you think I did?


Chris and I goofed off a bit during this outfit shoot. He kind of gets into the photos a bit sometimes (I think, haha), so if he likes something he’ll tell me to do it again or hold it or whatever. I flipped my hair because it kept getting in my face, and he told me to do it again so he could snap a bunch more. I figured I’d include one of the shots for fun. 😀


ModCloth cardigan (similar from Gap) and sunglasses / Everlane tee / Gap shorts (on sale!) / Carrini flats via Hautelook



Happy Friday! How has your week been? I’m super excited for the weekend, but I’m not excited for classes to start back up next week. It’s been nice not having to cram onto the bus with a million other people. I’ve already been asked directions three times this week, and I’m not terribly helpful when it comes to directions unless people want to go like one of three places. (Grad school is way different than undergrad; you are basically stuck in an office all day and don’t know where anything is except the union, library, and bookstore. That’s it, haha. Oh, that building? Never heard of it before…sorry…)

This dress is one I don’t wear as often as my others because it’s not that basic, but I can’t seem to get rid of it because I love the color, and I just LOVE the polka dots. I’ve been reading a lot about capsule wardrobes and minimalism, and at first I was like, “I’m totally going to do this!!!” (And Chris responded with “Really…?” Hahaha. He’s such a doubter.) As much as I like the idea of capsule wardrobes, it would be really hard for me to exclude items like this dress or these sandals. Yeah they might not go with everything else in my closet, but it’s fun to have items like these to mix it up every once in a while! (I might still try it for a season, though. We’ll see.)


Forever 21 dress (old) / ModCloth sandals (last seen here) and sunglasses / J.Crew Factory earrings (somewhat similar from ModCloth)

You got to shake it off


I can’t stop, won’t stop listening to Shake It Off. It’s just not going to happen in the foreseeable future, and I’m okay with that! It has me dancing in my chair while I’m at work staring at my computer screen, trying to decipher what my results are telling me. It kind of rejuvenated me, in a way. I have only a couple of months to whip out a thesis and defend my work; on one hand, I’m absolutely terrified, but thanks to Taylor, I’m also doing a better job of “shaking off” the anxiety and getting things done. So, thanks, Tay. 😉 You’re the best.

Sorry guys. I really just love her. I apologize in advance for how much fangirling is going to happen when her album is released in late October. My outfit doesn’t really have anything to do with the song, so that’s good? Ha. I’ve been wanting to wear my white dress again, but I wanted to mix it up and layer a collared top over it! Also, I realize how much I’ve been wearing these sandals. They just go with everything! I can’t wait to make outfits with my black sandals, though–they finally arrived! Just in time for about a month of summer left. Better late(r) than never!

IMG_0874 IMG_0901IMG_0960IMG_0939

LOFT shirt (last seen here) / Max and Cleo dress via ModCloth (last seen here) / Forever 21 earrings / Madewell sandals

Title lyrics & currently playing: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Summertime blues


So many things happened today, I can’t even think straight! I meant to have this posted hours earlier than now but my brain has been on overdrive since Taylor Swift held her Yahoo LiveStream a few hours ago. Did anyone else watch that?! How excited are you for album number FIVE to come out this October?! I seriously can’t wait; in the meantime, I’ll be singing “Shake It Off” all day every day since it hasn’t left my head from the first time I heard it.

Anyway, this outfit. I can’t really say much about it except that it’s entirely blue (flashback to this post) and it’s pretty much all from Madewell (oops?). Various shades of my favorite color + pieces from my favorite store = an obvious outfit for me. 😉 I also added my new necklace from BaubleBar. I love how simple and understated it is!

IMG_0679 IMG_0730 IMG_0747 IMG_0762

Madewell tee, skirt, and sandals / BaubleBar necklace (on promo!) / ModCloth sunglasses

Caturday: A list of goals


A little over a week ago, Chris and I took Melody and Sybil to the vet together for their annual exam and vaccinations. As expected, we were told that Melody’s teeth were in need of a dental. The vet also suggested a dental for Rosie when we took her in late June for her appointment. If you have a cat, then you know how much dentals are…and it’s quite a lot for us right now, especially with two cats needing them soon. (I don’t think that the prices are too high, because I’m fully aware of what dentals entail and how much things cost. I have a friend in vet school right now and they earn every penny they make–and it’s not as much as you think!)

Anyway, with that in mind, I made a short list of cat-related goals. I don’t have a set timeline for them, but it would be great to get going on them sooner rather than later!


1. Brush their teeth

We want to put off dentals for as long as possible, so we were told to brush their teeth! A couple of years ago, I got a small cat toothbrush and toothpaste from my former vet for Rosie, but she hated getting her teeth brushed, so I’ve since put it off. We were told to try first with a finger. We start by dipping a finger in tuna juice or other food juice, then touching their mouth, and once they’re good with that, we can start trying to go inside their mouth. Once they’re good with that, we’ll get some sort of gauze or something abrasive to wrap around our finger and use that as the “brush” (or try and find an actual cat toothbrush!). I’ve been trying to get Rosie comfortable with it but it’s taking some time. It probably doesn’t help that I try it right before I feed her, and she’s antsy from being hungry!


2. Calm the nail trims

Our cats are kind of like Goldilocks when it comes to nail trims in the sense that one cat is pretty good with them (Melody), one cat doesn’t like them and voices her thoughts about it the whole time (Rosie), and the third cat howls and bites and scratches when she gets her nails done (Sybil). We’ve been trimming their nails at home without too much hassle, but it would be amazing to get Rosie and Sybil to realize that nail trims are not as bad as they think they are. We’ll have to take our time pressing their paws and giving lots of praise when they are good.


3. Toilet train

Yep, you read that right! I would love to toilet train our cats. I’ve seen a few systems on Amazon and I’m hoping to give one a shot, though we have to be sure to be in town for at least a couple of months to keep the training consistent, so we might not get to it until after the new year. Wouldn’t that be amazing to not have litter boxes around (or at least only have one in case of emergency)?! I think I could get used to sharing the toilet with my cats, haha. I feel as though Rosie would pick up on it quicker than the other two. I’m really interested to try and see! (Chris thinks I’m super weird for wanting to toilet train them…)

Red, black, and white as sunlight


You’re probably wondering why the title of this post is super weird/random. (It’s because I’m super weird/random, pretty much. Haha.) Anyway, I was thinking about how this outfit is the summery version of this outfit, which I wore back in December! And, you know, snow is white…sunlight is technically white…(right?)…yeah. I have weird thought processes sometimes.

Anyway, red, black, and white. These colors together remind me of that joke, “What’s black and white and red all over?” … “A sunburned zebra!” …or however that joke went. I haven’t been up to speed on jokes since I’m not around kids as much lately. (Also, how many ellipses can I use in one post…? Jeeze!) But, whatever–I still like wearing this combination, even though it can be hard to wear black in the desert summer because of the possibility of heat stroke. I really want to say “YOLO!” right now. 😉


J.Crew Factory top and skirt (on sale!) / Vince Camuto flats via Nordstrom (similarsimilar; last seen here) / Halogen bag via Nordstrom / Moorea Seal necklace (on sale!) / ModCloth sunglasses

The lighter side


Light blue, white, and navy. Those are three of my favorite colors and one of my favorite color combinations. Do you ever find yourself trying to buy new pieces in different colors because “you have enough tops in [insert color here]” only to not wear them as often as you think you should? That’s me when it comes to blue. I’ve finally given in and decided to buy blue whenever I please. I wear it a LOT and I know pieces won’t sit in my closet if they’re a shade of blue (unless the fit is poor, which has been known to happen and is now something I’m determined to avoid!).

Also, I’ve been trying to not wear my sunglasses in my outfit photos as often, but I always forget to take them off! I mean, I guess these photos do accurately portray real life. Not only do I wear the outfits I post, I’m always wearing my sunglasses unless it’s dark outside. I get so annoyed with myself when I forget them (which happens often in the winter) because bright sunlight hurts my eyes so much! (Plus, I’m trying to avoid the whole wrinkle thing for as long as possible!) I’ve decided I should probably pick up another pair or two to mix it up every once in a while.


LOFT shirt (on sale!) / Gap shorts (on sale!) / ModCloth flats (last seen here) and sunglasses