I know, I know. I’m super matchy-matchy in this outfit. But you know what? Sometimes you just need to match all your accessories to feel good about going into work on a rainy day. (To be honest, if a good chance of rain is in the forecast, you can bet I’ll be wearing these boots and toting this umbrella, so I guess I match on all rainy days.) Monsoonal rainstorms really are something different; the storms pack a heavy punch and the ones that moved through the past couple of days have been really slow, so they downpour over the same area for a relatively long period of time. There’s been lots of flooding and debris flows because of it (debris flow = proper term for landslide; it’s the geologist in me). The cool down has been much appreciated, though we are supposed to climb back into 90-degree temps this weekend! Good thing I have friends with a pool. πŸ˜‰


ASOS dress (last seen here) / Hunter boots (exact; last seen here) / Forever 21 belt / ModCloth umbrella


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