Outfit Obsessions, vol. 2

As we near the end of summer, here are a few of my favorite late summer looks! I wish I could recreate these all right now, but even if I did have the pieces to put these together, it’s still a bit too warm for layers and long sleeves. I do wish I had a chambray blazer (I became obsessed with them a few months too late!); the J.Crew one is gorgeous! Kendi looks stunning in the midi skirt, and I can’t get enough of the super simple white striped shirt. Oh, and the matching set? It’s perfect. (Click on each photo to go to the source.)


Source: J.Crew



Source: Kendi Everyday



Source: Viva la Glamour (Tumblr)



Source: What Olivia Did



Source: Chronicles of Nadia


4 thoughts on “Outfit Obsessions, vol. 2

    • Ugh, isn’t it amazing? I so wish I had that exact outfit! It seems like each piece on its own would be plenty versatile for it to be worth buying both! (The wording in that sentence sounds weird but I hope you know what I mean!)

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