Summertime blues


So many things happened today, I can’t even think straight! I meant to have this posted hours earlier than now but my brain has been on overdrive since Taylor Swift held her Yahoo LiveStream a few hours ago. Did anyone else watch that?! How excited are you for album number FIVE to come out this October?! I seriously can’t wait; in the meantime, I’ll be singing “Shake It Off” all day every day since it hasn’t left my head from the first time I heard it.

Anyway, this outfit. I can’t really say much about it except that it’s entirely blue (flashback to this post) and it’s pretty much all from Madewell (oops?). Various shades of my favorite color + pieces from my favorite store = an obvious outfit for me. 😉 I also added my new necklace from BaubleBar. I love how simple and understated it is!

IMG_0679 IMG_0730 IMG_0747 IMG_0762

Madewell tee, skirt, and sandals / BaubleBar necklace (on promo!) / ModCloth sunglasses


8 thoughts on “Summertime blues

    • Thank you! You should totally keep your eyes peeled for one!! At first I wasn’t really sure what to wear with it (even though I loved it!), but I have a couple other ideas in my head I can’t wait to wear!! 🙂

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