Cat Lady, not Catwoman


Happy Halloween! I hope you guys are having/had a fun day and night! I don’t have much going on tonight besides hanging out with my cats–ya know, typical cat lady stuff. 😉 I also have a ton of peanut butter M&Ms calling my name! Sadly, I totally forgot to pick up any Halloween candy, so I’m hoping to raid a store tomorrow in search of leftover Halloween candy. I’m craving Kit Kats!

For Halloween this year, I decided to wear all of my cat-themed clothing items together. I wore almost this exact look for comic con, and someone called me Catwoman. I wasn’t able to correct them (Chris heard them say it) and tell them I’m actually Cat Lady. Haha! It’s kind of an extreme print mix with the smaller, busier print in the shirt and bigger print in the skirt. The shirt was a Christmas gift from my sweet brother, and I think it works perfectly with the skirt! Of course, I had to add my cat ears. And I know it’s strange, but it was warm enough for bare legs today! I would not be surprised if this was the last day I’ll be bare-legged this year.

Also, yes. I am hissing in the photo below. I had to…


American Rag shirt / H&M skirt (last seen here) / ModCloth headband and wedges / Kate Spade earrings via Nordstrom Rack


4 thoughts on “Cat Lady, not Catwoman

  1. Stop it! You are waaaay too cute!! Hahaha! I absolutely love this look! I love love LOVE the blouse and skirt combo and those ears are the perfect thing to top of your very cat inspired look! You seriously look so perfect and so pretty!

    Carly xo

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