Outfit Obsessions, vol. 3

It’s time again to share a few outfits I’ve been obsessing over lately! I like doing this near the end of each season as a kind of “pick me up” when I’m running out of outfit ideas for that season. This is especially helpful right now since I’m doing my remix chain and needing to come up with “good” outfits every day this month! Anyway, I’m planning on recreating ALL of these outfits in one form or another, so keep an eye out. 😉 I’ve been especially drawn to outfits that feature pieces or similar pieces I already own. I actually think I could go this whole month wearing pieces I owned as of the beginning of this month, which is awesome. (Can I do a “no-buy” on top of that? To be determined…haha.)


Source: Calivintage


Source: Stella Wants to Die


Source: LA Cool & Chic (Tumblr)


Source: Zipped


Source: Wit & Delight


4 thoughts on “Outfit Obsessions, vol. 3

  1. I love how simple and elegant all of these outfits are. And honestly, once the weather starts getting this cold *all* I want to wear are sweaters layered on top of sweaters layered on top of sweeeaaters. My favorite one is that first one from Calivintage!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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