Caturday: Feline family

Happy Caturday! It has been a couple of months since I last blabbed about cats. I figured I’d mix things up today and feature some new feline faces: my parents’ cats, Ignatius, Stanislaus, and Aloysius. If you think those names seem a little rich for cats, it’s because all of their pets have saints’ names. I actually named Rosie after Saint Rose of Viterbo, the patron saint of Viterbo, Italy–the city I studied abroad in four summers ago! We aren’t strict Catholics (if you could even call me a Catholic anymore, ha!), but it’s a fun family tradition that my step mom started.


Ignatius (nicknames: Iggy, Iggs, Piggy, Ignoish, Ignaysh)

My step mom has a thing for brown tabby cats. It all started with her first cat, a brown tabby she named Augie. Iggy is the third brown tabby we’ve had in our family. He’s a feisty boy that loves to hunt, go on car rides, and be close to my dad in any way possible. My dad is his favorite person, probably because he isn’t much of a cat person–they’re always drawn to those people, aren’t they?! You can often find him napping on top of my dad’s convertible. (I’m pretty sure Iggy is why he got a cover for it!) Iggy is the heaviest of the three cats and is currently working on getting down to a healthier weight. Surprisingly, he’s the one most likely to walk away from his food and have it snatched up by one of his brothers! He was best friends with our dog Lucy and even guided her around the house when she went blind. How sweet is that?! Even though he can be temperamental sometimes, he is a gem of a cat. The whole neighborhood knows him and adores him, and we are lucky to have him in our family!



Stanislaus (nicknames: Stanley, Stan, Stinky Stanley, Stink)

Stanley was adopted from the humane society shortly before I adopted Rosie. He had come into the shelter as a stray with a severely broken front leg; it was apparently dangling, and instead of amputating it, they decided to stick in a metal rod to straighten it out. The $50 adoption fee turned out to be a steal considering his care cost upwards of $6,000! Stan had a limp for quite some time, but now you can’t even tell his leg was ever broken. Stan is the only lap cat out of the three, and when he gets really into cuddle time, sometimes the claws come out as he lays his paw on you. His favorite toys are jingle bells, so Christmas is likely his favorite time of year! He’s a very smart cat and is on a mission to get to any and all cat food. He’ll bite through bags (then knock them over so food spills everywhere) and chew on the plastic containers my parents had to buy to keep him out of the food. Regardless of his antics, he is a very sweet family member!

IMG_9017 IMG_7762


Aloysius (nicknames: Al, Big Al, Biggie, Big Stan, Bignatius)

The most recent addition to the family, Biggie is known as Stan’s twin since they have the same coloring as well as the little spot by their nose. My family saw him at Petco and thought for a moment that my dad had surrendered Stan to the humane society! (We know he secretly loves the cats.) My step mom received him for her birthday last year, and as you can probably imagine, they have a full house now! He immediately got along with Iggy and Stan. Biggie is such a sweet cat; he doesn’t sit on your lap, but he will curl up nearby…and his purrs could probably register on the Richter scale. They’re pretty intense, haha. He got the nickname Biggie because he’s a large/tall cat like Rosie (and he’s bigger than Stan). His happy place is sprawling out in the middle of the floor on his back. He loves going outside, but he also enjoys not staying outside for long if it’s cold; he’ll go out the front door and be ready to come in the back door only a couple of minutes later!


The credit for the last photo of each cat goes to my step mom. (Thank you!)

February budget


  1. Madewell Dress (sold out): $49 (originally $150; used PayPal money)
  2. Everlane Sweatshirt: $15 (originally $40; used $25 credit and PayPal money)
  3. Everlane Tee: $15
  4. Elegantees Top: $0 (gift)
  5. Penfield Shirt (via Madewell): $49 (originally $80)
  6. Madewell Jeans: $60 (originally $115)

February Total = $124

$566 ($500 quarterly budget + $66 carried over) – $296 (December) – $233 (January) – $124 (February) = -$87

Welp, it’s that time again! I’m shocked at how much I can spend in such a short month. (Well, okay, maybe I’m not that shocked…) Even with some extra money in the budget, I still went over for the quarter. Boo. I was hoping to sell more on eBay than I did. That means I’ll be starting next quarter’s budget with $413 instead of $500. I’m slightly concerned about it because my spring wish list seems like it has been growing exponentially the past few weeks, and then LOFT had to have another flash sale last night…

Anyway, I got some great items this month. I stopped in Madewell on January 31st to try on a bunch of the new arrivals and spotted the silk dress in the sale section. I’m so glad I decided to try it on because it fit amazingly (it fit the best out of everything I tried!), and it was a steal at $49 after tax. Over Presidents’ Day weekend, Madewell ran a 30% off sale promo and I snatched the skinny skinny jeans in boulder wash (they didn’t have my size in stock in store when I stopped in store). I purchased two sizes since reviews were mixed. I think I’ll end up with the larger of the two sizes, but I need to wear them a bit more before making a final decision. I love the dark grey wash! The morning after the promo went live, I checked the sale again and, to my surprise, the Penfield flannel shirt I’ve loved since OCTOBER finally got marked down! I snatched it up in two sizes since reviews were also mixed, and I’m keeping the larger of the two sizes. I wasn’t able to try on both sizes when it was in stores, and I’m so grateful that my order shipped because the size I’m keeping sold out an hour after I placed my order. The shirt completely sold out after I grabbed the link for this post, but check for pop-backs; it was not a final sale item when I placed my order. I adore this flannel shirt and hope to get a few days of wear out of it before it’s too warm.

Earlier this month, Everlane released their marled sweatshirts, which are now available for women and men. I held off on ordering one because I planned on ordering a striped tee with it when those came out, but I was disappointed with the striped tee…and by the time the tee was released, the sweatshirt had sold out. When it came back in stock a few days later, I pounced, and also purchased the box tee since I’ve heard good things about it. The box tee fits similarly to Madewell’s crop tee, which I own and love. I absolutely ADORE the sweatshirt! I’m planning on also purchasing the grey marled sweatshirt since I know both will get tons of wear. As far as sizing goes, I decided on a small in the sweatshirt because of the sleeve length (I have long arms). It fits comfortably loose in the torso. I got an extra small in the tee, which fits slightly loose and I expect it to shrink just a bit once it’s washed.

Lastly, for Valentine’s Day, Chris gifted me the Elegantees ‘Chelsea’ top. It was designed in collaboration with one of my favorite bloggers, Chelsea of Zipped, and it’s available in black and royal purple. (It was also available in grey but sadly is now sold out!) I love this top because it has a loose peplum and super girly silhouette. I can’t wait to style it this spring. 🙂 Plus, Elegantees is a wonderful company that restores women affected by sex trafficking by giving them a safe space and teaching them to make the garments sold by Elegantees (they are currently made in Nepal). I received a coupon code in my order for 10% off a future order. If you’re interested, the code is SAVE10! Let me know if you decided to make a purchase!

Looking ahead to March, I’ve definitely got spring on my mind. I’m on the lookout for light wash denim, white denim, chino shorts, and pretty sandals, just to name a few! I’m excited to start working on my spring/summer wardrobe again. I’m feeling like my color palette will weigh heavily on light blue, navy, white, blush pink (I hope!), and grey…with maybe some olive green and red/burgundy. I can’t wait to see how it comes together!

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I had a totally different outfit in mind when I woke up yesterday morning, but after throwing everything on, I hated it. It’s always a bummer when an outfit I had in mind doesn’t end up working out. It took me entirely too long to put a different outfit together. Thankfully, I remembered this one–another one I had thought up and saved in my list of outfit ideas. And, thankfully, this one worked out! Even though we were in a high wind warning in the morning, I still went with the dress (yep, it’s a dress under that sweater!), assuming that the wind would die down after the warning expired. Did it? No. Of course not. Downslope winds are a breed all their own and I’m sure more than one person saw my dress fly up in the wind. Thank goodness for thick, fleece-lined tights (the BEST).

IMG_1251 IMG_1216 IMG_1243

Chelsea28 sweater via Nordstrom (last seen here) / Uniqlo shirt (long-sleeved version; last seen here) / Target dress (old; similar) / LeGale tights via Nordstrom Rack / Sam Edelman boots (exact) / Anthropologie sunglasses

My Ankle Boot Army


If you’ve been following along for a while, you know how much I love my ankle boots! They are my favorite shoe to wear during the fall, winter, and spring months. (Unfortunately, it’s too warm here in the summer to wear them comfortably!) I figured it was high time to do a post featuring my army of ankle boots, why I love them, and some outfits I’ve worn including them.

modcloth_laced_bootsModCloth ‘Expert Spokesperson’ Laced Booties by Chelsea Crew

Back when I ordered all the things from ModCloth, I ordered these boots. I had a coupon, and at the time, that meant I could not let it go to waste. I’d say they aren’t my normal style, and I can’t really pinpoint why I adore them so much…I just do! Maybe I like them because they are so different. Them being different does come with some challenges, though. I have a harder time styling these shoes, but I love when I come up with new outfits featuring them. They tend to make me look shorter since they stop just above my ankle bone. However, I think it’s the oxford style that really speaks to me, and the wing-tip adds something extra. I hope to style them more this spring and try something new since I tend to wear them with cuffed jeans. Thank goodness for all of the style inspiration on Pinterest!

Outfits: with high-rise jeans, with a Peter Pan collar & skirt
{similar style}

ModCloth ‘Strut the Strut’ Heeled Booties

I love these adorable booties! Aren’t they cute?! They are so girly, but because they are grey, they go perfectly with my wardrobe and add some flair to whatever outfit in which I include them. I can tell they aren’t the best quality, but they weren’t very expensive at less than $50. I’ve owned them for over a year, though, and they are still holding up well after light use. I love wearing these with dresses and skirts the most. These did have the highest heels in my closet until I purchased my most recent pair of ankle boots, but I find these easy to walk in. Because they have a faux suede exterior, I don’t wear them when there is precipitation falling to avoid staining them. I’m glad I bought these to spice up my shoe wardrobe. I find myself buying very basic, highly versatile pieces nowadays and I think it’s necessary to add a fun piece every once in a while if it makes you happy!

Outfits: with a striped dress, with polka dot jeans
{similar style in black, similar style in burgundy}

madewell_billie_bootMadewell ‘Billie’ Heeled Boots

My ankle boot obsession truly kicked off after I purchased these beauties. I had first heard of Madewell after I started blogging in the fall of 2013, and in December, I stopped in a store for the first time…and that was how I blew my budget before I even started budgeting (ha!). I remember drooling over these boots and wishing I had $228 to drop on them, and I remember walking out of the store behind a lady wearing them and feeling SO jealous of her. Three months later, these babies went on sale for a more modest $143, and I HAD to make them mine. They took a very large chunk out of my March budget, but it was so worth it. I adore these boots. I baby them, so they don’t get out as much as my black ankle boots, but I love wearing them when the weather is nice. The heel is surprisingly comfortable, and cognac is a beautiful neutral that looks great with everything, even black!

Outfits: with a trench coat, with earth tones, with a dress, with double denim
{on sale in size 11 or similar style from J.Crew}

samedelman_petty_bootsSam Edelman ‘Petty’ Heeled Boots

I received these boots as a birthday gift last year after wanting them for a couple of months, and let me tell you: I wear them ALL of the time. They are my go-to boots when I’m not sure what shoes to wear because they seem to go with nearly every outfit. (I wouldn’t wear them if it was below freezing outside because I always have my ankles exposed, but we haven’t really been below freezing that much this winter!) The leather is beautiful, and I haven’t had any problems with quality in the few months I’ve owned them. These replaced my original pair of black ankle boots (the Wanted brand boots I purchased from Delia’s two autumns ago, which I still own and wear to concerts since I don’t mind if they get a little beat up). At over $100 full price, these boots are on the upper end of what I’m generally comfortable with spending on one item with my grad student budget, but I can say that I 100% recommend these boots if you’ve had your eye on them.

Outfits: with a skirt, with a blanket scarf, with shorts
{available at Zappos or Nordstrom}

stories_ankle_boots& Other Stories High-Heeled Boots

My newest addition, these ankle boots were a love-at-first-sight situation. I had never heard of the brand until Taylor Swift started wearing their boots regularly last fall. Of course, I had to check out & Other Stories, assuming it was a high-end brand (though I love that T. Swift wears more affordable brands, too), and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the prices weren’t outrageous. It’s a little sister of H&M but the aesthetic is less fast-fashion trendy and more high-fashion with some abstract details thrown in for good measure. I snatched these beauties up on sale, and while I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about the heel height, they aren’t as bad as I thought they would be even though I am still getting used to them (they are my highest heels!). The leather is gorgeous and supple. I’m glad I went with the dark red color because it’s different, yet goes with pretty much everything in my closet! I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on & Other Stories for future fun purchases.

Outfit: with a monochrome palette
{similar style in black}

Lack-of-snow day


We still haven’t seen snow in over a month, though that could change this weekend (at the least, the temperatures are expected to drop back down to normal for this time of year–ha!). While I’ve been enjoying the way-above-average temps, I knew it couldn’t last forever, and I’m already dreading feeling cold again. (Cold is relative; I know to many of you in the Midwest and along the East Coast, 30s and 40s would feel balmy!) Want to know something crazy (but that totally makes sense)? According to this article, the U.S. has been having an above-average winter on average despite all of the cold happening east of the Rockies! You can thank all the crazy warm weather we’ve been having west of the Rockies for that. 😉

Here’s the outfit I planned after spotting this pin on Pinterest about a year or so ago. Simple and casual. That pretty much sums up my style, haha.


J.Crew Factory sweater (old; similar; last seen here) / J.Crew pants / Sam Edelman boots (exact) / ModCloth scarf / Anthropologie sunglasses

Belted trench coat


I think I missed the belt-all-the-things phase that happened in 2012 (was it 2012? 2011? I’m not even sure…I did not follow fashion at ALL back then except for mimicking what I saw my peers wearing). I’m quite glad that I did, actually, since I cringe looking back at those looks! Even though belting may be a little outdated now, I still like belting dresses every once in a while, and I’ve found a few belted looks that caught my eye–one of which I wore last month and one I’m planning on wearing as soon as the weather cooperates!

In addition, I’ve seen lots of outfits which include belted coats. At first, I didn’t understand why you would belt a coat with a regular pants belt, but then I fell in love with the look and had to give it a try myself. I think this look works best when you’re out and about but not planning on removing your coat (or even undoing the belt). Plus, belting coats doesn’t seem as outdated as belting dresses or tops (but what do I know, I don’t live in a “fashion capital”). Of course, I felt the need to match my shoes to my belt. Matching belts and shoes won’t ever look outdated…right?


Ellen Tracy coat via Nordstrom (similar; similar long trench) / Madewell jeans, boots (on sale!), and scarf / J.Crew belt (on sale!) / Anthropologie sunglasses / Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in soft raspberry

Three ways to wear a blanket scarf

I know there are countless blog posts that suggest how one should wear a blanket scarf. I wasn’t planning on writing a post like this because of that, but I did get a request for a how-to after the first time I wore my blanket scarf…and now that I’ve worn it a couple more times, I thought I’d explain each way I’ve worn my blanket scarf. Two of the looks are pretty self-explanatory, and I did throw in a couple more resources in case you’re interested in more ways to wear a blanket scarf. So, let’s get to it!


Scarf beard/bib/neck wrap: I like to call this a scarf beard, my boyfriend calls it a bib, and the only other way I thought to call it was a neck wrap; take your pick! This method is a little more involved than the other two methods, but it doesn’t take long to do–trust me. Start with a square scarf (if your scarf is rectangular, try to fold it into a square first). Fold it half diagonally so it becomes a triangle. Wrap each end around opposite sides of your neck so that the main point of the triangle is below your chin. Make sure each end is wrapped around your neck, and then take the ends and loosely tie them under the main point of the triangle so you can’t see them. Finish by fluffing and rearranging the scarf as necessary. It will look ridiculously giant, but own it! It will keep your neck so warm. You can also wear a modified scarf beard and leave the ends untied, as Joelle wore hers.

Draped over the shoulders: This method is only very slightly more difficult than the final method I’m sharing. I created this look by basically grabbing my scarf off of the floor, making sure I had it bunched in a way that it was long and skinny, and draped it over my shoulders. You can also think about it like this: Make a triangle out of a square scarf as you would above, but then “wring” it together to make a long scarf thing and drape it over your shoulders. If you want a neater look, just make nice, even folds, as Liz did with her blanket scarf.

Poncho: So easy, I hardly need to explain this to you. Create your triangle from your square scarf, then drape it so the main point of the triangle is against your back and the two ends are over your arms. This method kept me surprisingly warm, though I will admit that it’s awkward to wear a coat over a poncho scarf, so this method is probably best for the warmer winter days.

Let me know if you need any clarifications and I’ll try my best to explain more thoroughly! Other ways to wear a blanket scarf include belted and knotted. (I tend to tie regular scarves more “fancy”, such as with criss-crosses; blanket scarves seem to look best when you really embrace the blanket aspect of them and try not to manipulate/fold the scarf too much.) Stay warm, friends! 🙂

Original outfit posts: scarf beard / draped / poncho

Monochrome valentine


Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a holiday I typically don’t go all-out for. It definitely had more appeal when I was younger (does anyone else miss exchanging Valentines with classmates?!), but it’s fun every once in a while to use it as an excuse to go out on a special date with a special someone (or someones…you know, friends and/or family!). This year, Chris and I decided to go to The Melting Pot for some cheese and chocolate fondue. YUM! We went out last night mostly because they didn’t have any reservations for tonight, but it ended up working out well; today was a relatively lazy day, though we did decide to soak up one of the final warm days before the cold arrives again next week by going for a hike. (And cleaning the house, because that needs to be done regularly!)

I showed a sneak peek of this outfit on Instagram a few days ago and ended up going with it! I’m all about the monochrome outfits lately but I have a hard time putting them together and liking them on myself. I previously wore an all black outfit, which I think is easier to pull off than other colors. What I really liked about this look was how the colors get darker from head to toe. I felt like a walking valentine all day yesterday and did not mind one bit. 🙂

IMG_0823IMG_0830 IMG_0835 IMG_0849

Everlane sweater (last seen here; my referral link) / Madewell pants / & Other Stories boots (similar in black) / Halogen bag / J.Crew earrings / Anthropologie sunglasses / Zoya nail polish / Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in soft raspberry



Nothing like 65 degree temperatures in the middle of winter to make you second guess the month you’re currently in! I’ve mentioned the above-average temperatures we’ve been having, but man…it’s been crazy here. We had FOUR straight days of record high temperatures! (The old records were set in the late 1800s!) I walked to my office on Monday, the sun beating down on my face as if it were spring; it felt so warm on my face and I momentarily forgot it was the beginning of February. I apologize to you in the Midwest and East Coast that are experiencing the opposite of me. Someday it will be spring for all of us!

Anyway, I wore this outfit last week, in the “heat” of the high temperature streak. (Though to be honest, it became windy the afternoon I wore this, which made it feel relatively chilly outside! It also wreaked havoc on my hair…) This outfit was not one I had planned ahead of time; I knew I wanted to put together something spontaneously. I decided to finally style the shirt I purchased last September and sadly included in my Worst Purchases of 2014 since I hadn’t worn it! I love doing the half-tuck sometimes, though I’m not sure that it was successful with this shirt because it’s kind of stiff. I finished the look with my J.Crew choker, which I haven’t been giving enough love to recently. I love how it looks under the collared shirt!


J.Crew Factory shirt (similar) / Madewell jeans / J.Crew flats (new version; last seen here) and choker (last seen here) / Anthropologie sunglasses

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Whole30: The grand finale

GUYS! Today is the last day of my boyfriend’s and my Whole30! Finally. I can’t wait to finally be eating more balanced meals. It’s probably because I wasn’t as strict about it as I should have been, but I don’t think it really helped me at all. If anything, I enjoy eating whole foods more and have found some great new recipes to keep in the rotation, but that’s about it. I don’t think eating cheese, bread, and wine in moderation is necessarily bad so I will happily add those back in my diet with no second thoughts.


We are supposed to start our reintroduction tomorrow, but we have upcoming events that kind of screwed up the ideal reintroduction plan. The idea is to add back in one food group at a time so you know which group your body reacts to (if any). So, tomorrow we are supposed to add in one group, and then the following two days, we’re supposed to go back to eating entirely Whole30 to monitor how our bodies feel. The problem is that we are going out on Thursday and Friday. We’ve decided to start with gluten tomorrow (I’m FINALLY getting some donuts); the plan is to have donuts around breakfast, a bagel for lunch, and then homemade pasta for dinner. We plan to eat Whole30 until dinner on Thursday, where we are likely having burgers with buns (and cheese). Friday, we will be eating both cheese and chocolate in the evening (fondue for the win!), so we are going to try doing Whole30 for the rest of the day to minimize the impact. We’ll see how it goes. I’m actually surprisingly nervous about eating those foods again; I’m worried that I’m going to feel really sick for not having had them for so long. (I don’t think sugar will be so bad though since our vitamins have glucose in them. I didn’t take them regularly, but I took them enough that I’m hoping the sugar reintroduction won’t be so bad!)


Feelings after second half: It got easier, for sure, but I never felt the “tiger’s blood” that most people report feeling during the last half of Whole30. I probably wasn’t eating enough filling foods (though I am not snacking as much as I used to–win). I also haven’t been good about drinking water (already failing at the New Year’s resolution); I felt really light-headed this past weekend when we went to a museum, and it was probably because I hadn’t had any water. I’m really trying to get better about it, but I hate going to the restroom. It feels like such a waste of time (weird, I know), but I really need to rethink that in order to get better about drinking water (perhaps consider it as a mini-break from work instead? haha…). Also, my gut in general doesn’t feel amazing, either.

Accidental and purposeful cheats: We use almond meal to make the “breading” for the chicken fingers (shown above), but the almond meal we just purchased this past weekend looks quite different from the normal almond meal. We may have inadvertently eaten some unapproved meal of some sort. Other than that, we’ve been doing well as far as accidents go. On the other hand, we have purposefully cheated (call the Whole30 police). While everything we ate was compliant ingredient-wise, it was not compliant in spirit. We bought and ate sweet potato chips dipped in guacamole on Super Bowl Sunday. We discovered the deliciousness that is a blended frozen banana (plus coconut milk to actually get it to blend) mixed with fresh strawberries. It resembles ice cream, so that’s a no-no. But, to be completely honest, I’m planning on eating it in addition to ice cream once we are done. It’s that good. We also had banana pancakes. It’s not the two-ingredient banana-and-egg combination–it’s probably better, honestly. I didn’t count that one as a cheat because I don’t like regular pancakes. I can only eat them with a million chocolate chips (or if it’s the only option and I’m ravenous). I actually craved these pancakes last week, which is a first for me regarding pancakes. A total win! They are also the perfect fresh strawberry delivery system. 😉


New favorites: Besides all of the meals I’ve shown you in my posts, new favorites that I’ll definitely be keeping in the rotation include scrambled eggs with avocado, green apples dipped in almond butter, mixed nuts roasted with cinnamon (and freeze-dried strawberry “dust”–not sure if the dust will be staying around but roasted nuts is still much better than any other snack I liked before), and fresh fruit (sliced strawberries, peaches, grapefruit etc.). I liked fresh fruit before, but it’s going to become more of a snack food now and less of a I’ll-buy-this-only-because-I-crave-it type of food. We’ve been splitting a grapefruit every day for breakfast and it’s now become something I look forward to every morning. Coconut chips also proved to be quite a good snack, but I’m not sure if they’ll hang around. They’re not exactly filling or even that satisfying, haha.

Final thoughts: As I mentioned before, I’m nervous about the reintroduction phase, but at the same time, I’m SO excited to finally not have restrictions! A lot of people who do Whole30 end up not even missing the foods they aren’t eating, but I do. I don’t know if it’s because it’s what I’ve been eating my whole life and I’m used to it, or if it’s because my body feels weaker now than before I started Whole30. Chris and I both ended up losing weight, which was not part of the plan, but I guess it happens. (You’re supposed to not weigh yourself during the 30 days, but we had packages to send and needed to figure out how much they weighed.) If you’re considering doing the Whole30 and want to reap all of the possible benefits, make sure you follow their rules exactly or else you’ll probably end up like me: really indifferent and rather annoyed with the whole experience. I think the key to making this work (besides NO cheats whatsoever) is making sure your meals are super filling and satisfying. Nothing is worse than getting those hunger growls only a couple of  hours after finishing a meal! I hope these posts were at least somewhat informative; I plan to post again in about a month just to give a quick update on how the reintroductions went. 🙂


Top photo: Kale and potato breakfast hash

Top middle photo: Mexican “breaded” chicken, roasted white potatoes, and lemon garlic green beans

Bottom middle photo: Blended frozen banana with coconut milk and strawberries

Bottom photo: Banana pancakes with strawberries

{All photos are via my Instagram!}