Nothing like 65 degree temperatures in the middle of winter to make you second guess the month you’re currently in! I’ve mentioned the above-average temperatures we’ve been having, but man…it’s been crazy here. We had FOUR straight days of record high temperatures! (The old records were set in the late 1800s!) I walked to my office on Monday, the sun beating down on my face as if it were spring; it felt so warm on my face and I momentarily forgot it was the beginning of February. I apologize to you in the Midwest and East Coast that are experiencing the opposite of me. Someday it will be spring for all of us!

Anyway, I wore this outfit last week, in the “heat” of the high temperature streak. (Though to be honest, it became windy the afternoon I wore this, which made it feel relatively chilly outside! It also wreaked havoc on my hair…) This outfit was not one I had planned ahead of time; I knew I wanted to put together something spontaneously. I decided to finally style the shirt I purchased last September and sadly included in my Worst Purchases of 2014 since I hadn’t worn it! I love doing the half-tuck sometimes, though I’m not sure that it was successful with this shirt because it’s kind of stiff. I finished the look with my J.Crew choker, which I haven’t been giving enough love to recently. I love how it looks under the collared shirt!


J.Crew Factory shirt (similar) / Madewell jeans / J.Crew flats (new version; last seen here) and choker (last seen here) / Anthropologie sunglasses

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10 thoughts on “Unseasonable

  1. The half-tuck looks so good on you! I’m so short waisted that I have trouble tucking in shirts and making them look good, but you make it look effortless.

    • That’s funny you say that because I always thought I was short waisted, but now I think I’m more proportionate that I originally thought. I should measure to see! Thank you so much for your kind words, Nia! 🙂

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