Sunburst & stripes


Oh hey, friends! Happy Saturday! 🙂 I wore this outfit at the beginning of the week before the snowstorm hit mid-week. You would have no idea that there was about four or so inches of snow on the ground just a couple of days ago. It was crazy! We had a really strong frontal passage on Tuesday which caused really strong winds from the south. Since it was warmer to the south of us, the wind brought the warmth to us and we hit a high of 76 degrees. In a span of 20 minutes, the temperature dropped from 75 to 55 degrees and the winds shifted to the northwest, signifying the frontal passage. Two hours later, it was full-on snowing and it basically didn’t stop for 24 hours. The airport received more snow in 24 hours than it did in January, February, and March combined. Everyone in my department was freaking out, as atmospheric scientists do. 😉 We love exciting weather! (Though I could have lived without the snow in the valley.)

Well, I was going to write something more substantial than “here’s my outfit and we had this kind of weather” but the day kind of got away from me, even though I woke up before the sun! (I’m waking up before the sun again tomorrow because Lilly for Target is here! I have never considered myself to be a Lilly girl, mostly because I cannot afford her garments, but I’m really excited to give her style a spin thanks to her Target collection. I hope I can get my hands on something!)

IMG_2599 IMG_2612_2IMG_2572 IMG_2621

Madewell cardigan (old; similar) and dress / J.Crew flats (old; new version; last seen here) / LOFT earrings and sunglasses

4 thoughts on “Sunburst & stripes

  1. This look is so pretty! Thank you so much for telling me about the problem on Bloglovin. I wasn’t really sure how to resolve it, so I made another account. I’ll definitely email them. I may just have to buy that dress. ;D

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