Shadows are walking on the wall


Sometimes, I know exactly what I want to title my outfit posts. I’ll think of an outfit combination and then just know what short phrase sums it up perfectly. Other times, I think of an outfit, note it, wear it many days or weeks later, edit the photos, sit down and write the post, and yet… I can’t think of a single phrase to sum it up. Did I do anything of note when I wore it? No. Did I wear something new and exciting? No. Can I think of anything witty? No. So, here we are… I’m pretty much done with this paragraph and guess what? Still title-less.

I ended up going with song lyrics. Does this make me an angsty teenager? I sort of feel like I personify an angsty teenager in my beat up old Converse which really are my step mom’s but I stole them out of her closet years ago. I’ve held onto them even though I haven’t worn them in a couple of years. I should probably try to clean them, haha… They’re looking a bit yellow. I actually like the high-top Chuck Taylor style more than the low-top; I had a pair of low-tops and they cut into the back of my heel so bad. High-tops it is for me! What style of Converse is your favorite?


J.Crew tee (old; similar; last seen here) and pants / Old Navy shirt (old; similar from J.Crew Factory) / Converse sneakers (old) / Kate Spade necklace via Nordstrom / Clare Vivier for & Other Stories bag (similar from Talbots; last seen here) / LOFT sunglasses

Title lyrics: St. Walker by Young the Giant


10 thoughts on “Shadows are walking on the wall

  1. there’s something about trying to title blog posts that makes it one of the most difficult things you could ever ask me to do. most of the time I just end up typing some nonsense and cringing as I click post because boy does this make me sound stupid.

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