Nautical or nice


It has been really warm here lately…and I mean, like, 80 degrees warm. Like WAY too warm for spring. Why does Mother Nature always do this?! I just want a few weeks of 60s-low 70s, but I suppose that’s asking too much. On the plus side, I’ve been wearing dresses or shorts nearly every day and finally broke out this adorable dress. I styled it in pretty much the most basic way possible–with matching earrings and sandals. While Mother Nature is busy overachieving in the temperature department, I’m busy underachieving in the styling department.

But hey, the title of this post?! Love it. Puns get me every time.

IMG_3024IMG_2975 IMG_2970IMG_3030

Fashion Union dress via ASOS / Salt Water sandals (exact) / LOFT earrings (last seen here) and sunglasses


10 thoughts on “Nautical or nice

  1. Having the exact same weather issue here… skipping from 50s to 80s means having to skip over a bunch of things in my closet! Still kind of nice to pull out the dresses – and I love yours! I would never dare do the twinset/crop top thing, but done this way? Adorable. And super flattering on you too!

    • Bahaha, thank you! 🙂 I was really excited when I thought of the pun, honestly! UGH, I’m totally with you–it’s either freezing and snowy or rainy or it’s unbearably hot. Not my ideal spring!

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