Outfit Obsessions, vol. 5

Here are a few late spring/early summer outfits I’m completely obsessing over lately! šŸ™‚ If you’re new around here (hello & welcome!), every three months–at the end of every season–I like to share some of my recent favorite outfits to provide myself with some much-needed inspiration. The best part about these particular outfits is that I can recreate most of them with existing pieces in my closet (I don’t have the pieces for Blair’s outfit, but it’s so fun and inspiring!). Because I went so over budget last month, I’ve really been focused on putting together new and creative outfits with what’s already in my closet (though I’ll be honest, I haven’t completely stopped shopping this month). Right now, I’m into light layers and showing a little leg. I hope these looks inspire you as well!


Source: Crystalin Marie


Source: Daily Mail


Source: Kendi Everyday


Source: Atlantic-Pacific


Source: Death by Elocution (Tumblr)


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