Easy weekend on repeat


The nearly constant rain has really put a damper on my efforts to look cute these past couple of weeks. This past Sunday, we finally got a break in the rain and this was the best I could come up with: another extremely easy, barely blogworthy look. I decided to layer a bit and add a hint of stripes under this sweater since it’s somewhat sheer, plus it’s fun to see the stripes peek out on the sides. Since the stripes are navy, I wore my navy sandals…even though my pants are black. I’m not at all against wearing black and navy in the same outfit, as you are probably aware if you’ve been reading for a while. 🙂

IMG_3652 IMG_3694 IMG_3674 IMG_3716

Joie sweater via TJ Maxx / J.Crew Factory tank top / J.Crew pants / Salt Water sandals (exact) / Kate Spade necklace via Nordstrom

2 thoughts on “Easy weekend on repeat

  1. Love the texture of this sweater and love your saltwater sandals! And yes, black and navy do work together! I hate the arbitrary made up fashion ‘rules’ that people swear by.

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