The tale of the uneven pant legs


So, there’s something you should know about my legs. I’m fairly certain they are uneven. The reason I think they’re uneven is because every pair of jeans or pants I own come down lower on my left leg than on my right leg, and it drives me absolutely crazy. Most times, it’s not that noticeable in my outfit photos (it feels worse in person than it looks, though I’m always the first one to point it out), but this time…it was on a whole new level. I checked the cuffs so many times to make sure the number of cuffs and the size of the cuffs were the same. I even folded the left one up just a tiny bit more to fake the length difference. I mean, perhaps I bought a defective pair and the left leg really is that much longer this time, because it’s bad. I tried to pick photos that didn’t show the length difference as much, ha.

Also, I bent my right leg one too many times and left a lovely crease in a lovely area. Linen, you win.

P.S. I wore this outfit yesterday, then ended up not going anywhere except outside to take these photos. In case I did happen to go somewhere, I would have most definitely picked these sandals to finish the look. 😉

IMG_4140IMG_4117 IMG_4158IMG_4187

Madewell sweater (similar from J.Crew Factory; last seen here) / LOFT pants / Target sandals / Kate Spade necklace via Nordstrom

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