May budget


  1. Uniqlo Dress (seen here): $30 (paid with PayPal)
  2. Milly for DesigNation Tee: $27 (originally $40; paid with Poshmark funds)
  3. New Balance Sneakers (via Nordstrom): $80 (used gift cards)
  4. Amour Vert Skirt (via Piperlime; sold out): $27 (originally $99; $18 paid with PayPal)
  5. J.Crew Tee: $31.50 (originally $39.50)

May Total = $40.50

$413 ($500 quarterly budget – $87 overspent) – $152.50 (March) – $342 (April) – $40.50 (May) = -$122

So much for only buying things with gift cards, right? In my defense, I was already planning on buying the dress, skirt, and J.Crew tee, and I let myself keep one item from the Milly for DesigNation collection. The collection was inspired by Capri, Italy–how could I not keep something inspired by a place I visited?! šŸ˜‰ Anyway, I was lucky to sell some things on Ebay and Poshmark (find me here!) which brought the total for this month down a bit. I did overspend by quite a bit though so next quarter will start with $378Ā instead of $500.

I ordered the seersucker dress from Uniqlo when they offered a weekend of free shipping. It arrived the day before my college convocation, so I decided to wear it! I had been watching the skirt at Piperlime for months, waiting for the “site closing” sales that were inevitable. Once the extra 50% off sale started, I was ready to pounce…only to see that my size sold out! Somehow it came back in stock, though, so I got lucky there. I absolutely adore it and am glad I was able to get it. I think it’s the perfect “multi-seasonal” piece.Ā Obtaining the J.Crew tee follows a similar story: it has been in and out of stock for weeks. I had my size, one size up, and one size down all in my wish list. I checked on a day of a promo, and my size was in stock! I checked out as fast as possible, but the tee shipped after the other items in my order and I was worried it was oversold. A few days went by and I finally received the shipping confirmation–VICTORY! I’m so, so obsessed with this tee.

I placed four Milly for DesigNation orders from Kohl’s…yup, four. I placed the first three because I kept finding things I wanted to try, haha. I should have spent time to go through the whole site before rushing to place an order after hitting the free shipping threshold. After I realized the prices went down even more, I placed a fourth order with everything that was still in stock that I liked, and I used the Kohl’s Cash I had obtained from the previous three orders. Well, I wasn’t totally in love with anything except the red striped tee and the blue tile print. I would have kept the blue tile crop top had it been available in a size smaller or the skirt if it was a bit shorter. I also liked the black shorts, but I couldn’t get over how poofy they were; I tried the red striped shirt dress, but I decided that I would get the most wear out of the striped tee. I did order both the blue and the red striped tees as seen here, but I felt like the red was the most versatile.

For Christmas, I received a couple of Nordstrom gift cards from my boyfriend and his family. He intended for me to use them on my Helmut Lang sweatshirt since he knew I wanted it so bad, but I ended up purchasing that from a different site since it was 50% off and I had other Christmas money. I almost bought a pair of white denim as explained in this postĀ but instead decided to go with a less expensive pair. Then, I thought about what I should bring with me to NYC next week (my mom is treating me to a celebratory end-of-Master’s-degree trip!) and realized that I didn’t have a good pair of walking shoes. After browsing Nordstrom’s site for what felt like forever, I decided that I liked these New Balance sneakers the best. Of course, reviews suggesting sizing up a half size and that size was sold out…so I had to wait a while and pounce when I saw them in stock, but it was worth the wait! I’m stoked to have a pair of fashionable sneakers toĀ wear while frolickingĀ around NYC. šŸ™‚

I’m happy to say that I’m feeling more content with my spring/summer wardrobe now! I can think of three or four items I’d still like to add, but I’m waiting until prices are more reasonable. Of course, I’m sure I’ll be adding to that list soon enough because personal style is ever evolving. Plus, I’m hoping to do some shopping while in NYC! Can’t wait! If you have any store recommendations, please let me know!

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April budget


  1. Madewell Jeans (seen here): $79 (originally $128)
  2. Madewell Dress (seen here): $57 (originally $98)
  3. LOFT Skirt: $19 (originally $69.50)
  4. LOFT Top: $11 (originally $39.50)
  5. LOFT Sunglasses (seen here): $13 (originally $24.50)
  6. LOFT Jeans: $37 (originally $69.50)
  7. Lilly Pulitzer for Target Shorts: $23 (originally $24)
  8. Lilly Pulitzer for Target Top (seen here): $30 (originally $32)
  9. Old Navy Dress: $16 (originally $35; paid with PayPal)
  10. Fashion Union Dress (via ASOS): $45 (originally $50)
  11. Target Sandals (seen here): $28
  12. Earthies Sandals (courtesy of Earth Brands; seen here)

April Total = $342

$413 ($500 quarterly budget ā€“ $87 overspent) ā€“ $152.50 (March) – $342 (April) = -$81.50

Saying that I went a little overboard this month is an understatement. I actually have a lot listed on eBay right now but it’s not moving very quickly, which is a bummer. As always. I know that’s a really lame excuse but, to be completely honest, these were all really good buys and I don’t regret any of them. I just wish I was able to contain myself a little more since I know I have a hard time banning myself from shopping for a month. And I was doing SO WELL the past few months! I have a couple of last minute orders that should be arriving within the next week (and will be counted in next month’s budget post if I keep anything), but otherwise I’m hoping to stick to only buying items with gift cards I’ve had saved since Christmas. The only reason why I haven’t spent them yet is because I keep forgetting that I have them, lol. Anyway, I hope I can make thoughtful purchases with the gift cards and truly limit my spending in May. I’m going to NYC in June and I’m planning onĀ shopping there!

So as far as what I got this month… LOFT had a huge flash sale at the end of March and I placed a huge order because of that. I ended up only keeping two things from it because I ordered a bunch of things in two sizes and, you know, budgetary reasons. I fell in love with the windowpane skirt that everyone has; I realized why everyone loves it so much! I also picked up a nice flow-y top for the spring and summer.Ā When LOFT had their 50% off sale plus free shipping, I placed two orders: one for the white jeans (in two sizes) and one for the sunglasses. I ended up keeping the jeans in the smaller of the two sizes after much debate because they feel really stretchy so hopefully I don’t look like a stuffed sausage to other people, lol. White jeans have been on my wish list for a LONG time so I’m very excited to finally have a pair that work for me. I originally was considering two other pairs as seen here, but in the end I like the LOFT pair the best. I decided on the sunglasses since I left my ModCloth pair at my parents’ home and was nervous about only having one pair of sunglasses.

I stopped in Madewell one weekend when both the jeans and dress were on promo. The additional 30% off sale applied to them, and they let me stack my student discount on top of that (though I heard J.Crew might not be doing that anymore? I hope that’s not the case). The jeans topped my spring/summer wishlist and I’m so happy to have been able to pick them up before spring ends!

As briefly mentioned in this post, I shopped the Lilly for Target madness in stores and got my hands on the crochet tank top and pompom shorts in the “upstream” print. I’m not a typical Lilly girl, but I love the versatility of the top and the cute, unexpected print on the shorts. I also liked the shorts because they are navy and white–two colors I own already and wear a lot, so they fit into my wardrobe seamlessly!

I picked up a couple more dresses to round out my collection a bit: a basic navy sheath dress from Old Navy, which I wore just last week since it’s perfect for dressier events, and a fun striped crop dress from ASOS. After cleaning out my closet over the past few months, I realized that my dresses took the biggest hit and I was ready for new ones to love. I love how the striped dress gives the illusion of a matching crop top and skirt (I LOVE matching sets but have such a hard time finding sets I love at a reasonable price point).

Finally, I added two new pairs of sandals this month. After seeing the Target sandals everywhere and being sad about the fact that my store didn’t have any, Fran was so kind to go to her store and buy them for me. Of course, my store received them just before my pair arrived in the mail, haha. I guess we are just behind everyone else a bit. I had jeweled sandals on my wishlist, too, and while I had my eye on a different pair, the Target sandals were a great compromise at a much nicer price point. Additionally, in the spirit of transparency, I was lucky to receive a pair of shoes courtesy of Earth Brands. I picked out neutral wedged sandals because I wanted a pair that would get lots of wear this spring and summer!

There aren’t very many things left on my wish list, thank goodness! I’d really like a pair of black shorts, a pair of navy shorts (likely buying J.Crew’s chino shorts), a seersucker dress, a floral skirt, dark wash denim shorts (from Madewell, of course), and some items from Uniqlo’s Airism line. I always have my eyes peeled for the perfect grey dress, striped tees, and other fun tops, though! I don’t know why, but I have a harder time feeling content with my spring/summer wardrobe. I hope I can figure that out more this year (I think I said this last year, too, haha…I REALLY hope it happens this year, though!).

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March budget


  1. LOFT Pants (sold out): $23.50 (originally $59.50; paid with PayPal)
  2. LOFT Earrings (sold out): $8.50 (originally $29.50)
  3. Coach Bag (vintage via Ebay): $76 (retails for $278 new; paid with PayPal)
  4. Clare Vivier for & Other Stories Bag (sold out): $144

March Total = $152.50

$413 ($500 quarterly budget – $87 overspent) – $152.50 (March) = $260.50 left for April and May

I dub this month the month of the bags. I’m not much of a bag person; I don’t obsess over them, and I generally buy bags because of utilitarian purposes and not because they’re super cute and a “statement” piece. The last bag I purchased before this month was my black crossbody bag, purchased back in August. Before that, I bought my tote in April. So, you can say bags aren’t my top priority.

For a few months now, I’ve been wanting a vintage Coach bag in British tan (either the City or Court style in particular), and I had saved a search on Ebay and checkedĀ it periodically. Most bags were either too expensive, were a little too beat up, or were missing an adjustable crossbody strap. However,Ā at the end of February, I found a vintage City bag starting for less than $50, and I knew that was the one. I almost lost it to a pretty fierce bidding war that went way over my initial budget for the bag, but I bid in the last few seconds and snatchedĀ it. It’s such a lovely bag, though it got a bit misshapen in the mail (USPS had it for a few extra days than they should have) so I’m working on getting it back to normal.

My white bucket bag was not a bag I was planning on buying…until I saw it. šŸ™‚ When the & Other Stories collaboration with Clare Vivier was released at the beginning of the month, I was immediately drawn to this bag. I don’t even know why, because up until that moment I had no interest in bucket bags. After looking at the bag for mere minutes, it had sold out, and I thought that was it. I tried to forget about it, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it! It ended up coming in and out of stock throughout the first weekend of the month, and I tweeted Jessica and asked her opinion of it since she has killer taste in bags and knows quality. By the time I was convinced that I needed the bag, it was sold out again. I checked back every day and didn’t see it in stock, so I figured it was gone. I moped. I tried convincing myself that I didn’t need the bag and to think about everything else I could buy with the money, but I was still sad about missing it. By now it had been almost two weeks since the collab was initially released, so I thought it was gone for goodĀ and that no more returns would be made. By some miracle, it was back in stock a couple of days before I left for Texas, and I POUNCED! I frantically decided on a lotion to get my order past the free shipping threshold, and that was that. You guys…I am in LOVE with this bag. Obsessed. I talk about it. I talk to it. I pet it. I smell it. I’m weird, I know, but I don’t usually love bags as much as I do this one. I’m so happy I splurged on it because it brings me so much joy.

Anyway. Sorry for the novel about my wonderful new bucket bag! I wore it all weekend and am so excited to feature it in outfit posts.

I didn’t let myself spend too much more this month because of the bag purchases, but I did keep a couple of things from a large LOFT order I placed during a flash sale at the end of February. Those darn flash sales get me every time! I’m doing much better at not buying random items (or at least, not keeping them…), but I was surprised by these cotton-linen pants I added to the order just for fun. I asked forĀ feedback on them and ultimately decidedĀ to keep them. I wore them over the weekend, and they are so comfortable and perfect for the warmer months (albeit a little big even in one size smaller than my usual). The statement earrings add some variety to my collection, and who can resist a little sparkle? šŸ™‚

I placed a couple of orders at the end of this month (another LOFT flash sale got me, though I ordered a few multiples so I anticipate not keeping most of it). I’ve had my eye out for interesting pieces for spring/summer–mostly tank tops–since I already have a lot of basics. However, I’m also looking at adding another dress or two (I seriously cleaned out that portion of my closet), and I really want light wash denim (Madewell has my pair, of course). I also ordered a pair of white denim with some gift cards to Nordstrom I’ve had since Christmas. I’m not sure yet if they will work since I’m picky about fit and sheerness, but my fingers are crossed. I stopped in the store last Friday to try on a bunch of different brands based onĀ the white denim I found on sale online and somehow missed the pair that I ended up ordering. (I tried on the same brand and style but in a different wash when they actually had the exact wash in store. D’oh!) I’m excited to finally be nailing down my spring/summer style! šŸ™‚

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February budget


  1. Madewell Dress (sold out): $49 (originally $150; used PayPal money)
  2. Everlane Sweatshirt: $15 (originally $40; used $25 credit and PayPal money)
  3. Everlane Tee: $15
  4. Elegantees Top: $0 (gift)
  5. Penfield Shirt (via Madewell): $49 (originally $80)
  6. Madewell Jeans: $60 (originally $115)

February TotalĀ = $124

$566 ($500 quarterly budget + $66 carried over) – $296 (December) – $233 (January) – $124 (February) = -$87

Welp, it’s that time again! I’m shocked at how much I can spend in such a short month. (Well, okay, maybe I’m not that shocked…) Even with some extra money in the budget, I still went over for the quarter. Boo. I was hoping to sell more on eBay than I did. That means I’ll be starting next quarter’s budget with $413 instead of $500. I’m slightly concerned about it because my spring wish list seems like it has been growing exponentially the past few weeks, and then LOFT had to have another flash sale last night…

Anyway, I got some great items this month. I stopped in Madewell on January 31st to try on a bunch of the new arrivals and spotted the silk dress in the sale section. I’m so glad I decided to try it on because it fit amazingly (it fit the best out of everything I tried!), and it was a steal at $49 after tax. Over Presidents’ Day weekend, Madewell ran a 30% off sale promo and I snatched the skinny skinny jeans in boulder wash (they didn’t have my sizeĀ in stock in store when I stopped in store). I purchased two sizes since reviews were mixed. I think I’ll end up with the larger of the two sizes, but I need to wear them a bit more before making a final decision. I love the dark grey wash! The morning after the promo went live, I checked the sale again and, to my surprise, the Penfield flannel shirt I’ve loved since OCTOBER finally got marked down! I snatched it up in two sizes since reviews were also mixed, and I’m keeping the larger of the two sizes. I wasn’t able to try on both sizes when it was in stores, and I’m so grateful that my order shipped because the size I’m keeping sold out an hour after I placed my order. The shirt completely sold out after I grabbed the link for this post, but check for pop-backs; it was not a final sale item when I placed my order. I adore this flannel shirt and hope to get a few days of wear out of it before it’s too warm.

Earlier this month, Everlane released their marled sweatshirts, which are now available for women and men. I held off on ordering one because I planned on ordering a striped tee with it when those came out, but I was disappointed with the striped tee…and by the time the tee was released, the sweatshirt had sold out. When it came back in stock a few days later, I pounced, and also purchased the box tee since I’ve heard good things about it. The box tee fits similarly to Madewell’s crop tee, which I own and love. I absolutely ADORE the sweatshirt! I’m planning on also purchasing the grey marled sweatshirt since I know both will get tons of wear. As far as sizing goes, I decided on a small in the sweatshirt because of the sleeve length (I have long arms). It fits comfortably loose in the torso. I got an extra small in the tee, which fits slightly loose and I expect it to shrink just a bit once it’s washed.

Lastly, for Valentine’s Day, Chris gifted me the Elegantees ‘Chelsea’ top. It was designed in collaboration with one of my favorite bloggers, Chelsea of Zipped, and it’s available in black and royal purple. (It was also available in grey but sadly is now sold out!) I love this top because it has a loose peplum and super girly silhouette. I can’t wait to style it this spring. šŸ™‚ Plus, Elegantees is a wonderful company thatĀ restores women affected by sex trafficking by giving them a safe space and teaching them to make the garments sold by Elegantees (they are currently made in Nepal). I received a coupon code inĀ myĀ order for 10% off a future order. If you’re interested, the code is SAVE10! Let me know if you decided to make a purchase!

Looking ahead to March, I’ve definitely got spring on my mind. I’m on the lookout for light wash denim, white denim, chino shorts, and pretty sandals, just to name a few! I’m excited to start working on my spring/summer wardrobe again. I’m feeling like my color palette will weigh heavily on light blue, navy, white, blush pink (I hope!), and grey…with maybe some olive green and red/burgundy. I can’t wait to see how it comes together!

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January budget


  1. Helmut Lang Sweatshirt (via SSENSE; seen here): $27 (originally $230; on sale for $127 & used $100 in Christmas money)
  2. J.Crew Belt: $19 (originally $34.50)
  3. J.Crew Flats (via Ebay; old version): $29 (originally $125; used PayPal money)
  4. & Other Stories Boots: $69 (originally $195)
  5. Everlane Sweater (seen here): $118 (originally $128)

January Total = $233

$566 ($500 quarterly budget + $66 carried over) – $296 (December) – $233 (January) = $37 left for February

I knew this was going to be a spendy month before the month even started, haha. The sweatshirt I ordered before Christmas (it was 50% off and something I’ve been wanting for nearly a year so I bit!). I also received a $10 coupon for Everlane and could not get the cashmere sweaters out of my head; I had to give one a try! Even with the Christmas money I received, those two items took up the majority of my budget this time. I regret neither purchase. I’ve already worn both three times this month, which doesn’t seem like a lot until you realize how many sweaters I have (a lot, haha). I’m looking forward to more wears the next couple of months and into the future!

Other purchases include a cognac belt from J.Crew that I snagged when I stopped in store as well as the original made-in-Italy Cece ballet flats in black leather (definitely my favorite pair of ballet flats ever; J.Crew discontinued them but just brought them back, though they aren’t made in Italy anymore–bummer!). The Ceces I found on Ebay, and somehow I got them for $29 including shipping. I feel like I got so lucky! Thanks to Ebay sales this month, the purchase of the flats didn’t come out of my budget.

The ankle boots are from a new-to-me brand, & Other Stories, the little sister of H&M. They make gorgeous ready-to-wear garments, shoes, and accessories. I recently fell in love with their aesthetic because of Taylor Swift. I couldn’t ignore these boots–they are the perfect deep red color, made of leather, and were a whopping $59 on sale (shipping and tax added $10 to the price). HOW COULD I SAY NO?! I have no self control, I know. But I didn’t buy these right when I saw them; I thought about them for a full weekend before I pulled the trigger. And I cannot wait to show them to you all. šŸ™‚

Looking ahead to February, I have a few things in mind that I’m hoping to buy, but it’s going to be difficult considering I only have $37 to spend! I’m hoping to sell quite a bit more on Ebay, so that will definitely help. As far as shoes go, I think I’m good…though I do think I want a pretty pair of sandals for spring/summer and that’s something I’ll be looking out for in the next few months.


Here are also a couple of last minute Christmas gifts I received. The J.Crew Factory scarf I actually forgot to include in my December budget post; a good friend of mine gifted it to me. I wear it often and it might make its way into an outfit post. The Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes were a late gift given to me by my brother. We went shopping on New Year’s Day because hitting up the Dillard’s NYD sale is a must-do for me every year! That’s when I always get my Sperrys because I’ve never seen better prices on them; 50% off already reduced prices is a steal in my book and it’s totally worth battling the crowd. (We went later in the afternoon and there was still lots of shoes left!)

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December budget


  1. LOFT Top: $23 (originally $54.50)
  2. Madewell Jeans (seen here): $100 (originally $125)
  3. Banana Republic Dress: $29 (originally $130)
  4. Moorea Seal Earrings (seen here): $6 (originally $21)
  5. J.Crew Choker (seen here): $63 (originally $98)
  6. Anthropologie Top (seen here): $30 (originally $60)
  7. Madewell SweaterĀ (seen here): $45 (originally $98)

December Total = $296

$566 ($500 quarterly budget + $66 carried over) – $296 (December) = $270 left for January and February

So after an exceptionally good November, I went a little bit crazy this month. (I blame the exceptionally good sales which included items I’ve had on my wishlist for a while!)

Last month, I mentioned that I placed a huge LOFT order during one of their 60% off flash sales. I was, sadly, disappointed by four of the five things in my order. Three of the items were just a bit too big, and I ordered the smallest size available so I couldn’t exchange. (I feel like the vanity sizing at LOFT is out of control.) One item, this grey dress, fit well except the waist was an inch too high and I didn’t want an empire waist. The item I added to get free shipping, the top above, ended up being the only keeper. I got it in a petite size and thank goodness because it fits perfectly! I was pleasantly surprised by it given that the other items were disappointments.

Over the Black Friday weekend, I purchased a pair of Madewell jeans because it was the best promo I had seen including them and I’ve been wanting to add a new pair to my closet. (Turns out, it wasn’t the best promo, but I’m trying not to think about it!) I debated between this wash (the Davis wash) and the Atlantic wash that I tried on back in August. I ended up getting the Davis wash because they can be dressed up and down, and I absolutely love them! Highly recommend. While I was in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago, I stopped in Madewell because it’s a pretty big store, and I found a sweater I’ve had my eyes on for a while. They honored the student discount on top of the promo, so I purchased it and stuffed it in my suitcase. (It was more expensive online so I justified the stuffing of my suitcase, though I barely fit it in, haha.)

The statement earrings from Moorea Seal and top from Anthropologie were both Cyber Monday purchases. The earrings are still available and only $6! I went into Anthro to find this top and ended up buying it in store because they were running the Cyber Monday promo in store and it had sold out in my size online. It’s a fun, “non-basic” top in a basic cut to spice up my wardrobe!

Finally, I thought the J.Crew choker would be a nice addition to my wardrobe and add something a little extra. It’s very pretty! I love the geometric shape. Additionally, I fell in love with the Banana Republic dress…after seeing it on a character in one of my boyfriend’s TV shows, The Flash on The CW. It caught my eye immediately, and luckily, I found it in less than five minutes on Google. The grey version (which is what the character wore) was sold out, but I loved the black, too–and that’s how the story goes! šŸ˜‰


  1. J.Crew Earrings
  2. Idaho Home Tee
  3. Madewell Scarf
  4. Anthropologie Sunglasses

These are the clothing items/accessories I received for Christmas this year, just in case you see them in future outfit posts and wonder where they came from! šŸ™‚ Three of the items were on my December wishlist, so I considerĀ that post a success. The earrings were a gift from my boyfriend. They weren’t on the wistlist I posted on here, but they were on my J.Crew wishlist! He has a knack for picking out items that I’d like. I was quite impressed and immediately wondered if I had told himĀ I wanted them.Ā My family gifted me the other three items. I feel very fortunate! What goodies did you receive for Christmas? xo

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November budget


J.Crew Factory ScarfĀ (seen here): $22 (originally $48.50)

November Total = $22

$365 ($500 quarterly budget – $135 overspent) – $150 (September) – $127 (October) – $22 (November) = $66

I know, I can hardly believe it, either! Not only did I only purchase one item this month, I stayed completely under budget for the quarter–even after starting off with a reduced budget. I’ll be starting next quarter’s budget with an extra $66! *pats self on back*

I suppose I do need to mention that I do have a LOFT order at home/en route to me at the moment. The first package of two arrived the day I flew to California, and the second will arrive sometime next week. I placed a big order during the 60% off flash sale they had last week. I’ll note any new additions from that order in next month’s budget. The items I’m most looking forward to areĀ this plaid dress (though I’m worried about the sizing) and this quilted dress (not quite sure if the waist will be too high, but I’ve had a grey dress on my list for a while, so I thought I’d give it a try).

While I didn’t go out on Black Friday this year, I’m considering placingĀ an order for a new pair of Madewell jeans. I realized that jeans are a staple in my wardrobe and I could really use more than the couple of pairs I wear regularly. Plus, the current 25% off promo is the best I’ve seen for the full-price denim.Ā I can’t decide on a color, though… I originally tried the Atlantic wash in store, but is the Davis wash more versatile? What do you think?

Regarding next month, I have quite a few things on my list but I’ll likely be asking for many of them for Christmas this year. I really shouldn’t be buying a whole lot for myself so hopefully I can stick with the orders I’ve already made and be good for the rest of the month like I was this month. šŸ™‚

How did you do with your budget this month? Snag any great Black Friday deals?

Oh my goodness! I almost forgot to mention that I received an item in exchange for a review. (Bad me for forgetting!) From My Monogram Necklace, I received a monogrammed necklace and wrote a review in this post. (You can also see me wearing it here. I picked an item I knew I would wear a lot!) I want to always mention when I receive items for free from brands. This was the first time that’s happened so please forgive me for forgetting to mention it until after I already hit “Publish”!

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October budget


  1. J.Crew Sweater: $38 (originally $75)
  2. J.Crew Pants: $56 (originally $98)
  3. ModCloth Cardigan: $40 (originally $50)
  4. Madewell Belt: $19 (originally $45)
  5. Kate Spade Earrings (via Nordstrom Rack): $30 (originally $38)

October Total = $127 (plus $56 in PayPal funds from Ebay sales)

$365 ($500 quarterly budget – $135 overspent) – $150 (September) – $127 (October) = $88 left for November

I didn’t really noticeĀ the dark color theme I had going on this month until I was putting together this collage! I guess it’s just that time of year, eh? I’m loving black, grey, and navy (it’s hard to tell, but the sweater is navy). I’m even loving them together. It fits the weather, and in some cases, it fits my mood–when I’m feeling sassy and unstoppable, that is.

I’m actually quite proud of myself for only picking up a few things AND not maxing out my quarterly budget after only two months.Ā I will admit that I would have purchased more had Madewell cut the price on a couple of flannel shirts I have my heart set on. Alas, maybe November… I’m dying to have them but refuse to spend full price. Such is life as a frugal grad student!

As far as my new additions go, I’m seriously in love with the J.Crew pants. They’re the Pixie pants, and OMG! I highly recommend them. I am very much against the leggings-as-pants trend, and these are the closest I will get to that. They feel like leggings yet look like pants. They are ridiculously comfortable, and I got them for a steal. I’m tempted to purchase them in the other colors. The only bummer is the fact that they are constantly hairy–the downside of living with three white/partially white fur balls. šŸ˜‰

The navy cropped sweater is perfect for layering and wearing with skirts and dresses. The quality is not as good as I would have liked, but I think it was still a good buy. I haven’t washed it yet, and even though the description says “dry clean”, I’m going to try washing on delicate in cold water/hanging dry since it is cotton. Fingers crossed nothing bad happens to it!

The grey cardigan is huge and wonderful. It’s so cozy and I love it! To be honest, I haven’t been as crazy about ModCloth lately as I was a few months ago. This is the only item I’ve really wanted. I’m glad I love it as much as I do because I really dread having to send items back since returns aren’t free anymore (boo).

I also picked up a couple of staple accessories. I grabbed the belt in store when it was on sale. I really want this belt in the cognac color, but my store doesn’t have any and it’s sold out online. It’s the perfect cognac color with the gold hardware and I haven’t been able to find a comparable one anywhere, of course. The earrings I just added to my wardrobe this past weekend. I’ve been on the lookout for basic black earrings for a while and fell in love with these at Nordstrom Rack. They will be featured in an upcoming outfit post!

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September budget


  1. J.Crew Factory Sweater: $40 (originally $74.50)
  2. J.Crew Factory Sweatshirt: $38 (originally $59.50)
  3. Zara Scarf (via Ebay): $13
  4. Uniqlo Shirt (seen here): $30
  5. J.Crew Factory Shirt: $12 (originally $59.50)
  6. Madewell Sweater: $51 (originally $79.50)
  7. Madewell PantsĀ (seen here): $60 (originally $128)
  8. Nordstrom Loafers (via Goodwill): $8

September Total = $150 (plus $102 in PayPal funds from Ebay sales)

$365 ($500 quarterly budget – $135 overspent) – $150 (September) = $215 left for October and November

Soooo… remember how I said last month how I needed to do a no-buy this month? (I called it “No Shop September” in my head, haha.) Well, obviously that didn’t happen. However, I got pieces that were on my list (sweaters, white blouse, and burgundy pants), so there’s that. The loafers I actually purchased in August but forgot to add to my budget. I’m quite excited for those because they were such a great thrift store find! (They actually are Nordstrom brand–pretty cool!) I should have tried harder on my no-buy, though, because I had quite a few unexpected expenses this month that made my bank account really sad.

The J.Crew Factory order is one I wasn’t expecting to love, but I am so excited for every piece. I went into the store to do a price adjustment with my student discount, but it ended up being more trouble that it was worth. (I though they would take the discount off the price I paid online, but they processed it as a return and repurchased everything at the store price and then applied the discount; I ended up saving $10 instead of $25.) The sweatshirt is SO comfy, but it’s not the best quality, which I’m super bummed about. I wore it once and the back is pilling pretty bad. However, I can’t wait to wear the sweater! It’s such a pretty color and so soft. I hope it holds up better than the sweatshirt.

The scarf is one I purchased from an Ebay seller in Hong Kong. I heard about them on Instagram so I decided to give it a shot since it was only $13. My scarf actually has the Zara tag on it, so I think that means it’s real? I honestly don’t know, though, since I’ve never purchased any other Zara items. The only downside is mine came with a couple of runs. I’ll have to strategically hide those when I wear it.

I was on the fence when I first purchased the Uniqlo shirt because it isn’t true white, and it’s also a little bit on the large side. (There was also a really bad wrinkle in the collar that took forEVER to iron out.) After trying it on with a few of my tops and sweaters, though, I’m loving it. I hope you’re prepared to see more outfits with it! šŸ˜‰

The Madewell purchases were first featured here after I tried them on in store. After watching the prices for a couple of weeks, they both went on promo, so I stopped in store to pick them up and stack the student discount with the promos. (The weekend I went, the student discount was 20% instead of the usual 15%.) The pants weren’t on sale in store, but if you don’t already know, Madewell (and J.Crew) will match the online price in store. The pants were on promo for $99.50, and they were eligible for 30% off that price–plus I got the 20% student discount on top of all of that, making it a killer deal! I’m quite excited to wear them through the fall, winter, and spring. I’m also glad I grabbed the sweater when I did because it’s sold out in that color online (though you can call and have them do a store search for you if you really want it!). They actually didn’t have my size in stock at the store, so they called customer service and I placed it with them (and they honored the student discount). Yeah, Madewell is the best. šŸ˜‰


It also was my birthday this month! My wonderful family and boyfriend gifted me Sam Edelman boots (upgrading from my current black boots), a cotton-cashmere Everlane sweater, and this Madewell necklace I’ve been eyeing. My boyfriend actually bought the necklace when we stopped in the store on opening day! I’m super excited for these pieces; I think they fit in perfectly with the vision I have for my wardrobe.

Regarding October, there’s actually not that much on my radar right now. I actually feel like it won’t be a spend-heavy month for me, which is something I haven’t felt in a while. I just hope I don’t get too stressed out with my giant school to-do list because that’s when I tend to browse websites and place orders!

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August budget


  1. Ananias Sandals (via Etsy): $48
  2. Madewell Jacket: $48 (originally $98)
  3. Chelsea28 Sweater (via Nordstrom): $63 (originally $88)
  4. Halogen Bag (via Nordstrom; seen here): $84 (originally $118)
  5. BaubleBar NecklaceĀ (seen here): $10 (originally $28)
  6. Gap Dress: $51 (originally $80)
  7. Joie Sweater (via TJ Maxx): $56 (originally $278; used $50 gift card on $106)

August TotalĀ = $170 (plus $190 in PayPal funds from Ebay sales)

$500 (quarterly budget) – $249 (June) – $216 (July) – $170 (August) = -$135

*cough* I know… I feel gross looking at how much I overspent this month. Thank goodness I was able to sell so much on Ebay or else I would be way more in the hole.Ā I’ll be starting at $365 for my new quarterly budget instead of $500 because of it. I do have a couple of orders I just received and am still deciding about. Next month is going to be a little bit wonky because of my birthday. I’m on a self-imposed “no buy” because I have to pay tuition, and I want to save money for a little trip Chris and I are taking after my defense. However, because of my birthday, I’m allowing myself to buy things if I receive gift cards and only if I spend it on things on my “need” list. I sent Chris my list and told himĀ to keep me accountable!

I’m pretty upset with myself because I shopped during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and both the sweater and the bag are now even more on sale than they were during the Anniversary Sale. What a joke! I’m definitely going to be avoiding that sale next year and just keeping an eye on potential purchases to see if they go even more on sale later.

My other purchases include a little black dress (woo!), my custom sandals from Greece, a super simple necklace (BaubleBar also sent another simple necklace for free as a little gift), a military jacket perfect for fall, and a lovely sweater I found at TJ Maxx. I’m getting excited for fall, you guys! My sweater collection is looking very happy.

Fingers crossed I can get my butt into gear next month!

Linking up with Franish & my fellow budgeting bloggers