ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise: Spring 2015


At the end of March, ModCloth offered the Stylish Surprise promotion as it does at the end of every summer (end of September/beginning of October usually) and winter (middle-end of March). For $20 for dresses, $15 for other apparel items, $10 for shoes, or $5 for accessories, jewelry, or apartment items, you get something random picked from the warehouse from leftover stock that wasn’t sold by the end of the season (in your chosen size, of course). Usually these are items that go on final sale and maybe don’t sell by a certain time or returns that were processed and not put back online for some reason or another. They aren’t items that you can currently find on ModCloth, so you usually have to go hunting on Google Images to find the items on the website and see their original retail value and any reviews.

I didn’t participate in the Stylish Surprise last fall, which I’m glad about because from what I read, it was handled terribly and lots of people got multiples or oversell notices. However, I was optimistic that this time they would have figured everything out, so I decided to participate again. I was originally going to buy only dresses and apartment items, but they increased the price of dresses to $20 each (when the original retail value did not increase and still started at $30), and I don’t think it’s worth paying that much for something I may not like and may not be able to resell. I opted instead for a pair of shoes and two apartment items and added a skirt to my order I’ve had my eye on for a while. I ordered before they announced the sale on social media and sent the push notification on the app, so the apartment items were still in stock and I didn’t have problems with checkout. Thank goodness! The best part was that I got a shipping notification only hours after I placed the order. That’s definitely the quickest shipping I’ve ever experienced with ModCloth!


So, here’s what I got: a pair of slippers and two window drapes. Chris was very excited when he opened the box and saw the blue because it looked like the blue color of the TARDIS from Doctor Who, but it ended up being not that exciting. Haha.


There are the Where the Slumber Party At Slippers, which originally retailed for $40. I personally do not like the style with the soles being wider than the rest of the shoe, but that ended up being the least of my worries. They are a half size to a full size too small! I could barely get my foot in. I checked reviews and sure enough, they all said they ran small. I wish there was some way ModCloth could mark the Stylish Surprise box with the size it actually fits like so we aren’t disappointed when something ends up running small or large. I wasn’t planning on keeping them anyway after seeing the style, but I definitely can’t even wear them. This was a bummer; since it was the March promotion and likely full of winter items, I had hoped for a nice pair of boots. Heels would have been cool, too. Oh well!


I received two of the Film Leader of the Pack Curtain, which originally retailed for $35 each. I was bummed to have received two of the same apartment item, though I suppose it makes sense to have two drapes? The problem is that they are way too big for my windows and one would easily cover a whole window…plus they’re too long. The apartment item surprise is always more of a crapshoot when it comes to getting something good because they have such a wide variety: everything from magnets to kitchen utensils to bedding and other knick-knacks. I got lucky the first time I ordered an apartment item and was hoping to get lucky again, but at least I didn’t get something really weird!

All in all, this was a disappointing round. I still might partake in the Stylish Surprise promotion because I cannot seem to resist the surprise aspect of it, but I don’t plan on buying apparel items if they are going to be more than $10 each. It’s just not worth it to me. I hope ModCloth reconsiders and drops the price for the next round (and subsequent rounds). Interested in seeing what I got in previous rounds? Check ’em out here! 🙂

ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise: March 2014


Many of you have heard of ModCloth, I’m sure! If not, it’s a vintage- and retro-inspired online retailer and one of my favorite places to pick up unique clothing items. At the end of summer and again at the end of winter, they host their “Stylish Surprise” promotion. You pay a set price, pick your size (if applicable), and they’ll send you something random! They have apparel, shoes, accessories, and apartment items available. Apparel and shoes are $10 per item (down from $15 in previous promotions; I hope this is a permanent change!), and accessories and apartment items are $5 each. The catch is that you don’t get to tell them what you want or your style. They basically have stacks of older items not really organized in any way that get shipped out, and they’re final sale. I think it’s brilliant for cleaning out their warehouse, because they still make a little bit on the items even though they’re old and no longer on the website (in most cases), and the element of surprise really excites people (including me!).

There are actually still some Stylish Surprises apparel items left in size small, which is surprising! Normally they sell out very quickly. They must’ve had a lot this time around. If you’re interested in placing an order and never have before, you can use this link to get $15 off your order of $50+ (and I get $15 also!). If you’re interested in reading about/seeing what I got in past Stylish Surprise promotions, you can read about my November haul here and my October haul here!


As usual, Melody inspected my box to make sure everything was a-ok! The girls love it when I open a new box on the floor.


This time around, I bought four apparel items and one pair of shoes. I wanted free shipping (min. $50 purchase), so purchasing five things at $10 each seemed the most logical way to do that. (The apartment items were already sold out and I didn’t want any accessories this time.) Here’s what I got!


My first thought when I saw the sequins and fabric: I got a prom dress. After seeing the length, it seems more like a homecoming dress to me, but it’s still a party dress nonetheless. Sadly, at this point in my life I don’t really have a use for a dress like this, so this one won’t be staying around. This is the Sterling Showers Dress, and it originally retailed for $94.99.


I saw this dress and immediately recognized it. It’s not often that I recognize my Stylish Surprise items, but I guess I’ve been on ModCloth enough the past few months to finally recognize one! (Normally I’ve never seen it or heard of it until I have it, haha.) I was most excited for this dress, but it’s too tight in the waist for me and does not have stretch. I am so bummed out. This is the Cheery Cordials Dress and was originally $99.99.


I love navy, so I was looking forward to this dress, until I held it up. I’ve never really been a fan of wrap-style dresses on me, and this one was a tad large in the bust and too long to look good on me. Sigh. This is the Demure All I Want Dress in Navy and was originally $104.99.


My last apparel item is yet another dress! This is my fifth time participating in the Stylish Surprise promo and all of my apparel items have been dresses. Can’t say I’m complaining, though! I was indifferent with this dress. Chris really liked this one when I tried it on, but I decided that I wouldn’t buy it if I had seen it on the website, so this is also a no. This is the Graphite for Your Right Dress, and it originally retailed for $74.99.


My one shoe Stylish Surprise turned out to be these pink and floral oxfords with some crochet detail over the floral pattern. They’re not really my style, unfortunately. These are the A Study in Scenery Flat and were originally $34.99. The interesting thing about these shoes, if you go to the item page, is that the price shown is the original price with no reductions. That means these shoes sold out before they had a chance to go on sale! That surprised me, but hopefully it means it won’t be too hard to find a new home for them.

All in all, it was a disappointing haul for me. Nothing was really my style, and the one item I was really excited about doesn’t even fit! Everything came to a total of about $410, which is not bad at all! I spent only 12% of their total original retail prices. I’ll probably still participate in future promos because it’s so fun to see what I get. I was really holding out for a nice coat or boots this time since we are coming right off of winter (and I’m tempted to order more to see if I can get a coat because by some miracle they haven’t sold out yet)!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to check out my previous Stylish Surprise posts if you want more! 🙂 xo

Another round of stylish surprises

ModCloth had another Stylish Surprise event in November! I posted about the one they had back in October here. I couldn’t believe that they had enough items to offer a second one only a month later. They even had all of the clothing sizes, shoe sizes, plus accessories and apartment items (though the apartment items were gone in about 10 minutes). The element of surprise always gets me, so this last time, I ordered three apparel items and one pair of shoes. Here’s what I got!


The cats, as usual, were quite interested in the new box.


I got three dresses as my apparel items! I’ve always gotten dresses in these events. This one is called the Float Performance Dress, and it originally retailed for $137.99! It’s a gorgeous dress with a floral print and crisscross-back straps. I have no idea when I will wear such a dress, but it’s my favorite item this round!


This next dress is called the Chevron a Whim Dress. The top of the dress doesn’t really match the bottom all that much. I think the chevron pattern is super cute, but I’m not totally fond of the strapless top. It was originally $74.99.


My third dress is the Inclined to Impress Dress. I was most excited about this dress at first, but it doesn’t fit my proportions well. It was definitely designed for a taller person in mind. It sort of reminds me of a dress flight attendants would wear. The diagonal buttons are a neat feature, and it’s made of 97% organic cotton! This one was originally $142.99. I can’t believe how expensive all these dresses were!


The pair of shoes I got were these leather sandals, which ModCloth called the Solo Traveler Sandal. They seem a bit big but are actually really comfortable. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that these were originally $158.99.


Not too shabby this time around! Everything I got totals up to an original retail value of just under $515, which blows my mind! I wish I loved all of the items as much as I do the first dress. I didn’t get any real duds this time around, so I’ll probably keep participating and crossing my fingers! If you’re interested in the Stylish Surprise promotion, make an account on ModCloth’s website and sign up for email notifications! They also send notifications of events through their app, or you can “like” them on Facebook or follow on Twitter and get updates that way!

Stylishly surprised by ModCloth

About every six months (at the end of winter and again at the end of summer), ModCloth (my favorite online retailer!) hosts what is known as the Stylish Surprise event. Basically, you pay a set amount of money ($15 per apparel item or shoes and $5 per accessory or apartment item), pick the size you want (for clothing/shoes), and ModCloth sends you something. It is completely random. The value of the piece varies; some people get tops that originally were $40 while others might get fancy dresses or coats that were listed for upwards of $200. Waiting for the package of stylish surprises to arrive is both terrifying and exciting, because you might struck gold or you might get something completely unlike anything you’d ever think about wearing. Opening the box feels like opening a present on Christmas morning from that one quirky relative who never really has any idea what you might want or use but occasionally might pick something spot on.

ANYWAY. Sorry for that horrendously long explanation of the ModCloth Stylish Surprise event! This is my third time participating; I got one apparel each of the other two times and lucked out with two dresses, so I decided to go for it again. This time, I got one of everything, since it was all still available! (Stylish surprises sell out very fast, especially the accessories and apartment items!)

Melody inspected my box for me. It weighed about five pounds, so I was holding out for boots.


And here’s what was inside!


I ended up with a third dress as my apparel item! It’s the Try a Little Trendy-ness Dress, which originally retailed for $47.99. I love how the colors are very fall-y, though the top is a little baggy for me.


My shoes turned out to be sandals. I wasn’t at all surprised since these were mostly going to be summery items. They are the Wearing is Be-weaving Sandal, and they originally retailed for $34.99.


My accessory turned out to be a laptop bag! My laptop actually fits perfectly inside, which is exciting. I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of it since I don’t really use laptop bags, but maybe I’ll travel with it. It’s the Poised Lady Laptop Sleeve and retailed for $49.99 (score!).


The message inside the bag is darling!


My final surprise was this ADORABLE pillow. I thought it was a cushion at first (“cush” was typed on a tag attached to the bag), and I thought it was funny that ModCloth sent me a cushion because I have no real use for one cushion. My boyfriend and I decided it would be perfect on a rocking chair sitting on a New England porch. WELL, turns out, after my Google Image sleuthing, this is actually a pillow. It’s the Tree’s Company Pillow and retailed for $47.99. I think I lucked out with this surprise because ModCloth carries some really bizarre apartment things!


The back is even cute!


If you read all of that, you’re awesome! I’m already looking forward to the next Stylish Surprise event, which should be around next March. Maybe next time I’ll get a nice pair of boots or a coat!