Birthday girl


Today is my birthday! I’m a whole quarter of a century old–yikes! Why does 25 feel so much older than 24? 24 also felt a lot older than 23… Perhaps I’m just not keen on this whole “aging” thing, haha. For my birthday, I wore a fun, colorful striped dress. It’s one that doesn’t get a lot of wear because it requires dry cleaning, and it also wrinkles really easily. Have you ever tried to iron pleats? They are SO annoying. I don’t know why I buy so many pleated dresses/skirts because I hate caring for them, haha. The skirt of this dress has three layers–the lining, a middle stiff layer of some fabric I can’t name (but it’s shiny, sheer, and gives the skirt structure), and then the top striped layer. I have to iron the middle and top layers since both have the pleats. I always managed to fix one pleat while also ironing out the pleat next to it, so that’s why they look a little wonky. Anyway, I can’t bring myself to part with this dress just yet because it totally brightens up each day I wear it!

I had kind of a rocky start to my birthday today. First, I realized my cable bill is $50 more than I thought it would be (after calling the company TWICE two weeks ago to get my bill reduced). Then, I showered and out of nowhere a giant moth appeared. It spent most of my shower on the drain being drenched in water, but it didn’t die! I have no idea why it didn’t die, but that was disgusting. I had to get a new driver’s license since mine expired. That’s always fun. Once I made it to school, I managed to walk around with my part of my skirt tucked under my backpack. I didn’t notice because of the whole three-layer thing mentioned above. The lining was still touching my legs so I had no idea until I reached back. Luckily I think it was just the top layer that was stuck, but still…YIKES! I’ve had quite an eventful day, so I’m happy to be spending my evening on the couch with pizza and TV shows.

In the spirit of not taking oneself too seriously, I’m sharing a couple of outtakes from today’s outfit shoot. Hope you enjoy!

IMG_3154 IMG_3168

The skirt does not twirl like I thought it would. Also, I always stick my tongue out when I’m concentrating. I know, I’m a huge dork. But what’s life if you can’t laugh once in a while? There’s way more where that came from; I may have to feature bloopers more! I’m linking up with Franish today, so check out the link at the end of this post to see her bloopers and some from other bloggers. 🙂

IMG_3129 IMG_3238 IMG_3275IMG_3250

ModCloth dress (last seen here) / J.Crew flats (last seen here) / Kate Spade necklace via Nordstrom

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