Recap: Texas Style Council CAMP

As I mentioned in my previous post, I spent my weekend in the woods northwest of Austin, Texas, with over 200 creative women at a sleep-away blog conference hosted by Texas Style Council. It was fondly referred to as CAMP: Create A Meaningful Presence. I first heard of Texas Style Council from a few bigger bloggers I follow, and this experience looked like so much fun…but way out of my price range as a poor graduate student. When the 50% off sale weekend happened, I decided to take the plunge (I swear my bank account cried out when I bought my plane tickets!), and it was worth every penny and more. The experience was–simply put–absolutely priceless.

txsc_nametag txsc_headshots

After an exhausting morning and early afternoon of traveling last Friday, I set foot on the grounds of Camp Texlake, the home of a Girl Scout camp. The area was beautifully lush and relatively remote (much to my surprise!), which made for the perfect environment to unplug and be inspired. (Lots of people were able to Instagram/Tweet during the conference, but I could barely send photos via text message, haha!) The first order of business was to have head shots taken by the lovely Chelsea Laine Francis, who graciously photographed us and the conference for free. If you’re local to Austin and in need of a photographer, she is your lady!


That evening, we indulged in a delicious dinner (catering provided by The Real McCoy Catering) and a keynote by Jenny of The Bloggess. I loved hearing her take on the blogging world. She told us she changes negative comments from trolls to positive comments, which really angers the trolls and eventually they disappear. Isn’t that great?!

We received a drawstring bag from TOMS to decorate during the “Create and Connect” mixer after dinner, and inside was a notebook from Minted and other little goodies. Luckily, I managed to fit all of the beauty samples in my [broken] quart-sized bag for the trip home!

At the mixer, sponsoring brands set out little crafts or activities for us to partake in, all while meeting new people and getting to know each other. I expected to be more outgoing than I was, but the ladies there intimidated me! I wish I had the courage to meet more people (and give out more business cards) than I did, though I still had a fantastic experience overall.


After a restless night in a cabin with eleven other women and a steady, cold rain falling the entire night, I awoke bright and early on Saturday to attend a branding workshop with Jenny and Savannah of Maiedae. I (admittedly) had never heard of Maiedae before, but they are two of the sweetest and most inspirational women! I signed up for a one-on-one session on Sunday morning to talk about my current branding situation, web design, and going about rebranding (!), and Savannah was the biggest help and so encouraging. Big things will happen to this little blog in the next few months. 😉

Following a journaling session guided by Erin of Design for Mankind, we ate a hearty breakfast and listened to a keynote with Bethany of TOMS. Bethany shared how TOMS’ One-for-One model came to be as well as shared some insight into how we can each grow our own legacies. She introduced a new term to all of us: friendtor, meaning a friend who is on the same “playing field” as us and can act as mentors as well. At the conclusion of the keynote, we each received waxed canvas backpacks–one of many new products to come out of TOMS. They’re continuing the One-for-One model by providing a birth kit to aid in safe births for mothers in need for every bag sold. So awesome!

IMG_8423 IMG_8366

For the rest of the day, we attended short sessions focused on more specific topics related to blogging and the small business world. The first sessions I chose was the vulnerability session with Carli of Inked Fingers and Tieka of Selective Potential. We talked about how we choose to be vulnerable online and how being vulnerable can affect how our readers perceive us, even if its a negative perception. We discussed how to deal with the backlash of being vulnerable and encouraged each other to find ways to be vulnerable that work for us, since you might not want to be vulnerable in every blog post or talk about every aspect of your life. The stories that were shared during this session nearly brought me to tears!

The second session I attended was the connection session, moderated by Becky of Chipper Things and Indiana, the brains behind Texas Style Council and blogger on Indiana/Elsewhere. This session focused on thinking of our readers as people that we can make real connections with and less as numbers that we must grow in order to gain popularity/more sponsorships. There seems to be an inherent rat race in the blogging world, and it’s important to take a step back and remember why you started blogging in the first place (and if you started blogging to make money and not because you’re passionate about it, you’re likely in it for the wrong reasons). We discussed the difference between transparency, authenticity, and vulnerability and the act of going deeper (creating meaningful relationships with readers) instead of further (increasing readership overall).

Lastly, I decided to attend the support session with Jen of Jen Loves Kev, Julie of Orchid Grey, and Amy of Crompton Collective. They discussed the importance of building each other up in the blog world instead of tearing each other down and not letting envy get the best of us. The idea of the friendtor came back in this session with their suggestion of making friends with the bloggers that started around the same time as your and/or are on the same “playing field” as you and building a mutual partnership with them. It’s important to learn how to be happy for each other when good things happen and not let it damper our own spirit if those things don’t happen to us. This is something I’m not afraid to admit that I struggle with, especially when I see blogs younger than mine getting more opportunities than me. I’m glad I attended this session for the reminder.

IMG_8401 IMG_8394

Before dinner, we listened to a keynote on intentionality with Caroline of Unfancy and Jess of The Lively Show (pictured above the previous block of text). They each explained three things they learned in the past, three things they are currently learning, and three things they hope to learn in the future. Caroline talked a lot about her journey with minimalism, starting her blog to document her process, and dealing with negativity that has come with exponential blog growth. Jess talked about her career changes and growth of her podcast, The Lively Show. She discussed downfalls and how she has learned to give herself breaks and not put so much pressure on herself.

tagspire_photobooth1 tagspire_photobooth2

The plans for the rest of the night consisted of dinner and a “khaki cool” jamboree! We dressed up in our best khaki outfits–inspired by Moonrise Kingdom, Troop Beverly Hills, Girl Scouts, or whatever we pleased–and jammed the night away. There were some small businesses selling items, and some brands set up photo booth areas where we could take funny pictures. Tagspire had a bunch of Moonrise Kingdom-inspired props we could use. Minnetonka Moccasins had a s’more station (yum!), Flash Tattoos had a wide variety of pretty temporary tattoos for us, and Honest Tea made floats with their fizzy drinks and ice cream. The Flash Tattoos are really cool, and mine is still looking pretty good even a few days later! My outfit was loosely inspired by Sam Shakusky (Moonrise Kingdom), and I thrifted almost all of it! The total came to less than $20, including my shoes (I wore my wonderful red loafers I’ve featured in many outfits). Because it rained all day Friday and Saturday, we didn’t end up having a campfire, but at least we still got to roast s’mores.


The next morning, after my one-on-one branding session with Savannah, we ate a big brunch and listened to a keynote with Sophia Rossi of HelloGiggles (second to last photo below). Holy cow, she is amazing! The keynote focused on sisterhood and how we as women are each other’s biggest champions in blog world and in life in general. We all received copies of her soon-to-be-released novel, A Tale of Two Besties, and she signed them for us, too!

After a fun awards ceremony and tearful farewell from Indiana, we headed outside for the final camp activity. We broke up into smaller groups, stood in two lines facing each other toe-to-toe, and sent one person down the line at a time. The person going through the middle had to look down and cover her eyes, and we each whispered a word of affirmation into her ear as she walked by. The point was to empower each other and leave each other with positive, self-assuring reminders. Plenty of laughs and tears happened during this activity. It felt wonderful to hear the words people shared. Someone whispered “girlboss” into my ear, and for some reason that one really stuck. I never really thought about myself as a girlboss, but now I think in some ways, I am. It’s nice to have that moment to remember!


Overall, I had such an amazing experience at CAMP! I loved meeting fellow bloggers in real life since I don’t have anyone around me that blogs. I chatted with fellow bloggers about trivial blog struggles we share, like having our boyfriends/husbands photograph our outfits. 😉 I was so excited to meet some of the bloggers I follow, Tieka of Selective Potential (she’s SO sweet and basically the reason why I started blogging in the first place), Liz of Delightfully Tacky, and Caroline of Unfancy (we bonded over Katy Perry and Taylor Swift), and it was wonderful meeting so many other bloggers and inspirational women! I feel like I left Camp Texlake with a group of friendtors by my side, which is more than I could have ever hoped for! I feel honored to have been a part of the final Texas Style Council conference. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped in the planning and on-site organizing of the conference. I truly had an unforgettable time!

If you read this whole post, thank you, and I hope it wasn’t too boring! I tried to think of a more creative/shorter way to write this recap, but I decided I wanted to write it all out chronologically so I could better remember it. I also had a very difficult time picking the photos I wanted to share! 🙂 If you’re interested in hearing more about the conference, check out #TxSC15 on Twitter and Instagram!

IMG_8430 IMG_8484

{photo credits & people in photos with me}

Photos 1-3 (headshots) and 16 (Luna Bar photo booth): Chelsea Laine Francis Photography (Austin, TX)
L-R: Maddie of Folk Dreams Jewelry, Emma of Behind the Leopard Glasses, Brittany of Invasion of Personal Space, Hilary of Cutie Cameras

Photos 11-13 (Tagspire photo booth): Jacque Manaugh Photography (Dallas, TX)
Top L-R: Brittany, Hilary, Maddie / Bottom left: Brittany / Bottom right L-R: Jen of Jen Loves Kev, Julie of Orchid Grey, Liz of Delightfully Tacky, Caroline of Unfancy

Photos 14-15 (Squarespace photo booth): Logan Pearce Photography (Austin, TX)
L-R: Maddie, Brittany, Hilary, Emma


My A/W ’14 favorites

Since I officially declared the end of the winter outfits, it’s time for me to look back at my favorite outfits from the past autumn and winter seasons. I had a much harder time narrowing down my favorites than past seasons, which I’m super excited about! I feel like I’m nailing down my style a little bit more every season. I’m really excited to see the outfits I come up with this upcoming spring and summer! Normally for these recap posts, I hoped to keep them to 8-12 favorites, but for this one I had to pick 14. I would wear any of these outfits now and could see myself wearing them next autumn/winter as long as trends don’t take a huge shift. Success! Which were your favorites? 🙂

P.S. I’m going to be out of town and away from wifi this weekend. I’ll be back on Monday with a new post!


Cool colors, cool temperatures | Transitional knitwear


Aftermath of falling back (November remix chain outfit #7) | Prep in my step (November remix chain outfit #18)


Mild winter | Festive


Winter neutrals | Marsala


Two months later | Season Remix: Bright lace skirt


Monochrome valentine | Belted trench coat


Textural | Marchin’ on

Best purchases of 2014

Now that my worst purchases are out of the way, it’s time to focus on the items I really loved–my best purchases of 2014! It was actually kind of difficult to make this list. I felt myself focusing more on the fall/winter items since those are what I’m currently wearing. Even though this list is mostly fall/winter heavy after considering everything I bought, I feel like it is the best representation of my year-round favorites.


Cole Haan ‘Wesley’ Tall Boots {purchased January 2014}
Original posts: top left / top middle / top right / bottom left / bottom middle / bottom right

These boots were not featured in any budget posts since they were purchased in January, before I started budgeting. I actually received a different pair of leather tall boots for Christmas (the Sam Edelman ‘Penny’ Boots) that didn’t work out for me. I returned those and purchased these boots, and I ended up having to spend ~$70 of my own money since they were more expensive than the first pair of boots. I’m super happy with these boots! They’re very comfortable with the Nike Air technology (though I’m still breaking them in around my feet, oddly enough), and the color is rich and beautiful. As much as I love them, they don’t get a ton of wear compared to other shoes because I don’t have the leather treated for rain or snow and I would hate to ruin them.


Madewell ‘Billie’ Boots {purchased March 2014}
Original posts: top left / top middle / top right / bottom left / bottom middle / bottom right
(Older posts: from March, from April, from April, from April, from April, from May)

The number of posts I linked to says it all. I’ve worn these boots so many times since I bought them! I’m so glad I took the plunge and bought them even though they took a rather large chunk of my budget. I wear these a whole lot in the spring, fall, and winter, and I know you’ll be seeing a lot more of these boots this year! Between the tall boots and these, I’m quite proud of my boot purchases from last year.


Madewell Legging Jeans {purchased March 2014}
Original posts: top left / top middle / top right / bottom left / bottom middle / bottom right
(Older post: from April)

It was hard to pick one pair of jeans out of the three pairs of Madewell jeans I purchased last year, but the legging jeans won because of three reasons: comfort, wash, and inseam. I love my sky wash pair of skinny skinny jeans, but I bought too long of an inseam and most of the time I don’t want to cuff my jeans. The pair I just purchased last month I’ve only gotten to wear a few times, as you might imagine. I wore the legging jeans the most, logging 16 wears on my Stylebook app. They’ve held up quite well despite their thin material, so I have high hopes that they’ll last some time.


Vince Camuto ‘Lancaster’ Flats via Nordstrom {purchased May 2014}
Original posts: top left / top middle / top right / bottom left / bottom middle / bottom right
(Older posts: from May, from July)

This was another top-notch shoe purchase. I had been looking for black flats for quite some time, and was looking for ballet flats in particular, but when I found these loafers (first in Nordstrom Rack and then exchanging for a smaller size on Nordstrom), I had to give them a shot–and boy was I impressed! These are my go-to shoes if I have to run a quick errand. They go with everything and are quite comfortable! I look forward to many more wears out of them this year.


Madewell ‘Knitmix’ Sweater {purchased May 2014}
Original posts: left / middle / right

I’ve been on a sweater-buying binge for most of the past year! They’re my favorite article of clothing to wear in the cooler months. I seem to never have enough, haha. Out of all of my sweater purchases, this one comes out on top even though I’ve only featured it three times on here. I’ve worn it nine times according to my Stylebook app, which doesn’t seem like a lot unless you consider the number of sweaters I have. The ivory color goes with everything, and the details on the sweater put it one step above the rest. I can’t get enough!


Kate Spade ‘One in a Million’ Monogram Necklace via Nordstrom {purchased July 2014}
Original posts: top left / top middle / top right / bottom left / bottom middle / bottom right
(Older post: from August)

This is likely my most worn piece of jewelry in 2014 with 12 total wears. I just adore it. It’s simple and seems to go with pretty much every outfit! I really hope it holds up from all of the wear. I’ve been more nervous about jewelry purchases because the gold plating on all of the necklaces I purchased in 2013 and early 2014 is wearing off. I’ve been trying to stop that/prevent it by painting clear nail polish over the chains, but the chain on this necklace is so small that I don’t think I can do it without painting the surface I set it on. Ah!


Halogen Leather Crossbody Bag via Nordstrom {purchased August 2014}
Original posts: top left / top right / bottom left / bottom right

This was another item on my list that I successfully crossed off my list last year. I love this bag! I wanted a simple, small black leather crossbody bag to go with everything, and I couldn’t be happier that I found it. Like my black loafers, this is my go-to bag. It has plenty of pockets for storing everyday essentials (and for losing things; Chris seems to have a hard time finding things when I ask him to look, haha). The only downside is that the strap gets twisted easily and taking the couple of seconds to fix it can be annoying at times (I know, such a dumb thing to be annoyed about, but it’s not something I’ve had to deal with before!).


J.Crew ‘Pixie’ Pants {purchased October 2014}
Original posts: left / middle / right

I can’t believe how many times I’ve worn these pants since I bought them. They. Are. Amazing. According to my Stylebook app, I’ve worn them 16 times. That’s a TON, especially considering that I could only wear them twice in November due to my remix chain. I may or may not have lived in those pants in December, haha. Needless to say, I highly recommend these pants, and my fingers are crossed that they last me years of wear!

Honorable mentions go to my Uniqlo Rayon Sleeveless BlouseMadewell ‘Outbound’ Jacket, Madewell ‘Crisscross Sightseer’ Sandals, Salt Water Sandals, Ellen Tracy Safari Trench Coat via Nordstrom, and a gift–my Sam Edelman ‘Petty’ Boots. You can find most of these items featured in the outfits above. I did pretty well at making smart purchases this year! Here’s to making more smart purchases and fewer impulse purchases in 2015. 🙂

Worst purchases of 2014

Since I budgeted/kept track of my purchases for most of last year, I thought looking through each purchase and noting my worst purchases (as well as best purchases, of course–keep an eye out for the next post!) would be useful to see how well I was doing at limiting impulse purchases that don’t work for me in one way or another. I ended up finding eight items that I would not purchase over again if I could redo 2014. Hopefully I make smarter purchasing decisions this year!


H&M Striped Tee {purchased March 2014}
Original posts: top left / top right / bottom left / bottom right

While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with this tee, I purchased it right when I saw it without a second thought because I had been looking for a tee like this. I wish I would have purchased a larger size; it’s a bit too tight for my taste. I would have also preferred a red striped tee with stripes everywhere, not like this one with the lack of stripes on top. I ended up buying a similar tee from J.Crew Factory later in the year that better matches what I was looking for.


Sole Society ‘Bethanie’ d’Orsay Flats {purchased March 2014}
Original posts: left / middle / right

I love how these flats look, but I don’t wear them as much as I thought I would. (I’ve worn them once since the post on the right.) They’re not the most comfortable (simultaneously feeling too small and too big, which is a problem I had with my other pair of d’Orsay flats). I also had a harder time creating outfits with them. I wasn’t expecting that at all because they are beige and gold, but I find that I reach for my sand J.Crew ‘Cece’ ballet flats before these. I’ve held onto them for the purpose of variety, but now I’m seriously considering selling them.


Francesca’s Top {purchased March 2014}
Original posts: left / right

This was another impulse purchase. I walked into the store, spotted this top on the sale rack, tried it on, thought it would be a good addition to my wardrobe…and then I bought it. I think I would wear it more if it wasn’t so long, but it’s also a bit tight in the shoulders and the fabric is weird and slippery. I wouldn’t buy it again now. I can feel myself ignore it when I look through my closet and put outfits together, so I have a feeling it won’t be staying around too much longer.


H&M Striped Crop Top {purchased May 2014}
Original posts: left / right

I can’t fault myself too much for this purchase because I wanted to try the crop top trend, and spending a mere $11 at H&M was the best way to try it out without feeling bad about how much I spent. I ended up wearing this top only twice–both times were photographed for the blog–and then I managed to shrink it somehow so I’m not sure if I will wear it again. It shows more of my stomach than I am really comfortable with. Oh well! I now know that I do enjoy the trend a bit and I’ve taken a liking to cropped sweaters and other, slightly less cropped tops.


Carrini d’Orsay Flats via Hautelook {purchased July 2014}
Original posts: left / right

Ughhh, these shoes. I should have known better than to buy $16 shoes on Hautelook–that never ends well, does it? (Luckily, I only paid $6 because of credit I had on my account. But still.) Holes appeared after the first time I wore them (look on the left), but I was determined to wear them at least six times to end up with a $1 cost-per-wear. I wore them the second time–the look on the right–and they were flapping off my feet by mid-morning. It was a terrible idea to wear those shoes, especially because I had to walk around a LOT that day! I informed Hautelook of my misfortune and they were kind enough to refund me with store credit, so now these sit in a donation bag waiting for a new home.


Gap Eyelet Dress {purchased August 2014}
Original posts: left / middle / right

I was so excited for this dress, and I spent more on it than I would normally. However, after I wore it and washed it the first time (following the care tag), it shrunk SO much in length. You can really tell in the difference between the left look above and the middle and right looks. I now can’t wear it to school without being in major danger of flashing someone. It’s now not at all what I wanted it to be, and I’m bummed because I was hoping to have it for at least a couple of years if not more. This was probably the most disappointing purchase.


J.Crew Factory Tank Top {purchased May 2014}
J.Crew Factory Button-down Shirt {purchased September 2014}

These were two purchases never featured in an outfit post. The tank top I’ve worn once or twice, and I have yet to wear the shirt. I’m determined to plan outfits with them this year because I do love them. I admit that the tank top is a little bit low for my liking, but it’s a nice layering piece…and it was only $5. Every time I go to wear the shirt, it feels too formal. My goal this year is to not give up on these pieces and wear/feature them at least once (more, hopefully!).

2014 reflection & resolution recap


The last day of 2014 is tomorrow, and I feel like the year just started a month ago. Time seems to fly faster now that I’m older. I’m not even sure that the phrase–“Time flies when you’re having fun”–completely applies to this situation, haha…though I guess I can’t say I’ve had a boring year!

I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now. This year, my blog has had quite a bit of growth! I had nearly 25,000 views (which isn’t a LOT, but it’s more than I was expecting) and grew to nearly 100 WordPress/e-mail followers and 80 Bloglovin’ followers. Thanks to Franish, my record number of views in a single day was about 1,700! That was about eight times greater than any other day, haha. Thank you all so much for following along! It truly excites me to know that others are inspired by me. My favorite posts to share were definitely outfit posts, and I hope to create even better outfits and hone my style even more in the new year!

As far as my academic life goes, I finished up my Master’s degree in October, presented my research at a couple of symposiums/conferences, and am gearing up to start my PhD full-time next month (remember when I was considering going on for my PhD?). It has been a busy last few months writing my thesis and working on a paper that will be published in an academic journal next year (as long as the reviewers are satisfied with my edits!). I’m looking forward to diving into my PhD research, though I’m also a bit nervous since I’ll be doing a lot of probability and statistics and that is definitely not my strongest math subject. 🙂

At the start of the year, I made and shared some resolutions and thought I would go through each one and explain how those turned out. In the past, I haven’t been the best at keeping my resolutions. I usually made resolutions that were way too elaborate and required too much of me, if that makes sense. I realized I needed to stay simple for them to have the greatest impact.

My first resolution was to maintain a budget. While I didn’t have an overall budget for all of my spending, I did start a clothing budget and having been budgeting every month since March. It has helped me keep my spending in check, though I can’t really tell if it’s helped me save more. I keep track of bills and grocery spending, but I haven’t done anything with that information. I want to, but I’m lazy. Lol.

But hey, I did happen to go somewhere new this year! In June, Chris and I spent a few days in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with his grandparents and extended family. Additionally, we visited two national parks, Canyonlands and Arches, near Moab, Utah. I’m so excited that I fulfilled this resolution.

I did make healthy choices this year…for the most part. I started flossing regularly and fell in love with some healthier meals. I’ve also kept up with ballet. However, I’m still a big snacker; I don’t think I’ll ever not snack on things (potato chips and chive/onion cream cheese is my weakness). And my sweet tooth is still very strong. 🙂

Of course, since I’m writing this post now, I kept up with this blog! Blogging has been a fabulous way to connect with others who share the same interests, evolve my personal style, and keep myself busy when I’m not at work. I’ve made connections with more bloggers than I expected–yay! I love it and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

I wish everyone the best in 2015! xo

November remix chain recap

Happy December! As I did for my April remix chain, I thought I’d recap my November remix chain and add in a little more analysis. If you’re not sure what exactly I did, I basically remixed 15  tops and 15 bottoms, alternating between top and bottom. The bottoms I wore on day 1 were also worn on day 30 to complete the chain. The weather for the month was relatively consistent for it being fall, with not many drastic changes in temperature or precipitation. The biggest change was travelling to California over Thanksgiving break and having to dress for 70-80+ degree temperatures instead of 40-50 degree temperatures!

Anyway, here are all 30 of my looks in order from November 1st to November 30th:

nov1 nov2 nov3 nov4 nov5

First thoughts: I very much preferred wearing pants over wearing skirts/dresses (with tights). Out of 15 bottoms, three of them were skirts and two of them were dresses. That means two-thirds of my bottoms were jeans or pants. When it’s cold out, I gravitate towards pants since they tend to be warmer and less fussier than tights (though I do love a good pair of fleece-lined tights). I also stuck to a relatively cohesive color palette. My base neutrals were black, grey, ivory/white, and denim blue. My secondary colors consisted of navy, burgundy, and red, and my accent colors were forest green, mustard yellow, and camel. All of my color combinations felt true to the season, even when I was in the California warmth.

My favorite outfits were day 3, day 5, day 6, day 7, day 16, day 18, day 19, day 24, day 27, and day 28. These looks had some of my favorite color combinations, and the fit of the pieces were exactly how I liked. I remember feeling extra confident on these days. I realize that I picked every day that I wore a cropped sweater. I really like the looks I put together with them! Also, I find it kind of funny that I liked three days in a row: days 5-7. I had a pretty good streak going, haha.

My least favorite outfits were day 4, day 9, day 20, and day 23. For the most part, I’m really happy with the outfits I put together! There were only a few that I likely wouldn’t repeat. Not surprisingly, the monochrome grey outfit made the list. I think I would have liked it more if the sweatshirt was more fitted. I just kind of look like I’m wearing PJs and I didn’t feel put together that day. The two looks featuring longer sweaters over skirts also didn’t feel like me, and I wasn’t as confident wearing those. I don’t mind tying a shirt over a dress, but the look with the flannel over the dress doesn’t feel cohesive to me. Perhaps it was my bare legs and combat boot combination?

In addition to my obvious repeats, I also repeated quite a few other items, like my shoes. I’m the type of person that loves to get a ton of wears out of my pieces because I don’t have the disposable income to spend to wear things only once (I mean, who really does, unless you’re making millions?). Not to mention, I love the pieces I do buy, and I want to wear them a lot! Here’s a breakdown of the extra pieces I wore at least twice during the month and how many times they were worn:

  • Black ankle boots: 6 (days 2, 5, 11, 14, 21, and 25)
  • Black loafers: 4 (days 1, 7, 26, and 30)
  • Cognac combat boots: 4 (days 3, 9, 15, 24)
  • Black gem earrings: 4 (days 7, 13, 25, and 27)
  • Brown tall boots: 3 (days 12, 16, and 18)
  • Cognac ankle boots: 2 (days 10 and 17)
  • Red loafers: 2 (days 4 and 19)
  • Navy sandals: 2 (days 27 and 28)
  • White collared blouse: 2 (days 8 and 18)
  • Chambray shirt: 2 (days 6 and 17)
  • Trench coat: 2 (days 1 and 22)
  • Sideways ‘K’ necklace: 2 (days 4 and 24)
  • Chevron necklace: 2 (days 6 and 11)

Not too shabby, eh? I should note that I did wear a coat or jacket on the days one wasn’t photographed; I usually just wear them for practicality and not necessarily because they go with my outfit (’cause sometimes they don’t!). I also realized that I only photographed a bag once during the month. I don’t use bags during the week (unless we go grocery shopping), but I never really planned outfits included bags since my bags are pretty neutral.

I also want to mention the items that were worn during this remix chain that were also worn during my April remix chain. The tops I repeated were the burgundy cardigan and the asymmetrical grey cardigan (though the grey cardigan was not one of the 15 tops I remixed twice this time). The bottoms I repeated were the high-rise jeans, dark wash skinny jeans, legging jeans, boyfriend jeans, forest green pants, camel pants, and black skirt. Obviously jeans are the easiest thing for me to wear, so they were bound to be worn again this past month!

Overall, I’d say that my November remix chain was pretty successful–more successful than my April remix chain as far as outfits that I like and the fit of my pieces. I stick to simple silhouettes and a narrower color palette when making outfits with restrictions, which is not a surprise. I’ll be using the information from this recap to further streamline my wardrobe and make smart purchasing decisions in the future. 🙂

My S/S ’14 favorites

Now that I’m head-on into fall outfits, it’s time to reflect back on what I wore this past spring and summer! I shared over twice as many outfits this spring/summer than I did last fall/winter, so it was REALLY difficult for me to narrow down my favorites. As I go through each outfit, I basically ask myself if I would wear it again right now. A lot of them I would wear again, to be honest, but to narrow them down even more, I was picky about the exact pieces I used to put each look together. I ended up with 12 favorite outfits in the end. I felt myself gravitate more towards the neutral outfits, but I did fall in love with some colored looks. 🙂 What were your favorites?!

Combat the cold | Retro spring (April remix chain outfit #1)

Cozy weekend (April remix chain outfit #6) | That’s so fetch (April remix chain outfit #28)

That’s so fetch (April remix chain outfit #29) | Denim squared

Washington Square | Summer bold

The lighter side | Cobalt + cognac

Contrast | Late summer layers

April remix chain recap

Today I just wanted to do a quick recap of my 30-day remix challenge! As described in this post, I remixed 15 different tops and 15 different bottoms twice–one day after the other, alternating between top and bottom. It’s pretty cool seeing how they all link together. I even wore the top from day 1 on day 30 to create an infinite loop thing, haha. It’s also interesting seeing the transitions between warm weather and cool weather (and vice versa) and how that affected the remixes. My favorite looks were day 4, day 6, day 10, day 14, day 26, day 28, and day 29. You can catch up on all of the remix chain posts here! 🙂


My A/W ’13 favorites

I thought it would be fun to reflect on my favorite outfits from the past autumn and winter seasons. Surprisingly, as I was looking through them, I realized that I wouldn’t wear some of the outfits again. Some of them were just downright embarrassing! That’s sort of the point of this blog, though. I’m on a quest to determine my style and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites. 🙂 What are your favorites? As always, thank you all for reading!

ImageHappy Halloween! | Black and brown

ImageLady lumberjack | Red, black, and white as snow

ImageShades of blue | Burning red

ImagePresentable | Sparkle and stripes

2013 reflection

Tomorrow is the start of 2014. 2013 has gone by SO fast! I just can’t believe how fast years actually go. Every year surprises me, and I know it shouldn’t given that I’ve lived through a couple of decades. Maybe that’s exactly why they surprise me.

I made many new memories in 2013! I’m grateful for everything I was able to accomplish and all the places I went.


  • I survived my second semester of graduate school.
  • I passed my qualifying exam in May! That meant I could continue in my graduate program.
  • I went to New Hampshire three more times, and Chris visited me three times. We went to Maine and Idaho!
  • Chris graduated and later moved west to start graduate school. Melody moved with him.
  • We got to see many of our favorite artists in concert: Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles, OneRepublic, and Matt Nathanson. We also met OneRepublic!
  • I went to Hawaii with my family to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday!
  • Chris and I adopted Sybil, completing our fur baby family!
  • I started blogging! I absolutely love it even though it has caused my interest in fashion (and shopping) to exponentially increase.
  • I survived my third semester of graduate school (I took no actual classes, so that was nice!).
  • Chris and I celebrated a year of being together!

Here’s what my December looked like if you follow me on Instagram!


  • I flew to an academic conference to present my research and flew over some pretty geology.
  • At the conference, I got to use my new Ollie and Nic satchel! Plus, I painted my nails a shiny, deep blue for the season.
  • Chris and I went to see The Nutcracker, one of my favorite ballets!
  • Chris gifted me with this pretty framed picture of Rosie for Christmas, among other things!


  • Chris and I put up a real Christmas tree and filled it with gifts for our friends and families!
  • I drove back to my home state with the girls for the holidays!
  • I’ve been having a really relaxing holiday break, which I really needed.
  • I’ve been catching up with old friends while being home!

Here’s hoping that 2014 will be another wonderful year! Thank you all for reading my blog!