Outfit Obsessions, vol. 5

Here are a few late spring/early summer outfits I’m completely obsessing over lately! 🙂 If you’re new around here (hello & welcome!), every three months–at the end of every season–I like to share some of my recent favorite outfits to provide myself with some much-needed inspiration. The best part about these particular outfits is that I can recreate most of them with existing pieces in my closet (I don’t have the pieces for Blair’s outfit, but it’s so fun and inspiring!). Because I went so over budget last month, I’ve really been focused on putting together new and creative outfits with what’s already in my closet (though I’ll be honest, I haven’t completely stopped shopping this month). Right now, I’m into light layers and showing a little leg. I hope these looks inspire you as well!


Source: Crystalin Marie


Source: Daily Mail


Source: Kendi Everyday


Source: Atlantic-Pacific


Source: Death by Elocution (Tumblr)


Outfit Obsessions, vol. 4

I can’t believe it’s already time for another Outfit Obsessions post! As I’ve done previously, I like to look through my recent Pinterest pins to find looks that inspire me; at the end of each season, I tend to feel relatively burnt out and find myself wishing for the next season so I can start feeling inspired with my wardrobe again. Forcing myself to find new outfits to lust over helps me get over the style slump and end each season with a bang (or, you know, at least try to end with a bang).

Right now, I’m a big fan of layering (NEED to try the striped-top-under-dress thing), slouchy coats (how amazing is Karlie’s coat?!), and, of course, grey and black (still on the hunt for the elusive perfect black-and-white striped tee). What’s strange is that it’s felt nothing like winter the past few days here, so I’ve been drawn more to late winter/early spring looks! I’m wondering if winter will ever make a return at this point…


Source: Steffy’s Pros and Cons


Source: Refinery29 (Freddie Baez/Startraks Photo)


Source: Death by Elocution (Tumblr)


Source: Nordstrom


Source: To Vogue or Bust

Outfit Obsessions, vol. 3

It’s time again to share a few outfits I’ve been obsessing over lately! I like doing this near the end of each season as a kind of “pick me up” when I’m running out of outfit ideas for that season. This is especially helpful right now since I’m doing my remix chain and needing to come up with “good” outfits every day this month! Anyway, I’m planning on recreating ALL of these outfits in one form or another, so keep an eye out. 😉 I’ve been especially drawn to outfits that feature pieces or similar pieces I already own. I actually think I could go this whole month wearing pieces I owned as of the beginning of this month, which is awesome. (Can I do a “no-buy” on top of that? To be determined…haha.)


Source: Calivintage


Source: Stella Wants to Die


Source: LA Cool & Chic (Tumblr)


Source: Zipped


Source: Wit & Delight

Outfit Obsessions, vol. 2

As we near the end of summer, here are a few of my favorite late summer looks! I wish I could recreate these all right now, but even if I did have the pieces to put these together, it’s still a bit too warm for layers and long sleeves. I do wish I had a chambray blazer (I became obsessed with them a few months too late!); the J.Crew one is gorgeous! Kendi looks stunning in the midi skirt, and I can’t get enough of the super simple white striped shirt. Oh, and the matching set? It’s perfect. (Click on each photo to go to the source.)


Source: J.Crew



Source: Kendi Everyday



Source: Viva la Glamour (Tumblr)



Source: What Olivia Did



Source: Chronicles of Nadia

Outfit Obsessions, vol. 1

I am relatively active on Pinterest, always searching for outfit inspirations and, let’s be honest, new recipes to try, places to go, inspiring quotes, beauty tips–the list goes on. (Does anyone else plan to spend only a few minutes browsing and end up spending an hour?! I swear Pinterest has its own time vortex.)

Here are a few spring/summer looks that I am currently obsessing over. I wish I had every single piece in my closet right now to recreate them! I’m clearly in need of burgundy pants, a trench coat, and (more) stripes. (Click on each photo to go to the source.)


Source: Kendi Everyday


Source: Crystalin Marie


Source: Jones New York


Source: Trini


Source: Bitten and Bound

(Side note: This is post 100!)