Easy weekend


I don’t have much to say about this outfit. I wore it this past weekend; I wanted to be comfortable and still feel put-together. I was inspired by this outfit, and even though I would love to have blush pink flats (and an excuse to buy a blush pink bucket bag), my beige flats worked just as well. I absolutely adore this sweatshirt I purchased a couple of months ago from Everlane. I don’t wear it a lot as part of an outfit; I tend to wear it in the evenings for lounging around the house. It is perfect for that but also nice enough to wear out of the house!

IMG_3478 IMG_3437 IMG_3509

Everlane sweatshirt (my referral link; I will love you forever if you use it!) / LOFT jeans and sunglasses / J.Crew flats (old; new version) / Clare Vivier for & Other Stories bag (similar from Talbots; last seen here)


Sugary sweet


I was inspired to pull out this sweet pink dress by this pin I found on Pinterest. I was drawn to the light colors paired with the deep red shoes and couldn’t wait to try the look out myself. I originally bought this dress for my Suzy Bishop (Moonrise Kingdom) costume for comic con, but it’s too cute to not wear in everyday life. My style tends to straddle the line between cutesy/twee and sporty/somewhat minimalist, with some prep thrown in for good measure. I don’t dress as cutesy as I used to, but Peter Pan collars are totally a guilty pleasure of mine!

IMG_3122IMG_3134 IMG_3110IMG_3069

Ellen Tracy coat via Nordstrom (similar) / ModCloth dress (old; exact in black or exact in sage green; last seen here) / Nordstrom loafers (thrifted; last seen here) / Clare Vivier for & Other Stories bag (similar from Talbots; last seen here) / LOFT sunglasses

How to use Pinterest to find fashion inspiration


I’m sure you’re all well aware of Pinterest, but I’m constantly surprised at the number of people I meet who know about Pinterest and don’t use it. (Whaaaaat?! How could that be?!) For some, online pinboards aren’t really their cup of tea–and that’s cool! But I’ve also realized that for those who are into it, Pinterest can be overwhelming if you’re just starting to use it and aren’t aware of how to find useful pins. There’s a lot of junk you probably sort through just to find a few good pins you like–I know this because it happens to me. So, here are a few tips I’ve learned to make Pinterest work for me and to minimize the time I spend scrolling for that one pin.


Search using specific terms. Have a clothing item that you’re having a hard time styling? Want some general inspiration but don’t want to deal with lots of irrelevant pins? Try searching with relatively specific terms, i.e. “Navy blazer outfit” or “White denim for spring”. The results will show pins with those terms in the caption (not necessarily in the exact order, but in some form) and will likely be much more in line with what you’re looking for. Pinterest tends to show the pins with the most repins near the top of the search results, but you won’t be scrolling for nearly as long as you would on the general “Women’s Fashion” category.


When you find a pin you like, scroll down to see the related pins. Often times these pins have minimal wording and don’t show up in search results as easily, so it’s easy to miss them, but I’ve found some gems! Also, you can get caught down a rabbit hole by looking at the related pins, clicking on one of those and then looking at those related pins. It’s fun to check out related pins when you’re just looking to browse. (The image above shows the related pins under the “White, grey, and blush look” pin on my “Style: spring / summer” board.)


Check out the pinboards that have the same pins you like. Find a pin you like? In addition to pinning it to your own board, check out the board it came from! You may have found someone new to follow. Also, just above the “Related Pins” section, there is a section called “Also on these boards”–clicking on those boards may lead you to discover someone new that shares the same style as you! 🙂 (Don’t forget that you don’t have to follow every board a pinner has; if you’re just into their style, follow only the style boards so your feed isn’t too crazy.) Want more? Check out who your favorite pinners follow!

I hope these tips help if you’ve found yourself overwhelmed with Pinterest but want to get into it. It’s super fun and can easily take hours of time if you let it, haha. Let me know if you have any more tips in the comments, and if you’d like, you can follow me here! xo

Marchin’ on


In my previous outfit post, I mentioned how I search Pinterest for outfit ideas when I’m running low on inspiration. Well, I know I’m sick of the season when I’m on Pinterest searching for new outfit ideas every day. This look was inspired by this pin, and while I am planning on pairing my chambray with my future light wash jeans, I couldn’t help but wear the look with a pair of dark wash jeans anyway. I’m a big fan of denim-on-denim (as seen in this past look and another past look) and especially loved the light knit cardigan layered over the chambray. Bring on spring! 🙂


American Eagle Outfitters cardigan (gift) / Old Navy shirt (old; similar from J.Crew Factory) / Madewell jeans and necklace / J.Crew flats (new version) / Halogen bag / Anthropologie sunglasses / Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in soft raspberry

Oversized everything


When I’m having a hard time thinking of an outfit to wear and I don’t want to wear an outfit I’ve already worn, I turn to Pinterest for inspiration. (Feel free to follow me!) On this particular morning, I was drawn to the loose jean and ankle boot combination in this pin. While I would have loved to recreate it with a chunky grey knit sweater, I decided for the next best option: a chunky grey knit cardigan. You know me and how much I love wearing outfits which are really just socially acceptable pajamas. I actually ended up not changing before going to an evening workshop for school, and I felt severely underdressed when I walked into the ritzy hotel the conference was held at. At least I was in good company with my fellow Earth scientists. 😉

IMG_1270IMG_1290 IMG_1302

ModCloth cardigan (similar from Missguided; last seen here) and earrings (old; similar) / Everlane tee / Gap Factory jeans (similar from Gap) / & Other Stories boots (similar in black; last seen here)

Lack-of-snow day


We still haven’t seen snow in over a month, though that could change this weekend (at the least, the temperatures are expected to drop back down to normal for this time of year–ha!). While I’ve been enjoying the way-above-average temps, I knew it couldn’t last forever, and I’m already dreading feeling cold again. (Cold is relative; I know to many of you in the Midwest and along the East Coast, 30s and 40s would feel balmy!) Want to know something crazy (but that totally makes sense)? According to this article, the U.S. has been having an above-average winter on average despite all of the cold happening east of the Rockies! You can thank all the crazy warm weather we’ve been having west of the Rockies for that. 😉

Here’s the outfit I planned after spotting this pin on Pinterest about a year or so ago. Simple and casual. That pretty much sums up my style, haha.


J.Crew Factory sweater (old; similar; last seen here) / J.Crew pants / Sam Edelman boots (exact) / ModCloth scarf / Anthropologie sunglasses

Retro red


Red, again! I have to tell you a little secret… I actually wore this outfit last weekend, before I wore the outfit I posted on Thursday. I felt weird about posting two outfits in a row featuring red, especially since I don’t wear it a ton in the winter compared to neutrals like black and grey. Is postponing the posting of this outfit because of that weird? Probably.

Anyway, I pulled out a couple of other oldies-but-goodies for this retro-inspired outfit: the red sweater, which hasn’t made an appearance since last April, and these boots. Oh, these boots. I love these boots, but I have the most difficult time styling them. I’m not sure if it’s the height, the color, or the wingtip that throws me off most. Regardless, I’m going to be trying to create more outfits with them since I do adore them so much. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for outfit ideas. This outfit was actually inspired by this pin, which I found links to this blog post (though the exact photo isn’t in that post). Thank you, Nicole of Blankbird, for inspiring me to wear these boots again!

IMG_9221 IMG_9238 IMG_9234 IMG_9281

Gap sweater (old; last seen here) / Madewell jeans / Chelsea Crew boots via ModCloth (similar; last seen here) / J.Crew earrings

February freeze


My face, especially my nose and ears, looks painfully cold. Remember how I said I turn into Rudolph the moment a chill hits my face? Yep. Here I am in full red-nose force. It was snowing lightly during this photo session. I wore this outfit before the spring-like Pineapple Expresses rolled on through, bringing us warm rain and some convection! (A Pineapple Express refers to an atmospheric river–a string-bean-looking region of increased integrated water vapor (amount of water if all of the vapor in a column of atmosphere was condensed out)–that originates from around Hawaii.)



This look was inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest. I ended up repinning it and not following it back to its source until recently. My pin takes me to some other random Pinterest-like website, and from there I traced it back to Classic With a Twist, a personal style blog, and this post in particular. I saw this “fancy sweatshirt” layered over the chambray shirt and immediately decided that I would recreate it since I have the same sweatshirt! I kept it super simple and only added my faux pearl earrings for accessories. I’m also wearing my new Madewell skinny jeans (I didn’t buy them this month–my no-buy is still going!). I scored them on sale and am in LOVE. I wore them three times before washing them and they never, ever bagged out on me. I highly recommend them!



Sweatshirt: J.Crew | Shirt: Old Navy (on sale!) | Skinny jeans: Madewell | Boots: Sorel via Nordstrom Rack | Earrings: Forever 21

Plaid + chambray


This outfit was inspired by a photo I recently saw and pinned on Pinterest. I loved the idea of layering a flannel shirt over chambray! I added the belt because I felt like a box without it (my flannel isn’t tapered at the waist at all). I love this look and might try it again with a different plaid shirt and different shoes. And possibly different pants. I’m getting QUITE sick of the way these jeans fit me. The search for perfectly fitting, not-too-stretchy jeans continues!



I had a really interesting experience recently. I was featured on ModCloth’s Instagram account a couple of months ago wearing my Halloween outfit. A few nights ago, I went back to look at it and read the comments (bad idea). A couple of the comments at the end caught my eye. Two girls basically thought my outfit was hideous (though my skirt was cute). I know that with this blog, nothing I post is safe from scrutiny, but this is new for me! I wasn’t sure whether to be angry at them for wasting their time posting a hurtful comment or laugh because it’s just so ridiculous… I mean, don’t people have better things to do? I was more hurt when I first saw the comments than I am now. I’ve got to get used to it now that I have this blog! Not everyone is going to like what I post or my style, but that’s okay. That’s what makes the world go round, or so they say. (I’m a poet and don’t even know it!)


Chambray shirt: Old Navy | Flannel shirt: L.L. Bean | Belt: Forever 21 | Skinny jeans: American Eagle Outfitters | Logging Miles Boot in Black, Unisexy Sunglasses: ModCloth