My Spring/Summer ’15 Signature Look

As I like to do near the start of spring/summer and again at the start of fall/winter, I’m sharing what I believe to be my signature look(s) for the season. I like to do this to as a way to concisely keep track of the progression of my personal style. It’s usually pretty spot-on for what I wear in general during those seasons even if that doesn’t seem represented on the blog (I tend to photograph the more “out of the box” outfits even though they are still true to my personal style). This season’s signature look post is coming a bit later than usual because I almost forgot to do it (oops!), and the weather has not been cooperating at all for the past two weeks.

Because it hasn’t been terribly warm here yet, I decided to show one cooler weather outfit and one warmer weather outfit, though it was very difficult to narrow down what I wanted to show! I decided to show a skirt outfit instead of shorts because I’ve been really into skirts lately and I see that continuing into summer. However, I will be wearing plenty of shorts and dresses, too. 🙂 As far as the makeup routine goes, I’ve started using brow gel to keep my eyebrows in check since they get kind of out of control even with trimming and tweezing. I’ve only tried the Sonia Kashuk brand brow gel from Target but I’m looking to try something else if anyone has any suggestions.

Click here if you’re interested in seeing my signature looks from last spring/summer!


Look 1: Loose tee + skinny jeans + sandals
Look 2: Collared blouse + mini skirt + flats

IMG_3978 IMG_4000

ModCloth tee (old; similar from J.Crew) / Madewell jeans / Ananias sandals via Etsy (custom) / Kate Spade earrings via Nordstrom Rack

IMG_4049 IMG_4060

LOFT shirt (similar) and skirt (on sale in limited sizes) / J.Crew flats (new version)


My Autumn/Winter ’14 Signature Look

It has been a year and a day since my first signature look post. Crazy! I shared my spring/summer ’14 signature look back in May. Continuing with the theme, I decided to mix a signature look post in with my remix chain. It just so happens that yesterday and today, I wore two versions of what I believe will be my signature look for this season.

This fall and winter, you’re most likely to find me in a sweater, skinny pants/jeans, and boots (usually ankle boots, though I have an arsenal including tall boots and combat boots). I wore a variation of this outfit three times this month so far, including yesterday’s outfit. (Side note: It snowed yesterday. It’s gone now but will likely come back tomorrow. NO!) I’m also planning on wearing sweaters and skirts (or possibly dresses) with tights and boots this season. I definitely think the pants look will be worn more often since I can only handle tights for so many days, but I like to show two different looks for the sake of variation.

As far as beauty goes, I haven’t really changed up my routine at all, haha. I wear my hair down more often now that it’s shorter, and I don’t do too much with it. To mix it up, I rely on ponytails, buns, and putting back my bangs with bobby pins. (My hair looks really bad in the photos from yesterday because of static electricity. I blame it on my down coat!) For makeup, I’m still using just BB cream and mascara. I am interested in playing around a bit more with eyeliner and potentially filling out my brows a bit more (I bought eyebrow shadow that I want to play with!). Maybe I won’t be so lazy and actually mix up my look a bit!

Look 1: Sweater + skinny pants + [combat] boots
Look 2: Sweater + skirt + [ankle] boots

IMG_6690 IMG_6719

Everlane sweater / Madewell pants / ModCloth boots (exact in brown) / Kate Spade earrings via Nordstrom Rack

IMG_6751 IMG_6767

Everlane sweater / ModCloth skirt (last seen here) / Hue tights via Nordstrom Rack / Sam Edelman boots (exact) / handmade scarf by a friend

My Spring/Summer ’14 Signature Look

I decided to evaluate and share my signature looks twice each year as a way to watch the progression of my personal style (without having to flip through every outfit post). Last November, I shared my autumn/winter ’13 signature look, or typical uniform. I shared two different variations of one uniform (sweater + jeans + flats), but I realize now that showing two different yet complementary looks is more in line with reality.

In the transitional spring season and (hot and dry) summer season, you’ll most likely find me in one of the two variations below. Give me a comfy (striped) tee with shorts or jeans or an easy sundress with cute flats and I’m good!

Look 1: Tee + shorts + sandals
Look 2: Cardigan + dress + flats


Top: Madewell | Shorts: J.Crew Factory | Sandals: Madewell | Sunglasses: ModCloth


Cardigan: Madewell | Dress: J.Crew Factory | Flats: J.Crew (last seen here) | Necklace: J.Crew Factory

My Autumn/Winter ’13 Signature Look

I’ve read quite a few fashion blog posts recently about the signature look. I’ve been thinking a lot about my own lately because I feel like I don’t fall one way or another with my style. I like a little bit of everything! I got a little overwhelmed between this realization and the thought that each person only had ONE signature look and that’s all anyone is allowed through all four seasons. Well, that’s just not the case. I live in all four seasons, so I am obviously not going to be wearing the same type of outfit throughout them all. Also, signature looks change from year to year. And it’s perfectly okay.

For autumn/winter, I couldn’t quite decide if I was more the sweater + jeans type or the dress + tights/leggings type. I think in years past, I was definitely more the sweater + jeans type. This year, I’m trying to incorporate more dresses + tights/leggings, but it wouldn’t necessarily be the first outfit I think of in the morning if I have to get dressed in a hurry. So, for A/W ’13, my signature look stands at sweater + jeans. In particular, I prefer more snug-fitting sweaters to the slouchy ones (I haven’t found any I particularly like on me yet). My signature jeans are definitely skinny jeans. For shoes, I think I would grab flats, but boots are a very close second. It really depends on if there’s snow on the ground or not! I also can’t forget a super cute necklace (or scarf, but those usually end up coming off once I’m in my office).

I didn’t realize this at the time, how one styles their hair/makeup also ties into the signature look. For me, I go super simple with my hair and makeup. I wear foundation (lately–BB cream!) and mascara. I throw on chapstick. I wear my hair down if it’s behaving and in a ponytail or side braid if I’m not pleased with it (which is usually). It’s really not that memorable, but I’m the most comfortable like this.


I’m entering ModCloth’s Snapsnot-to-Studio contest; the winner receives a $500 gift certificate and a trip to visit ModCloth and have a photoshoot done! It would be a dream to win. I’m really enjoying the questions they ask in the entry, such as one about my signature look and my various style inspirations. I hope to do a post soon about my various inspirations. It’d be fun to look back at them in future years.



Sweater: J.Crew Factory | Camisole: Forever 21 | Skinny jeans: American Eagle Outfitters | Retro Brunch Necklace: ModCloth | Sparkly flats (old): Charlotte Russe



Sweater (old): Forever 21 | Skinny jeans: Forever 21 | Shoes: Minnetonka Moccasin via Nordstrom Rack | Fashionably Ornate Necklace: ModCloth | Earrings: Forever 21