ISO: White skinny jeans

For the past few years, I’ve wanted to add a pair of white jeans or pants to my wardrobe. I didn’t start seriously looking until the past year or so, and I could not find what I was looking for. It didn’t help that I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted–stark white? Ivory? Chinos? Jeans? The first pair I tried was a pair of white chinos from J.Crew. They were way too sheer, so gone they went, and I started summer last year without a pair of white pants and figured I’d have to wait until this year to continue the search.

I received a couple of Nordstrom gift cards for Christmas, so I decided to start my search for white jeans there. I also decided try on a pair of Madewell jeans since I love my other pairs, and out of desperation, I also tried LOFT’s jeans when they did their 50% off sale with free shipping. In all, I tried on over six pairs of jeans and–luckily–found one that worked the best for me!


1. Articles of Society ‘Sarah’ Skinny Jeans {white; size 26} These were the first pair I tried on this year. I first saw them worn by Jean and was interested in them mostly because of the price ($54 retail). I tried on both the size 25 and size 26 in store (Nordstrom), but both made my legs feel like sausages. I think a 27 would have been too large in the waist. While the length was ideal, I didn’t like how there weren’t any front pockets and the fabric seemed pretty sheer. I just wasn’t thrilled by them.

2. Madewell High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans {pure white; size 25} I was in store to try on other things and decided to grab these just for the heck of it because I love my other pairs so much. These fit well and were SO comfortable, but I did not like how see-through they were, and I wish the ankles were just a bit tighter.


3. AG ‘The Prima’ Mid Rise Cigarette Jeans {white; size 25} I visited Nordstrom a second time to try on a bunch of designer denim because it was marked down. I made a list of brands/styles to try, and my store did not have the pair I wanted available to try in any wash (‘The Legging’ Skinny Ankle Jeans). I tried this other pair on for size only; I knew I wanted a skinny jean with a tight ankle. These jeans were longer than I wanted. The size fit okay everywhere but was big around the waist and I couldn’t go down a size because of the leg fit. I also tried on the super skinny jeans in another wash and those were also too big in the waist (gapping in the back).

4. Paige Denim ‘Skyline’ Ankle Peg Skinny Jeans {optic white; size 26} I was most excited by these jeans after I had made my list of designer denim to try. Unfortunately, the inseam was too long even though it didn’t seem like it would be (28″ according to Nordstrom and I have around a 29″ inseam). They were also too see-through, not tight enough at the ankle, and slightly big in the waist.


5. Current/Elliott ‘The Stiletto’ Jeans {sugar; size 26} These were the front-runner until I found the pair pictured next to them. The fit the best out of all of them (no gapping at the waist), though I was unsure about the crotch area and I didn’t like how bulgy the pockets were. The length was perfect and they were skinny enough at the ankle. I actually first purchased these in a size 25 but decided to go up to a 26 for comfort before ultimately deciding to go with a different pair of jeans.

6. LOFT Modern Skinny Jeans {white; size 24 petite} A few weeks ago, LOFT held their annual 50%-off sale and free shipping promo (as mentioned above). I was browsing, as one does, and I saw these jeans. I decided to try them in two sizes just because I had nothing to lose and didn’t have to pay shipping. I’m normally a size 25/0 at LOFT, but the size 25 felt too big on my legs. I hated how they wrinkled everywhere. I was hesitant to hold onto the size 24 just because I felt like I was an imposter, haha. There was no way I’d be a size 24. Well, I was surprised by how well they fit everywhere except around my hips. (I feel like every pair of jeans I own whisker, and I blame it on the fact that I would prefer to have that problem than a huge waist; I know you can get jeans tailored but I’m not keen on spending more than I have to at this point in my life). They were super comfortable and somewhat see-through, but not as bad as some of the other pairs I had tried. They are bit tight around the waist, but they are stretchy so I hope they aren’t tight forever. I just hope other people aren’t looking at my jeans and noticing that the waist is a bit too small! At $37, I was excited to finally find a pair that worked for me and that didn’t break the bank. You can see them in action in this post if you haven’t yet.

In addition to the four pairs of white jeans I tried at Nordstrom, I also tried another brand in a different style and wash (with no success, obviously): Citizens of Humanity. This brand gapped terribly in the waist. All-in-all, it was a somewhat exhausting last couple of months. I was close to giving up for the year as I had done last year, but I stuck it out and found a great pair of white skinny jeans! 🙂 It feels good to check long-standing wardrobe wants off the list.


ISO: Simple black sandals

If there’s one thing I wish I had to finish up my summer wardrobe, it’s a pair of simple black sandals. I’ve been extremely picky when it comes to these sandals ever since I fell in love with these Apiece Apart sandals I mentioned in my June wishlist. Because I couldn’t justify their price tag, I based my search on finding a close match within my budget. I wanted minimal straps (meaning only a few, thin straps), and I preferred straight straps over criss-cross (though I did look at many pairs with criss-cross straps). I really wanted leather sandals over faux leather/plastic, mostly because of the comfort factor. Comfort was number one for me! I also wanted a pair of flat sandals, though I was open to a small heel if I found the right pair. I’ve been searching for this perfect pair for months. I mean, summer is almost over…and I still don’t have these sandals!


Here is my current pair of black sandals. I’ve had these for years. I want to say I purchased them just before starting high school, and now I’m going into my third year of graduate school. They are ancient, but they have been holding up surprisingly well. They are fraying a lot on the straps (which are true leather!), and there’s a small hole forming in the top of the sole where my feet rub. The heels still look pretty good, and the jewels have held on through hell and high water. I’m shocked that these Target sandals have lasted as long as they have! This summer will be their last; I’m tired of the jewels and finally ready to say goodbye. (You can see them in action here, here, and here.)


This pair from American Eagle Outfitters was the first I tried when I started my search. I purchased them and included them in my April budget before I had decided to return them. The cheap, plastic straps rubbed my feet and made it uncomfortable to walk even around my living room, so that was a deal breaker. (I was hoping they were going to be comfortable plastic straps, but those seem to be hard to find, haha.) I figured I may as well return them and use the money towards a pair that checked off all of my boxes.


The second pair of sandals I tried was this pair from J.Crew Factory. They look extremely similar to the tan pair I have from Madewell, but I tried them anyway… They were way on sale, so of course I had to (I never learn!). While I liked them in theory, they ended up being too narrow in width. Because I’m susceptible to bunions (thanks Mom!), I’ve been more careful about purchasing shoes that are wide enough. For shoes I wouldn’t wear every other day, they’d be fine, but I’d wear these sandals pretty much every other day during the summer. It also took me entirely too long to figure out how the ankle strap worked, and it wasn’t that comfortable once it was done up. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the straps weren’t that uncomfortable for being polyurethane. These would have been included in my upcoming July budget had I kept them, but they didn’t make the cut.


After two fails and lots of consideration, I decided to pull the plug on a custom pair from Ananias Sandals, a shop on Etsy. I’ve heard wonderful things about the shop owner and knew he made custom sandals. I wanted to order these last month, but the fact that they are (a) custom and (b) coming from Greece initially deterred me because I knew I would not return them. Well, here we are, almost at the end of summer still wearing my old sandals…and I finally ordered them. I picked a sandal with two thin front straps (I would have gone with one, but knowing me and how often I trip on nothing, two seemed like a better idea) and a simple ankle strap. They are made of Greek leather (yay!), and I was able to give him the width of my feet so (hopefully) they fit me perfectly! The best part is with shipping, they came to less than $50. I’m really hoping they are exactly what I want, so fingers crossed that my search has finally ended!