Winter’s last hurrah


This is officially my last winter outfit–woohoo! I wore this outfit last weekend when it was a balmy near-60 degrees. Today is expected to reach over 70 (YAS!), and all of the snow you see in the photos is long gone. So yeah…I’ll be switching back to the “spring” category when I post¬†the next outfit. I’m super excited because I have quite a few spring outfit ideas planned. ūüôā

Anyway, I wore this outfit out to breakfast with Chris and to run errands around town. I actually got pretty warm in my vest and scarf, though it was nice to have them in the shade. My loafers kept my feet from overheating. I’m glad I got to pull out this plaid scarf one last time before winter called it quits. It’s so soft and the colors are perfect for both fall and spring, I think.

IMG_1641 IMG_1675 IMG_1648IMG_1678

J.Crew Factory sweater (similar from J.Crew) and scarf (last seen here) / Gap Factory vest (old) / Madewell jeans / Vince Camuto loafers via Nordstrom (last seen here) / Halogen bag / Anthropologie sunglasses


Fancy flannel


As much as I love wearing flannel shirts with jeans and lace-up boots for the true “lumberjack” look, sometimes it’s fun to dress them up a little with a skirt and statement earrings. This Penfield flannel shirt from Madewell is dreamy, and I’m so happy I was able to snatch it up even though winter is nearing its end (it’s arguably over here already). The only thing I’m unsure about with this outfit is the combination of the grey skirt and brown boots. I’ll mix brown and black any day, but I get weird about mixing tan/brown with grey. (I used to be okay with mixing tan and light grey, but now I can hardly stand it! Weird how tastes change even over a very short amount of time.)

IMG_1545 IMG_1582 IMG_1586

Penfield shirt via Madewell (on sale in limited sizes) / J.Crew Factory skirt / Cole Haan boots (exact; on sale in limited sizes) / Hue tights via Nordstrom Rack / J.Crew earrings / Zoya nail polish

Marchin’ on


In my previous outfit post, I mentioned how I search Pinterest for outfit ideas when I’m running low on inspiration. Well,¬†I know I’m sick of the season when I’m¬†on Pinterest searching for new¬†outfit ideas every day. This look was inspired by this pin, and while I am planning on pairing my chambray with my future light wash jeans, I couldn’t help but wear the look with a pair of¬†dark wash jeans anyway. I’m a big fan of denim-on-denim (as seen in this past look¬†and another¬†past look) and especially loved the light knit cardigan layered over the chambray. Bring on spring! ūüôā


American Eagle Outfitters cardigan (gift) / Old Navy shirt (old; similar from J.Crew Factory) / Madewell jeans and necklace / J.Crew flats (new version) / Halogen bag / Anthropologie sunglasses / Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in soft raspberry

Oversized everything


When I’m having a hard time thinking of an outfit to wear and I don’t want to wear an outfit I’ve already worn, I turn to Pinterest for inspiration. (Feel free to follow me!) On this particular morning, I was drawn to the loose¬†jean and ankle boot combination in this pin. While I would have loved to recreate it with a chunky grey knit sweater, I decided for the next best option: a chunky grey knit cardigan. You know me and how much I love wearing outfits which are really just socially acceptable pajamas. I actually ended up not changing before going to an evening workshop for school, and I felt severely underdressed when I walked into the ritzy hotel the conference was held at. At least I was in good company with my fellow Earth scientists. ūüėČ

IMG_1270IMG_1290 IMG_1302

ModCloth cardigan (similar from Missguided; last seen here) and earrings (old; similar) / Everlane tee / Gap Factory jeans (similar from Gap) / & Other Stories boots (similar in black; last seen here)



I had a totally different outfit in mind when I woke up yesterday morning, but after throwing everything on, I hated it. It’s always a bummer when an outfit I had in mind doesn’t end up working out. It took me entirely too long to put a different outfit together. Thankfully, I remembered this one–another one I had thought up and saved in my list of outfit ideas. And, thankfully, this one worked out! Even though we were in a high wind warning in the morning, I still went with the dress (yep, it’s a dress under that sweater!), assuming that the wind would die down after the warning expired. Did it? No. Of course not. Downslope winds are a breed all their own and I’m sure more than one person saw my dress fly up in the wind. Thank goodness for thick, fleece-lined tights (the BEST).

IMG_1251 IMG_1216 IMG_1243

Chelsea28 sweater via Nordstrom (last seen here) / Uniqlo shirt (long-sleeved version; last seen here) / Target dress (old; similar) / LeGale tights via Nordstrom Rack / Sam Edelman boots (exact) / Anthropologie sunglasses

Lack-of-snow day


We still haven’t seen snow in over a month, though that could change this weekend (at the least, the temperatures are expected to drop back down to normal for this time of year–ha!). While I’ve been enjoying the way-above-average temps, I knew it couldn’t last forever, and I’m already dreading feeling cold again. (Cold is relative; I know to many of you in the Midwest and along the East Coast, 30s and 40s would feel balmy!) Want to know something crazy (but that totally makes sense)? According to this article, the U.S. has been having an above-average winter on average despite all of the cold happening east of the Rockies! You can thank all the crazy warm weather we’ve been having west of the Rockies for that. ūüėČ

Here’s the outfit I planned after spotting this pin on Pinterest about a year or so ago. Simple and casual. That pretty much sums up my style, haha.


J.Crew Factory sweater (old; similar; last seen here) / J.Crew pants / Sam Edelman boots (exact) / ModCloth scarf / Anthropologie sunglasses

Belted trench coat


I think I missed the belt-all-the-things phase that happened in 2012 (was it 2012? 2011? I’m not even sure…I did not follow fashion at ALL back then except for mimicking what I saw my peers wearing). I’m quite glad that I did, actually, since I cringe looking back at those looks! Even though belting may be a little outdated now, I still like belting dresses every once in a while, and I’ve found a few belted looks that caught my eye–one of which I wore last month and one I’m planning on wearing as soon as the weather cooperates!

In addition, I’ve seen lots of outfits which include belted coats. At first, I didn’t understand why you would belt a coat with a regular pants belt, but then I fell in love with the look and had to give it a try myself. I think this look works best when you’re out and about but not planning on removing your coat (or even undoing the belt). Plus, belting coats doesn’t seem as outdated as belting dresses or tops (but what do I know, I don’t live in a “fashion capital”). Of course, I felt the need to match my shoes to my belt. Matching belts and shoes won’t ever look outdated…right?


Ellen Tracy coat via Nordstrom (similar; similar long trench) / Madewell jeans, boots (on sale!), and scarf / J.Crew belt (on sale!) / Anthropologie sunglasses / Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in soft raspberry

Monochrome valentine


Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a holiday I typically don’t go all-out for. It definitely had more appeal when I was younger (does anyone else miss exchanging Valentines with classmates?!), but it’s fun every once in a while to use it as an excuse to go out on a special date with a special someone (or someones…you know, friends and/or family!). This year, Chris and I decided to go to The Melting Pot for some cheese and chocolate fondue. YUM!¬†We went out last night mostly because they didn’t have any reservations for tonight, but it ended up working out well; today was a relatively lazy day, though we did decide to soak up one of the final warm days before the cold arrives again next week by going for a hike. (And cleaning the house, because that needs to be done regularly!)

I showed a sneak peek of this outfit on Instagram a few days ago and ended up going with it! I’m all about the monochrome outfits lately but I have a hard time putting them together and liking them on myself. I previously wore an all black outfit, which I think is easier to pull off than other colors. What I really liked about this look was how the colors get darker from head to toe. I felt like a walking valentine all day yesterday and did not mind one bit. ūüôā

IMG_0823IMG_0830 IMG_0835 IMG_0849

Everlane sweater (last seen here; my referral link) / Madewell pants / & Other Stories boots (similar in black) / Halogen bag / J.Crew earrings / Anthropologie sunglasses / Zoya nail polish / Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in soft raspberry



Nothing like 65 degree temperatures in the middle of winter to make you second guess the month you’re currently in! I’ve mentioned the above-average temperatures we’ve been having, but man…it’s been crazy here. We had FOUR straight days of record high temperatures! (The old records were set in the late 1800s!) I walked to my office¬†on Monday, the sun beating down on my face as if it were spring; it felt so warm on my face and I momentarily forgot it was the beginning of February. I apologize to you in the Midwest and East Coast that are experiencing the opposite of me. Someday it will be spring for all of us!

Anyway, I wore this outfit last week, in the “heat” of the high temperature streak. (Though to be honest, it became¬†windy the afternoon I wore this, which made it feel relatively chilly outside! It also wreaked havoc on my hair…) This outfit was not one I had planned ahead of time; I knew I wanted to put together something spontaneously. I decided to finally style the shirt I purchased last September and sadly included in my Worst Purchases of 2014 since I hadn’t worn it! I love doing the half-tuck sometimes, though I’m not sure that it was successful with this shirt because it’s kind of stiff. I finished the look with my J.Crew choker, which I haven’t been giving enough love to recently. I love how it looks¬†under the collared shirt!


J.Crew Factory shirt (similar) / Madewell jeans / J.Crew flats (new version; last seen here) and choker (last seen here) / Anthropologie sunglasses

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Season Remix: Bright lace skirt


The final piece I remixed in my Season Remix mini-series is my bright lace skirt from Francesca’s! This was an impulse purchase I made two springs ago. I love the lace overlay, and the color is wonderful and vibrant, but I’m not sure how well it meshes with the rest of my wardrobe–hence the reason why I haven’t been wearing it that much. This made it a good candidate for this remix; I need to work with what I’ve got and give the skirt a new “spin” on life.

In my last post, I mentioned that it hasn’t been warm enough to go sans tights, which is what one would expect in a normally wintery climate in early February. Well, we made new record high temperatures yesterday AND today and I was -this close- to going tightless. I can’t actually believe this weather, but I’m not complaining! I know that winter will rear its cold, red face again soon enough. (It is kind of ironic that I’m doing this series during one of the warmest weeks of the winter, haha…poor timing!) I wore this outfit yesterday and was perfectly comfortable in my mint sweater and regular opaque tights. I really like how well the sweater and skirt go together!


J.Crew Factory sweater / Francesca’s skirt (old; last seen here) / Hue tights via Nordstrom Rack (exact) / Sam Edelman boots (exact) / Forever 21 earrings (old) / Anthropologie sunglasses

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