Blazers to trench coats


The reason why I wore a monochrome grey outfit on Thursday was because of this outfit I had planned for yesterday. You may also remember this one from my latest Outfit Obsessions post; it was one I couldn’t wait to recreate! (I’m a poet and I don’t even know it.) Navy, white, grey, and black together in one outfit? Sign me up! The only thing I wasn’t sure about were my pants. Obviously ankle length pants with tighter ankles would have looked better. I debated cuffing these so they wouldn’t stack so much around my boots, but I didn’t like how the cuffing looked as much. Oh well, at least I didn’t look like I was wearing PJs all day! This was the first time I attempted dressing down my blazer, and I quite like how it worked out. It was even warm enough in the afternoon yesterday to forgo a coat! I’m going to miss the nice weather; it’s going to snow tonight and tomorrow. Boo.

IMG_7032 IMG_7051

J.Crew blazer (similar; last seen here) / Everlane tee / Celebrity Pink pants via Macy’s (old) / Sam Edelman boots (exact)

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

Sorry for the poor quality pictures from today! It rained ALL day, and we were busy until the sun went down, so a combination of cold, wind, and poor lighting led to blurry photos. I salvaged them as much as possible with my VSCOcam app since I don’t know many tricks on Photoshop Elements!

Since I was expecting a cold, miserable day, I remixed by white tee by layering a cozy cardigan over it. I decided to tuck it into my simple black skirt for no real reason except this is what I had planned in my head, haha. Of course, my trench coat, Hunter boots, and umbrella were necessary to get through the day (and yet I still got plenty wet because it was raining sideways…oh, weather). Sometime soon the rain is supposed to turn to snow. I’ll be bundled up under a lot of blankets and drinking hot chocolate all night!

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

Ellen Tracy coat via Nordstrom (similar) / ModCloth cardigan and umbrella / Everlane tee / J.Crew Factory skirt (on sale!) / Hue tights via Nordstrom Rack / Hunter boots (last seen here)

Grey craze


So, blanket scarves. We can agree that they are a little bit ridiculous, right? I can’t help but make fun of myself all day when I wear mine. I call it my scarf beard, haha. But you know what? They are totally amazing and SO warm! I’m totally on board the blanket scarf bandwagon. I may or may not want one or two more… ;)

Meanwhile, I kept this outfit super comfy-casual with my elbow patch sweatshirt, a go-to pair of skinny jeans, and my red loafers. I realized I’ve been wearing my boots a lot lately and I should get in more wears with my loafers and sneakers before the snow comes! (And, sadly, the snow is coming–this weekend probably. Sigh!)

IMG_6976 IMG_6991

J.Crew Factory sweatshirt (on sale; last seen here) / Madewell jeans (on sale!) / Nordstrom loafers (thrifted; last seen here) / Zara scarf via Ebay (likely a knockoff; exact)


It is no secret that grey is one of my favorite colors to wear. For today’s outfit, I took my love of wearing grey to a whole new level: monochrome grey. I’m not going to lie, I was kind of intimidated to wear this look in public (and by public I mean the office I share with a few other people). Also, to be honest, I felt like I was really “normcore” (though not intentionally). My pants are so comfortable that they felt like sweats, so all day I felt like I was wearing a grey sweatsuit. Haha. While I likely won’t be repeating this exact outfit, it was fun to play around a bit and create a look I would totally not have created a year ago!

IMG_7027 IMG_7015

J.Crew Factory sweatshirt (on sale!) / Celebrity Pink pants via Macy’s (old) / Keds sneakers (on sale!) / ModCloth necklace (last seen here)

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Prep in my step


My chambray shirt (yes, I only own one!) is hands down one of my best purchases ever. I love wearing it alone with dark denim and/or layered under other tops/sweaters. It goes with pretty much everything. This is the second time I’m featuring it in my remix chain this month. In addition to the chambray, I’m obsessed with this sweater! Aren’t the details on it so cool?! I bought it way back in May, got to wear it once before summer arrived, and finally got to pull it back out within the last month. Sadly, it isn’t available anymore, but Madewell always has tons of other wonderful options!

IMG_6875 IMG_6910

Madewell sweater (similar) and boots / Old Navy shirt (old; similar from J.Crew Factory) / J.Crew Factory pants (similar) / ModCloth earrings


I can’t resist wearing a collared shirt with this sweater, and thanks to the inspiration I included in my latest Outfit Obsessions post, I had the perfect outfit in mind! (Apologies for the super wrinkly shirt; that tends to happen since I sit at a computer all day!) My tall boots are getting more wear this month than I had anticipated. They give a preppier vibe that works for some of these outfits, and I don’t think I would swap them out for any other shoe. So far, I feel really good about the outfits I’ve put together this month! I hope I can keep the momentum going for the final 12 days. :)

IMG_6934 IMG_6962

Madewell sweater (similar) and jeans (on sale!) / Uniqlo shirt (last seen here) / Cole Haan boots via Nordstrom (exact) / Forever 21 earrings (old)

Not a polar vortex


I remixed my striped skirt by pairing it with my forest green sweater I picked up at Nordstrom Rack a year ago. I bought it when I still liked tight sweaters versus oversized sweaters, so I probably should have gone a size up… Nevertheless, it tucks into skirts nicely. I added my black vest and finished the look with tights, combat boots, and one of my monogrammed necklaces. I was very glad to have worn the vest; I had a coat and a scarf with me, but the vest helped me stay warm in the FREEZING COLD wind last night. It was bitterly cold. Chris and I did some outlet shopping and did not stay long because of it. I do feel the need to remind everyone that this is just a cold front, not a “polar vortex” of any kind. When did we stop calling them cold fronts, anyway? *eyes media*


Abound sweater via Nordstrom Rack (old; similar from J.Crew Factory) / Gap Factory vest (old; similar from Old Navy) / ModCloth skirt and tote / Hue tights via Nordstrom Rack / Carrini boots via Hautelook (old) / Kate Spade necklace via Nordstrom


I’m kind of obsessed with the colors I have going on in this outfit. The scarf is a new addition (purchased last night), and I love it! It’s so soft and the colors are wonderful. I wore it instead of my other plaid scarf today because the green in it matches my sweater. I kept this outfit simple for running errands and just hanging out at home avoiding the cold air. (Chris and I hated every minute of this photo session–BRRR!)

IMG_6855 IMG_6851

Abound sweater via Nordstrom Rack (old; similar from J.Crew Factory) / J.Crew Factory pants (similar) and scarf / Cole Haan boots via Nordstrom (exact)

My Autumn/Winter ’14 Signature Look

It has been a year and a day since my first signature look post. Crazy! I shared my spring/summer ’14 signature look back in May. Continuing with the theme, I decided to mix a signature look post in with my remix chain. It just so happens that yesterday and today, I wore two versions of what I believe will be my signature look for this season.

This fall and winter, you’re most likely to find me in a sweater, skinny pants/jeans, and boots (usually ankle boots, though I have an arsenal including tall boots and combat boots). I wore a variation of this outfit three times this month so far, including yesterday’s outfit. (Side note: It snowed yesterday. It’s gone now but will likely come back tomorrow. NO!) I’m also planning on wearing sweaters and skirts (or possibly dresses) with tights and boots this season. I definitely think the pants look will be worn more often since I can only handle tights for so many days, but I like to show two different looks for the sake of variation.

As far as beauty goes, I haven’t really changed up my routine at all, haha. I wear my hair down more often now that it’s shorter, and I don’t do too much with it. To mix it up, I rely on ponytails, buns, and putting back my bangs with bobby pins. (My hair looks really bad in the photos from yesterday because of static electricity. I blame it on my down coat!) For makeup, I’m still using just BB cream and mascara. I am interested in playing around a bit more with eyeliner and potentially filling out my brows a bit more (I bought eyebrow shadow that I want to play with!). Maybe I won’t be so lazy and actually mix up my look a bit!

Look 1: Sweater + skinny pants + [combat] boots
Look 2: Sweater + skirt + [ankle] boots

IMG_6690 IMG_6719

Everlane sweater / Madewell pants / ModCloth boots (exact in brown) / Kate Spade earrings via Nordstrom Rack

IMG_6751 IMG_6767

Everlane sweater / ModCloth skirt (last seen here) / Hue tights via Nordstrom Rack / Sam Edelman boots (exact) / handmade scarf by a friend

Pumpkin spice


The color of this sweater makes me think of pumpkins, hence the title of today’s post! (However, the outfit I wore today is what inspired the title in the first place.) For the second day with my boyfriend jeans–another blank canvas–I decided to just stick with comfort since it was cold and I didn’t want to think too hard in the morning (sense a theme? haha…). Also, this is an outfit I thought of and actually wore about a month ago as a kind of “trial run” just to see how I liked it. Turns out, I like it a lot. Enough to wear it again and blog about it. I’m likely going to be repeating this outfit a few more times before spring arrives!

IMG_6564 IMG_6604

Madewell sweater and necklace / Gap Factory jeans (similar from Gap) / Sam Edelman boots (exact)


Were you guys waiting for this outfit?! Or was it just me?! Probably just me… :) If you’ve been reading for at least a couple of months, you may recognize this outfit from when I tried on these items in store. It was high time for me to actually wear them together. This color combo just screams fall to me. I love it. What I don’t love is how FREEZING COLD it was today. I’m not even sure that it got above freezing all day. I’m not ready for winter yet! I wore my scarf for most of the day and did not last too long without it while taking photos. I wanted to wear some jewelry with this look, but decided against it because of the scarf. A necklace would have been covered all day, and I couldn’t decide what earrings went best with this outfit.

In other news, I’m having a ton of problems with iPhoto lately. I’m hoping that I can get it fixed soon and that it won’t interrupt my posting schedule, but if I am quiet for longer than usual, then you know why. I’m pretty much over technology right now, lol.

IMG_6653 IMG_6666

Madewell sweater and pants / Cole Haan boots via Nordstrom (exact)

I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream


I hate it when I follow washing directions and the garment shrinks or pills or something else that wasn’t supposed to happen. Case in point: this black dress. It used to be only a couple of inches above my knees, and now it hits at barely mid-thigh! That’s just unacceptable, Gap. They’re lucky I’m short enough to still wear it.

Otherwise, I don’t have too much to say about this outfit except that I’m glad my layering worked out! I was excited to add the collared shirt under the dress. Chris said I looked super preppy, which is what I was going for, haha. I only wish my shoes were leather instead of faux suede or whatever they are. For some reason I think leather looks better with tights. I was -this close- to swapping these shoes for my black loafers but decided against it since the loafers looked even weirder with the tights! Someday I’ll have all the clothes and shoes that make every outfit look perfect–or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

IMG_6407 IMG_6423

J.Crew cardigan (old) / Gap dress (last seen here) / Uniqlo shirt (last seen here) / Madewell belt / L’eggs tights (exact) / ModCloth flats (old; last seen here)


I took it upon myself to soak up one of the remaining “warm” days of the year by not wearing tights! The rest of the week is going to be freezing cold and I am so not looking forward to needing to wrap up in a million layers. I decided to remix my black dress by tying my flannel shirt over it (no jacket needed with the flannel–yay!) and finishing the look off with my combat boots. Simple and unfussy for a lazy Sunday. You also may have noticed my disheveled hair; I’m kind of in love with the look right now, which I think looks much better with short hair than long hair!


L.L.Bean shirt (old; last seen here) / Gap dress / Carrini boots via Hautelook


This flannel shirt kept me toasty for the first cold day of the week. (I did wear a coat for the record. It was COLD! That’s why I’m wearing my scarf in the photos. Well, and I wanted to show off my pretty scarf. It’s huge and wonderful and Chris made it for me.) I defaulted to another favorite of mine: boyfriend jeans with ankle boots. Simple and comfortable, just the way I like it.

In other news, Taylor Swift released her second single from 1989 today–Blank Space! It is so incredibly catchy and hilarious. If you haven’t heard the song or watched the music video, I highly recommend. And I’m not usually one who watches music videos. If you understand what the media has been saying about her the past couple of years, you’ll totally get it. It’s fabulous.

P.S. Sorry about the terrible lighting in this photos. I don’t normally look like an Oompa Loompa. Time has not been on our side lately! (And I do not know enough about Photoshop to fix my skin, haha.)


L.L.Bean shirt (old) / Gap Factory jeans (similar from Gap) / Madewell boots / scarf handmade by my boyfriend

Title lyrics and currently playing: Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Outfit Obsessions, vol. 3

It’s time again to share a few outfits I’ve been obsessing over lately! I like doing this near the end of each season as a kind of “pick me up” when I’m running out of outfit ideas for that season. This is especially helpful right now since I’m doing my remix chain and needing to come up with “good” outfits every day this month! Anyway, I’m planning on recreating ALL of these outfits in one form or another, so keep an eye out. ;) I’ve been especially drawn to outfits that feature pieces or similar pieces I already own. I actually think I could go this whole month wearing pieces I owned as of the beginning of this month, which is awesome. (Can I do a “no-buy” on top of that? To be determined…haha.)


Source: Calivintage


Source: Stella Wants to Die


Source: LA Cool & Chic (Tumblr)


Source: Zipped


Source: Wit & Delight

Aftermath of falling back


The week following a time change is always interesting for me; it takes me a while to believe that the sun really does go down before 6 pm. By 7 pm, I’m yawning and thinking that it must be bedtime soon. (I usually stay up until around midnight so, clearly I haven’t changed my sleeping habits at all…) Oh, and the cats have not gotten used to the time change yet. It’s dark at 6 pm, so they start bugging us for food right around then, and we don’t feed them until 8. Some nights it’s a very painful couple hours of waiting for all of us!

In the meantime, I’ve enjoyed dressing for the perfect fall weather we’ve been having. It’s near freezing in the mornings, but highs from the upper 50s to mid-60s are exactly what I like this time of year! I remixed my grey skater skirt by pairing it with my cropped grey cable knit sweater. I’ve had this outfit saved in my list of outfit ideas for quite a while, so I was excited to finally get to wear it. I really like how it came together with the sheer black tights and black boots. I opted for sheer tights instead of opaque because I didn’t want it to be too dark.

IMG_6263 IMG_6277

Chelsea28 sweater via Nordstrom / Uniqlo skirt (similar) / L’eggs tights (exact) / Sam Edelman boots (exact)


For day 1 of a workshop, I wore a chambray shirt layered under the cropped sweater. The jeans I chose to wear are my high-waisted jeans, but I wasn’t comfortable just wearing the sweater and jeans since the sweater didn’t cover my stomach all the way. Plus, I liked how I mixed up the silhouette a bit from the previous outfit. The chevron necklace tied it all together, and my wedges–well, they’re just wedges that happen to go with everything. I wanted to seem at least a little bit professional, haha.


Chelsea28 sweater via Nordstrom / Old Navy shirt (old; similar from J.Crew Factory) / ModCloth jeans and wedges / Madewell necklace


I wanted to play a bit more with a fitted silhouette for today’s outfit, so I tucked in a simple grey tee and added the wool cardigan for warmth and some color. I really struggled with making the most out of this outfit since I was just wearing a pair of jeans. I find that happening to me a lot during this challenge–trying to come up with something innovative to take advantage of my “blank slate”. I usually end up falling back on one of my original outfit ideas, which is what happened here. (Not to mention, I had to wake up an hour earlier than usual and did not want to think too hard this morning!)

IMG_6321 IMG_6330

J.Crew cardigan (old; last seen here) / ModCloth tee and jeans / Vince Camuto loafers via Nordstrom (similar; last seen here) / Kate Spade earrings via Nordstrom Rack

Knits & monograms


Yesterday’s look was comfortable and oh-so cozy. I mixed up my forest green corduroy pants by throwing my lovely wool/cashmere sweater by Joie over it and topping it off with my burgundy scarf. No, I did not wear the scarf indoors, but I liked how it looked with the pants so I kept it on for the photos. (Plus, it was freakin’ cold.) I felt the need to mix up my footwear with my cognac ankle boots. The SmartWool socks you see peeking over the top are probably my most comfortable pair of socks. I highly recommend. They also kept my feet perfectly warm!

P.S. I think I figured out the trick to good-looking photos on the retina screen: doubling the size of them so that when they are resized in the column, they appear to look normal. Who knew that retina screens would change everything! :)


Joie sweater via TJ Maxx (similar) / J.Crew pants (similar) / SmartWool socks / Carrini boots via Hautelook / ModCloth scarf


I tried the sweater-over-skirt look again today. I’m not sure if it’s my favorite look… I guess since I’m hesitating, I can say it’s not, haha. I’m still glad I wore it, though. Often times it takes me looking through photos to realize something doesn’t really work how I imagined it would. The loafers, though? LOVE! I still can’t believe I found these at Goodwill. I don’t go thrifting very often because I end up just feeling overwhelmed, so I’m happy I had one successful trip.

You may have noticed a new addition around my neck! My Monogram Necklace generously offered me one of their products in exchange for a review. After quite a bit of debate, I decided to go for it. (I will only work with brands that fit in with my brand/style, of course.) The giant monograms that you’ll see often on preppy bloggers aren’t really my style, but this pretty sideways monogram caught my eye. It’s delicate and understated–just what I like. :) This necklace is gold plated sterling silver, and I picked an 18″ chain so that I can wear it comfortably with collared shirts. Most of their products have sterling silver as the base metal, though some are made of brass–just check the item title/description if you’re curious. I was pleasantly surprised by how “sturdy” the plating is. The clasp on my necklace is slightly difficult to use; the opening isn’t that large and it feels stiff, so it takes a bit of extra time to get it done. My Monogram Necklace is based in Israel, but I had no problems with shipping. My package arrived in about 14 days, and they have faster shipping options as well (USPS: 8 days, UPS: 3 days worldwide). I also had a wonderful experience communicating with their customer service! I really appreciate that. If you’re interested in placing an order (their products would make perfect Christmas gifts for the monogram lovers in your life), they’re currently offering 10% off their monogram necklaces!

IMG_6246 IMG_6251

Joie sweater via TJ Maxx / Uniqlo skirt (similar) / Hue tights via Nordstrom Rack / Nordstrom loafers (thrifted) / My Monogram Necklace necklace (c/o)